Advanced Hair Studio, the World’s largest hair replacement company, has strengthened its presence in India by opening its first studio in Surat, Gujarat. With this launch, AHS marks its tenth location in India across cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Ludhiana, Gurgaon and now Surat. With our unique combination of breakthrough technologies, we continuously improve to ensure we deliver the best cosmetic surgery and the most advanced hair treatment while providing outstanding service to our existing and future clients.

If you’re experiencing hair loss in Surat, you’re not alone. Hair loss or androgenetic alopecia can affect anyone and can be a source of frustration and diminished self-confidence. Fortunately, Advanced Hair Studio offers you the best hair transplant solutions in Surat. We understand that your hair restoration journey is personal, and we’re dedicated to helping you regain your precious hair and confidence.

Types of Hair Transplants Offered by Advanced Hair Studio in Surat

At Advanced Hair Studio in Surat, we offer a range of advanced hair transplant procedures to cater to your specific needs. Here are the types of hair transplants available at our hair clinic in Surat:

Strand-by-Strand the Ultimate® by AHS

“Strand-by-Strand the Ultimate®” is a specialised hair transplant technique developed by Advanced Hair Studio. It is a form that includes FUE as well as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). FUT involves the removal of a scalp strip from the donor site, which is then dissected into single follicular units for transplantation. “Strand-by-Strand the Ultimate®” is known for its ultra-refined and minimally invasive approach, irrespective of your choice of FUT or FUE, focusing on creating natural-looking results and minimal discomfort for the patient. So, it’s a variation of the FUT/FUE method designed to provide excellent outcomes with attention to detail.

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • FUE is a minimally invasive hair transplant treatment where individual hair follicles from the donor site are extracted, resulting in tiny, nearly invisible scars. It offers precision and customisation, making it suitable for various hair types. Recovery is typically shorter compared to FUT.

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)
  • FUT involves surgically removing individual hair follicles for the area where you have a hair patch or utilising a scalp strip from the donation site and dissecting it into singular follicular units for transplantation. It can yield more follicles in one session but leaves a linear scar. Recovery time is longer than with FUE.

    Our experienced surgeons in Surat will work closely with you to determine the most suitable hair transplant option based on your unique circumstances and goals. Advanced Hair Studio has the expertise and technology to meet your hair restoration needs, whether for a minimally invasive procedure or a convenient no-shave option.

Why Choose Advanced Hair Studio in Surat?

Advanced Hair Studio is a shining example of competence in hair restoration. We ensure you obtain the therapy that best matches your needs by providing a variety of top-notch hair transplant techniques in Surat. For your hair restoration journey in Surat, consider the following compelling reasons to work with us:

  • Experienced Surgeons
  • One of our top surgical teams in the world is made available here in Surat. As leaders in the field of hair transplantation, they consistently raise the bar for performance. When you choose us, you trust experts with a track record of producing excellent results.

  • Cutting-Edge Facilities
  • We at Advanced Hair Studio are proud of our cutting-edge medical facilities. To guarantee that your hair transplant operation in Surat is carried out with maximum accuracy, these facilities are constructed with precision and furnished with the most recent technology.

  • Advanced Techniques
  • We keep pace with advancements in hair transplantation science. Our use of new-generation surgical instruments ensures precision, efficiency, and optimal outcomes for our clients. We blend the expertise of our surgeons with the best available technology.

  • Minimally Invasive Procedures
  • We offer minimally invasive techniques like Strand-by-Strand the Ultimate®, which promise minimal discomfort and downtime. It means that, in most cases, you can return to your daily activities the day after your hair transplant in Surat.

  • VIP Treatment
  • At Advanced Hair Studio, we believe in offering unrivalled service to all our clients. Whether you’re a celebrity or an everyday individual, you’ll receive the same dedicated VIP treatment. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

  • Global Support
  • Your journey with us continues after your procedure. We have a vast global network, ensuring that you can access unlimited support no matter where you are. Our global team is here if you have questions or need assistance while travelling.

  • Guaranteed Results
  • Trust is built on results, and we have full confidence in our techniques and team. We provide a global guarantee with the world’s greatest network of hair clinics in Surat. You may anticipate results from Advanced Hair Studio that frequently go above and beyond your expectations.

Hair Transplant Cost in Surat

When considering a hair transplant in Surat, money is crucial. The amount of hair loss or female or male pattern baldness, the procedure employed, and the number of follicles necessary are some variables that affect the price of a hair transplant.

In Surat, Advanced Hair Studio provides transparent pricing. Our team of professionals will thoroughly analyse the hair transplant cost in Surat, India, during your in-depth consultation to ensure you know the financial commitment necessary for your change. We are committed to offering the best possible value while upholding the highest levels of service and quality.

Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Surgeon in Surat

Choosing the appropriate hair transplant surgeon is essential for hair restoration. We at Advanced Hair Studio are committed to assisting you in making an informed selection since we recognise the importance of this choice. The following are important aspects to take into account when picking a hair transplant surgeon in Surat:

  • Experience
  • Find a surgeon who has extensive knowledge of hair transplantation. Our Surat surgical team is very skilled and has a track record of doing effective surgeries.

  • Credentials
  • Make sure the surgeon is board-certified and possesses the required training and credentials. Our surgeons meet the greatest levels of professionalism and knowledge.

  • Technology and Techniques
  • Ask the surgeon about the equipment and methods that they employ. With the use of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated techniques, Advanced Hair Studio in Surat is at the top of its game.

  • Patient Reviews and Before-and-After Photos
  • Look up patient testimonials and compare before-and-after pictures to understand the surgeon’s expertise and the outcomes they can provide. You may view the amazing changes we’ve brought for our clients in our Before and After Gallery.

  • Personalised Consultation
  • Pick a surgeon who can comprehend your particular needs and objectives. Our thorough consultation procedure in Surat ensures your hair fall treatment plan is customised for your needs.

    In conclusion, Advanced Hair Studio is your dependable companion on this life-changing trip if you want a hair transplant in Surat. We provide top-notch operations, upfront pricing, and a group of skilled surgeons committed to regaining your pride and confidence. Here begins the next chapter of your rich, full head of hair. To begin your journey to a future filled with healthy hair, schedule your consultation with us immediately.

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50 years of excellence innovation & research

50 years of excellence innovation & research

1 Million satisfied clients

1 Million satisfied clients

FDA approved procedures

FDA approved procedures

2 Reserch & Development Departments

300 studios & alliances

Endorsed by Harvard & Monash Universities

Endorsed by Harvard & Monash Universities


Advanced Hair Check

Advanced Hair Studio provides leading hair loss treatment and procedures worldwide. There is a very good reason why we are at the forefront of hair replacement and restoration – our results speak for themselves. 


Procedures for Women

Women suffer from hair loss too, and we have real solutions that help women to look their best. Explore breakthrough hair loss procedures that include next-generation hair loss solutions to guarantee you 100% results. At Advanced Hair Studio, you get exactly what you want – better hair volume and density than you were born with.

Procedures for Women



The AHS Fitness Programme is the first FDA-approved, OTC clinical strength laser hair therapy for home use. Try the world’s first hair and scalp home treatment programme today and experience the most powerful laser technology available; we guarantee ease, convenience and amazing results that you’ll love.


  • Internationally renowned and medically certified hair transplant surgeons perform all transplants in state-of-the-art AHS clinics.
  • Approximately 0.5 inches of hair is grown every month after three months from the implant.
  • At AHS, hair transplants promise a faster healing process, which results in quicker recovery of the donor area.
  • There is a higher rate of survival for hair transplant implants.
  • Provides high efficiency and precision, enabling faster and more comfortable hair removal.
  • The placement of hair strands per sq cm is key to achieving a high density.
  • Scarring after the procedure is barely noticeable.
  • The transplanted/restored roots behave and look like those from the recipient area as they do from the donor area.
  • An AHS hair transplant procedure assures effortless and care-less hair growth that can be easily maintained without medications.
  • After transplanted hair has grown, it can be groomed.
  • We can typically implant 3,000 to 5,000 hairs in a single visit to our clinic.

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1. What is the Cost of a Hair Transplant in Surat?

Various elements, including the degree of hair loss, the procedure employed, and the quantity of follicles necessary, can affect the price of a hair transplant in Surat. Our team of professionals at Advanced Hair Studio will provide you with a thorough analysis of the hair transplant cost in Surat, India, during your in-depth consultation customised to your unique needs and objectives.

2. Why Choose Advanced Hair Studio for Hair Loss Treatment?

When you choose Advanced Hair Studio for hair loss treatment in Surat, you are choosing top-tier knowledge and innovative methods. We stand out from the competition thanks to our skilled surgeons, cutting-edge facilities, and dedication to providing excellent results. In addition to providing continuing assistance for your hair restoration journey, we offer customised solutions to address your particular hair loss difficulties.

3. Which Hair Treatment is Best for Hairfall?

The root reason for your hair loss or receding hairline will determine your best hair regrowth treatment. The Strand by Strand Ultimate which includes FUE and FUT hair transplants and laser therapy are among the hair fall treatments Advanced Hair Studio provides. A thorough consultation establishes the best action while considering your unique demands and conditions.

4. How can I Permanently Cure My Hair Loss?

The term “permanent cure” may not be appropriate in all situations because hair loss can have a variety of causes. However, many people can find successful and long-lasting remedies through male and female hair transplantations like FUE and FUT. Considering your particular circumstances, the treatment choice should be discussed with our experts during a consultation.

5. Which Therapy is Best for Hair Loss?

The kind and extent of your hair loss will determine the best baldness treatment for you. Advanced Hair Studio offers various therapies, including non-surgical hair replacement, laser therapy, and surgical ones like FUE and FUT. During a meeting with one of our specialists, the best therapy will be chosen after thoroughly evaluating your hair loss issue.

6. Is hair transplant in Surat advisable?

Yes. Advanced Hair Studio follows a stringent list of guidelines created to fulfill all the requirements of competent authorities. We are also Covid-19 guidelines complainant. Whether you opt for a procedure in Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, or any other Advanced Hair Studio’s branch, all the studios follow the same guidelines. Hence it is definitely advisable.Better off, the results are guaranteed!

7. Which is the best hair loss treatment clinic in Surat?

Surat has made a lot of progress in terms of industrialization in the last few years. Today it is a hub for everything modern. In the same line of thought the requirements and expectations of the denizens of Surat have also come to be at par with the same of anyone in India or the World. This need gives rise to specific demands. The ever-increasing demands of getting the best of the world at one’s doorstep while equally making way for a no-compromise culture, the team at Advanced Hair Studio Surat very well understands and accepts this demand. Leading from the front are our torchbearers at Advanced Hair Studio who will replicate the success story for you as well as has been the case across the world. Do visit our Hair loss Clinic in Surat to see for yourself.

8. Who should I consult for hair fall?

Hair as a subject is talked about by all. Expert or novice! How does one understand the difference? The most important aspect to keep in mind is the expertise and experience that the individual or the team brings to the table. Having spent close to 5 decades in the industry and having seen the world across, as an organization we strongly believe getting the hair checked with the right team is the first success of the journey to get back one lost hair. To make this a fact we strive to get the long list of experts in the field of hair loss such as hair experts, trichologist, plastic surgeons, etc. are brought together to make this happen for you. Equally supported with the help of the right team and technology. Feel free to test these by reaching out to our hair loss center in Surat.