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Hair Transplant

Hair plays a vital role when it comes to a person’s personality and appearance. Hair loss can make a person look 10 to 15 years older than his/her actual age.

Hair Transplant is a treatment where a skilled hair surgeon transplants hair to a bald spot on the head. Typically, the surgeon moves hair from the top or front of the head to the side or rear of the head.

The best Hair transplants in the world are often performed in a doctor’s office using local anaesthetic by a qualified and skilled surgeon.

Types of Hair Transplant

A Hair Surgeon performs a hair transplant by removing hair follicles from the donor area, a dense area of hair, usually the back of the head. The follicles are then inserted into teeny slits on the scalp’s afflicted region.

The two primary procedures for hair transplants in India are:

  • (FUT) Follicular Unit Transplant.

The surgeon will detach a strip of skin from the donor area and stitch up the wound. Using a microscope, the surgeon will cut the donor skin into tiny follicular units with one or more hair follicles. Then they will insert these units into the appropriate location.

  • (FUE) Hair Follicle Extraction.

The surgeon will use a tiny punch scalpel to remove follicles from the donor area. Although there will still be some scarring after this treatment, it may be less obvious, and one won’t typically need any stitches.

Both methods are efficient and can provide desired outcomes. The side or rear of the head is typically used as the donor area by surgeons. Skin from the chest, back, or chin can also be successful. Body hair may be useful for those who lack thick hair on the back or sides of their head.

Depending on the number of follicles the surgeon implants, each treatment might take several hours, requiring local anesthesia. A person can typically leave on the day of the therapy.

Hair Transplant Procedure

A portion of your head is numbed with local anesthetic after a surgeon carefully cleans your scalp.

FUT and FUE are the two primary methods used to extract follicles for transplantation.

When doing a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT):

  • The back of the head will have a strip of scalp skin removed by the surgeon using a scalpel. Usually, the incision is several inches long.
  • After that, stitches are used to close it.
  • The surgeon cuts the little portions of the scalp extracted with a sharp surgical knife and a magnifying glass. When implanted, these pieces will aid in achieving hair growth that looks natural.

When doing a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

Through hundreds to thousands of tiny punch wounds, the hair follicles are directly removed from the back of the head during follicular unit extraction (FUE).

  • The surgeon cuts minuscule holes using a blade or needle in the region of your scalp that will receive the hair transplant. In these holes, they carefully insert hairs.
  • A surgeon might transplant hundreds or thousands of hair in a single therapy session.
  • Afterward, the graft, gauze, or bandages will cover your scalp for a few days.
  • A hair transplant procedure can last up to four hours. After your procedure, stitches will be removed for around ten days. You will need up to three or four treatments to get the full head of hair. Sessions are spaced out by several months to give each transplant the much needed time to heal.

Strand By Strand Ultimate By Advanced Hair Studio

The revolutionary Strand-by-Strand Ultimate hair replacement procedure can frame your face, give you your hairline back, and change your appearance for good. It can make your face look sharper, ultimately making you feel and look younger and more confident.

What is Strand-by-Strand Ultimate hair transplant?

Strand-by-Strand Ultimate is a unique one-day hair replacement procedure, performed by top doctors at the best OT facility using new-generation instruments and the world’s latest technology. It allows surgeons to apply their expertise in hair transplantation techniques and create natural-looking hair. The hair replacement procedure provides a guaranteed result and natural head of hair again. As a new generation method of hair transplantation, the Strand-by-Strand Ultimate procedure is regarded as a reliable hair loss treatment for surgical hair transplant.

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How does the Strand-by-Strand Ultimate Hair replacement technique help?

The Strand-by-Strand Ultimate is a hair replacement technique that allows aesthetic surgeons to master the artful and naturalized transplantation process to create totally natural and undetectable hair replacement. A Strand-by-Strand Ultimate transplant gives individuals hair, that allows recreating a new look that it is impossible to distinguish from a person’s natural hair growth.

The goal here is to restore hair in a completely invisible manner. We have a team of hair experts, doctors and aesthetic surgeons who are immensely experienced and have been performing the transplant procedure for many years now. They do this by completing follicular unit hair transplantation also known as strand by strand, with the objective of each strand getting a completely natural orientation that is matching the natural orientation of the remaining strands of hair.

Hair transplant that looks 100% natural!

Hair naturally grows at different angles and directions in various parts of the scalp. Our task is to mimic these very ground rules defined by mother nature. The Strand-by-Strand Ultimate program places the transplanted hair in the proper position, correct angle, orientation and direction to give a natural and unnoticeable appearance.

The Strand-by-Strand Ultimate hair replacement procedure gives you 100% natural, growing, non-maintenance hair that you can wear and style according to your age, personality, and lifestyle. It offers those with hair loss or baldness, a comfortable alternative with minimal recovery time and natural results. Once the new hair starts growing, there is no special effort, care or maintenance required. The transplanted hair will continue to grow naturally.

Hair Transplant Aftercare

Following hair transplant surgery, you could experience soreness in your scalp. After the surgery, your scalp needs mild care. The hair experts team at Advanced Hair Studio may ask you to:

  • Cover your scalp for at least a day or two depending on individual case needs.
  • The team may also prescribe certain guidelines for you to undertake for a few initial days.
  • In almost all cases, our clients are able to return to their normal work schedules within a couple of days after the day of the procedure.
  • Our highly qualified team of plastic surgeons always has your back to guide you through the recovery process and make sure you have a safe recovery.

After surgery, most people can go back to work in a few days. The transplanted hair often comes out two to three weeks after the treatment. It allows for the growth of new hair. 8 to 12 months after surgery, most patients will notice fresh hair growth. Several doctors recommend hair growth supplements and painkillers to promote hair regrowth. Additionally, these drugs aid in reducing or halting future hair loss. However, without a doctor’s recommendation, one should not take any drugs or medications.

Hair Transplant Success Rates

Hair Transplantation can treat several causes of hair loss to promote hair growth and provide a natural look. The success rate of hair transplantation is influenced by various variables, including the surgeon’s training and experience level and the donor’s hair thickness. With cutting-edge technology at the AHS hair clinic and our experienced and knowledgeable team of expert surgeons, we provide the best hair transplant experience in the world.

Strand-by-Strand Ultimate is a permanent hair replacement procedure!

Once the Strand-by-Strand Ultimate hair transplant or hair transplantation surgery is completed, it is strongly recommended that clients commence Advanced Laser Therapy to assist with healing and retain healthy, strong hair growth.

To find out whether Strand-by-Strand Ultimate is the right procedure for you, call us on +18001031191 or submit an inquiry on this website to book your consultation with our hair experts. During your consultation, our specialists will analyze your current hair and scalp condition, ask you about your expectations, and review various programs and solutions to give you a clear understanding of what you can realistically expect as a final result.

Strand-by-Strand Ultimate utilizes the world’s most advanced hair transplantation techniques and technologies.

  • Next-generation

    Next-Generation Instruments

    Next-generation instruments are used to ensure the highest accuracy.
  • World’s top doctors

    World’s Top Doctors

    Strand-by-Strand Ultimate is performed by the world’s top doctors, who specialize in hair transplant surgeries and hair replacement procedures; these ultimate professionals are accompanied by our trichologists and hair experts, all of whom form your hair loss solutions team.
  • Guaranteed Result

    Guaranteed Result

    Guaranteed results from a program offered by a world-class brand that boasts a confident track record, trust, and results.
  • Reliable Services

    Reliable Services

    Reliable after services – Well-trained hair experts and a professional team extend assistance for your convenience, even after the hair replacement procedure.

Male pattern baldness or any type of hair loss can disturb your plans in life. It’s important to take control of your future as a lack of confidence may affect everything from personal relationships to your professional aspirations. Hence book your appointment with Advanced Hair Studio and take the Strand-by-Strand Ultimate procedure to restore your confidence today. This is an affordable and reliable hair transplant procedure that will give you new hair without any pain or side effects.

Life-changing results

Before and after success stories

Advanced Hair Studio’s Hair Transplant Procedure

Advanced Hair Studio’s hair replacement procedure - Strand-by-Strand Ultimate has been selected by people from all age groups to get back their radiant mane. It gives the individuals’ hair the proper orientation and is impossible to differentiate from a person’s natural hair growth on the remaining part of the scalp unlike the other hair transplant methods hence, making it one of the most celebrated transplant procedures.


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AHS Hair Transplant FAQ’s

1. Is A Hair Transplant Safe?

The use of hair transplants is safe and has a successful track record. Advanced Hair Studio (AHS) employs qualified personnel to guarantee the procedure’s efficiency and safety and strictly adhere to medical guidelines. AHS prioritises its clients’ well-being and offers consultations in Advanced Hair Check® to go through specific problems and goals, giving them peace of mind during the procedure.

2. How much does it cost to get a hair transplant in India?

AHS makes hair transplantation affordable in India, making treatment available to a larger clientele. The price may vary depending on the level of hair loss and the selected treatment procedure. AHS, however, is dedicated to providing reasonable prices without sacrificing quality or safety.

3. How much does a hair transplant cost in stage 5 hair loss?

Stage 5 hair loss is one of the several phases Advanced Hair Studio treats. The customised treatment strategy suggested by AHS experts will determine the price of a hair transplant for stage 5 hair loss. You may relax knowing that AHS provides practical solutions to your needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our expert.

4. What is the cost of Hair Treatment in India?

To repair and revitalise your hair, AHS offers affordable hair treatments in India. The cost will vary depending on the type of treatment and your unique needs. AHS is committed to providing hair health solutions that are value-driven.

5. Do Hair Transplants Looks Natural?

Natural-looking hair transplants from AHS are well known. To ensure that the transplanted hair blends in naturally with your existing hair and yields an undetectable result, AHS employs cutting-edge techniques under Strand-By-Strand, including (FUE) follicular unit extraction and (FUT) follicular unit transplantation. Talk to the experts to get better detailed view of the techniques under Strand-By-Strand.

6. How do I decide on the right hair transplant surgeon?

Selecting the ideal hair transplant surgeon is crucial for a successful outcome. AHS offers a team of surgeons who are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in the most recent operations. AHS provides in-depth consultations to help patients choose options and the surgeon who will best suit their needs.

7. What is the hair restoration cost in Mumbai?

The price of hair restoration in Mumbai can vary depending on each patient’s requirements and the treatment method chosen. In Mumbai, where business is brisk, AHS ensures accessibility to top-notch hair restoration therapies at reasonable prices.

8. Can a hair transplant help at a specific area of the head?

Yes, particular parts of the head can receive targeted hair transplants. AHS offers precision and customisation to treat specific areas of concern, such as the hairline, crown, or other areas experiencing hair loss.

9. Is correction hair transplant surgery possible?

Corrective hair transplant surgery is AHS’s area of expertise. AHS can evaluate your condition, give options to enhance the outcomes, and address any difficulties if you are dissatisfied with a prior hair transplant from another physician.

10. Does hair transplant help in getting rid of white hair?

While hair restoration is the main goal of hair transplant treatments, the colour of the transplanted hair may not be altered. However, AHS might suggest supplemental therapies or options for managing white or grey hair as part of a thorough hair restoration strategy.

11. Where does the hair come from in a hair transplant surgery?

The donor hair used in hair transplant surgery often comes from the patient’s scalp. To ensure a natural match and low rejection risk, AHS uses the patient’s healthy hair follicles from the side or back of the head.

12. How to get rid of the scabs after a hair transplant?

AHS offers comprehensive post-transplant care guidelines to assist clients in managing scabs and fostering a quick healing process. It’s crucial to adhere to these recommendations to guarantee the best outcomes and reduce discomfort.

13. Is transplantation of hair permanent?

Hair transplantation is regarded as a long-term remedy for baldness. The transplanted hair grows organically and lasts a lifetime because of AHS’s cutting-edge procedures and skilled physicians.

14. How do we improve follicle survival in hair transplantation?

To increase follicle survival, AHS uses cutting-edge follicle harvesting and transplantation techniques. Because of their experience, many transplanted hair follicles grow and create healthy, permanent hair.

15. What is the procedure for FUE?

AHS uses the less invasive hair transplant procedure called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). It produces natural outcomes without requiring a linear scar by removing individual hair follicles for transplanting.

16. Do hair transplants work as per the claims?

AHS has a history of producing effective hair transplant results. Their promises of trustworthy and efficient hair restoration are consistent with their dedication to innovation, patient pleasure, and safety.