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This was the 3rd event to give solutions for hair loss in Thane by the expert team of Advanced Hair Studio. It gave the option to the experts at Mumbai to solve the queries of men and women facing the concerns pertaining to hair loss. The patrons in and around the location of the event were able to have an easier chance to have quality services reaching them. It was interesting to know that most of the men who visited had tried several things to solve their issues pertaining to hair thinning and hair loss previously. This is where the opportunity to talk at length and understand the ways of getting their expected results through Advanced Hair Studio’s procedures and therapies was a fruitful meet-up for all involved.

Date: 24th March 2019

Timings: 10am to 7pm

Address: Rosh & Roy's Salon, Thane

Attendees: 9 Consultation

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Travel time is utmost important Do I have to travel for the procedure.

Your stage and condition of your hair loss will ultimately decide what kind of program you should be undertaking. What matters post his is the fact what are the exact expectations you have pertaining to your hair. All these and many more factors will decide what kind of program should be taken up. The great part of Advanced Hair Studio’s various programs is the fact that there are a long list of possibilities as to how to undertake the program. There are solutions where no need of visits are needed and there are other possibilities where the program can be managed in half a days’ time also. Choose wisely.

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