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Hair loss can have a disturbing effect on your everyday life, causing anxiety, stress, and emotional grief. People experiencing hair loss issues wish for an immediate solution to boost their self-esteem and gain back their lost confidence.

As a result, hair systems have been considered one of the possible answers to restore hair and confidence by men and women who have suffered distress due to their hair loss or baldness condition. There is no surgery, no drugs, no lotions or tattooing involved. It has been considered one of the easy and quick solutions that people opt for to instantly get their head camouflaged with hair, a desperate measure for a head full of hair.

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History of Hair Weaving, Hair Patches & Wigs

The origins of the term ‘hair replacement system’ can be found in the traditional hair salons and barber shops decades ago, that offered some form of a solution for men and women suffering hair loss. The product was a process of several steps including hair fixing, styling and maintaining. The term has since remained in the glossary of hair loss solutions. There was a period of time when it became the only choice available to young men and women fighting their individual battles against hair loss.

A Traditional Hair system is one that can be applied and easily removed by the user. These are also classified under non-surgical hair replacement procedures, where a patch is made of processed or synthetic hair.

The result looked fairly apt for the bygone era but was also a deterrent for many as it was not always undetectable and brought about uncomfortable questions to the users whether it’s real hair or otherwise. People were always on the lookout for the best-finished patch. There have been and currently are a wide variety of such patches available, looking to fulfill differing needs such as size, color or finish. Depending on all primary factors, some were and still are poorly made, some average, and some are outstanding end products.

What is Hair Weaving?

Hair weaving is adding an artificial wig or extensions to the bald area of the scalp. It is also one of the options that has been available for men and women who have had the expectations of choosing the non-surgical way of treating themselves from extreme hair loss. It has been one of the alternative options to give people alternative hairstyles.

Hair weaving involves weaving or braiding human or synthetic hair on one’s scalp, which is woven in the roots of the natural hair, to give a feeling of coverage be it with long or thick hair.

What is Hair Weaving?

What is a Hair Patch?

Another option under the non-surgical hair loss treatment is a hair patch, wherein a patch of hair or extension is applied to the bald area. The product is attached with a patch of hair with the help of cosmetic clips or glue. It has been opted by many for being one of the answers to hide baldness.

What is a Hair Patch?

What are Wigs?

Wigs also fall under the same umbrella and are worn by men and women who are facing hair loss or baldness issues. People also wear them for cosmetic reasons or to alter their appearance. Wearing a wig allows one to quickly achieve a longer or fuller hairstyle or a different color. There are generally different types of wigs as these options have been there since not just years or decades but centuries now.

What are Wigs?

Challenges with Various options of Hair Weaving, Hair Patches & Wigs

  • The quality of hair
  • The end quality of the product
  • Possible damage of one’s real hair.
  • Hair color and texture mismatches
  • Obligatory and constant maintenance

Over the past years, the choice of products has drastically changed and options are being developed as people realize over a period of time that the wrong choice of product lead to unusually high probability of further damage that not only affects one’s looks but also one’s confidence even further.

Our Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic treatment was patented by Advanced Hair Studio in 1970s. Graham Gooch, Jacques Kallis, Darren Gough and many other have undergone the procedure and it has won the hearts of millions of people from all around the world. We take pride in having these success stories and aim to provide Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic to as many people as possible.

How Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic is more advanced than the traditional Hair Systems

At Advanced Hair Studio, we know that there are many different kinds of hair loss, both medical and non-medical reasons. It is, for this reason, we offer the best and most advanced products on the market to accommodate the many hair loss issues that we all face today. Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic is one such non-surgical hair replacement procedure. It will give you a full head of hair and not only restore your appearance but also your confidence. Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic is the safest hair treatment and there is no surgery, no pain and no scarring involved.

Our Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic treatment has won the hearts of millions of people from all around the world. We take pride in having these success stories and aim to provide Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic to as many people as possible.

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For any type of hair loss problem seek full information of the options available that matches your original hair and your hair loss condition.

Feel free to call us and book a consultation to help us guide you to the perfect hair loss solution that you need to achieve the look that you desire before.


How long do wigs last?

The life of a human hair wig is basically dependent on two essential factors, the quality of the original wig and how carefully you look after it. Usually, synthetic hair wigs can last over 1 year if you take good care and don’t wear wigs every day. Lace front wigs can last longer, as the hair were all needled to lace by hand. Hundred percent of human hair wigs in Bangalore can go over 3 years. If properly cared for and not worn every day, a good quality human hair wig can last a few years.However, you will still need to buy your wigs’s replacement after every few months. Therefore, it is advised to go for a reliable non surgical hair replacement method such as Strand By Strand Cosmetic by Advanced Hair Studio.

Can one donate their own hair to create a wig for somebody?

Yes, you can donate your own hair to create a wig for someone. Real hair wigs are expensive and can take some time to make. Man-made or synthetic wigs are cheaper and are quicker to organize. But some people prefer human hair wigs in Gurgaon because they mostly look more natural. Your hair should be long and in good condition, if you want to donate them to make a wig for somebody. The required length depends on the company that you are donating to or the purpose of the wig that will be made out of your hair. Some ask for at least 7 inches, while others ask for at least 14 inches.

How much does non-surgical hair replacement cost?

Non-surgical hair replacement procedure guarantees the restoration of your appearance and gives you a full head of hair, regardless of your appearance and stage of hair loss. Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic is a non-surgical hair replacement procedure provided by Advanced Hair Studio that has given thousands of people better hair type and density than what they were born with. Many people are opting for non-surgical hair replacement systems these days because these procedures create a result that is natural, subtle, easier and more comfortable to live with as compared to some other surgical treatments. It would be impossible to give you an exact final price with so many customization options available to you. Hence, you must consult with your doctor.

Is hair patch permanent?

Hair patch treatment is a non-surgical hair replacement system where a patch of hair or a wig is placed in the area where baldness has occurred. With the help of cosmetic glue or even clips, doctors stick the patch of hair. The glue and clips are quite safe and do not lead to allergic reactions on the scalp. This method is generally opted by people who do not want to opt for a surgical procedure or hair transplant. These are not permanent and sticks to your head as per you take care of them. A hair patch in Pune is smaller in size as compared to a traditional wig, and designed to sit on a bald patch on the head. You should try Strand By Strand Cosmetic by Advanced Hair Studio for better and long lasting solution.

How long does a hair patch last?

A hair patch is mainly designed to perfectly fit the patient and looks completely natural and the patient ends up looking much better than they did before. The hair patches in Mumbai are designed in such a way that they complement the hair color, texture and hair density of the patient. A hair patch is smaller in size as compared to a traditional wig and designed to sit on a bald patch on the head. A quality hair patch system lasts between 6 to 10 months of use before having to replace it. You might only get 3 months if you don’t take care of it properly or use it too roughly.

Can you shower with a hair system?

It is very important to take care of your hair system. A big part of this practice includes washing your hairpiece on a regular basis. While you can wash your hair patch in Hyderabad in the shower, but to maintain your hairpiece in the best way it’s always good to remove it and give it a good scrub. By doing this you can clean your hair system from the inside out, removing all built-up oils and adhesives. This ensures that you get the longest life out of your hair system allows for stronger hair system bonds.

How long can you wear a hair system?

Daily use and maintenance is an important factor to consider in expanding the durability of your hairpiece. Proper washing methods and routine cleaning will keep your hairpiece in good shape. Being gentle and subtle while using your hair system will also lengthen the stability of your hair system. To maximize the durability of your hair system, be sure to avoid a few things like rough usage, sleeping in your hairpiece, using inappropriate shampoos or washing treatments, poor washing habits, swimming and exposing the hair system to discoloration, poor maintenance, etc.

Does wearing wigs thin your hair?

Wigs are becoming more and more common, not just for people suffering from hair loss, but also for those who want to change up their look or get the style and color they’ve always wanted without the commitment of changing their own hair. Hair weaving in Ludhiana or wearing wigs does make your hair thin at some point, hence it is advised to go for non surgical hair replacement methods such as Strand By Strand Cosmetic.

Still, if you are using wigs, you need to take proper care of your natural hair during the time when you are wearing these wigs. Some of the things you must do include wearing a wig that doesn’t fit correctly, not protecting your own hair, having wet hair under your wig, using tapes on your own hair, gluing down your hairline and wearing your wig throughout the day.

How often should you wash a hair system?

You must remember that wigs don’t need to be washed as frequently as your natural hair. When to wash your human hair wig depends on how often you wear it and what type of damage it gains while wearing. You should wash it at least every two weeks if you wear your hair system every day. If you use styling products like mousses or gels, hairsprays on your wig every day, you’ll need to wash your wig more often, about once a week. If you don’t wear it often then it only needs to be washed once every 7 to 10 years.