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Hair Transformation on the Horizon: Advanced Hair Studio in Vadodara

Coming out of the pandemic and bringing back focus on everything we love. How are you Vadodara? After the slow year 2020 having become a distant event, life is running the fast plane. With a wonderful winter about to end and a possible harsh summer coming at us with all its might, you may have hair concerns to look out for. Be it hair quality questions you may have. Or be it the concern of hair thinning or hair loss! All queries and questions to be answered at your doorstep. As is rightly said the time is Now and definitely the Life is equally in the Now!

No more planning to find your great hair day. The day is now being pulled to you within your control. This past year has helped many find our dreams. Our dream has been to make your hair dreams our own. The way our team of hair loss experts were able to successfully do it for Vishwa and Kate we wish to do it for each and every one of you.

Come join us in fulfilling your and our dreams. It’s all about hair. Our experts will be visiting Vadodara for a physical one-to-one hair consultation camp this month. What you stand to gain by booking a slot for you and your loved ones, find all details below.

Our hair loss experts will help you understand the intricacies of hair loss and answer many of your questions on 14th Mar 2021. This will be your way of finding support in fulfilling the many objectives of the health and wellness movement being undertaken at each of our levels every passing day, especially during the pandemic. The topics covered in this consultation will be:

  • Importance of Hair
  • How Covid might be affecting hair loss
  • Myths to hair loss & Tips to Hair Care
  • Get your early detection test for hair – The Advanced Hair Check
  • Your Questions and the best Answers to them by the Hair expert
  • Solution for your concerns and the Special Offer for Vadodara.

After the personalised consultation workshop, in case you have more questions and are wanting to seeking inputs to solve any of your hair loss questions we can meet up again virtually or physically as per mutually conducive schedules.

The wait is over. Book yourself a slot for a the camp on 14th Mar by filling the form below.

What our clients have to say

Frequently asked questions

  • Are you available regularly to Vadodara city ?

    Of course yes. Our experts regularly visit your city to keep such consultation camps. For detailed one-to-one private sessions you are always welcome to visit our hair loss clinic is Ahmedabad or have a virtual session as well.

  • Do you perform PRP?

    Our procedures are spread among various segments. As a brand of international presence we bring a lot of procedures to your table. Many procedures are done regularly while some are under research.

  • All your brand ambassadors have taken treatment from AHS or they just be brand ambassadors?

    One of the actual FAQ’s we get regularly. Each of our endorsers has been a client with us. Having seen the success themselves they are happy to share their experiences openly for which entire AHS is grateful to them for.

  • What is the result of the procedure ?

    Results are personalised. Hence they are sure to be achieved. We design specific timelines for your specific needs. Hence we say our results are guaranteed.