What/Who is AHS?

Advanced Hair Studio – also abbreviated as AHS, is an internationally present brand of repute working in the personalised spear of getting people their lives back. Hair as we have understood makes or breaks an individual. Understanding this need our teams of hair loss experts have been working over the past 4+ decades to find solutions that are meaningful and achievable for everyone who walks into any of our studio’s globally.

Are you a salon ,skin clinic or hair wellness studio ?

Advanced Hair Studio is a globally accessible organisation dealing in all things hair. Whether you are having issues of hair thinning or hair fall or hair loss, our team of hair loss experts will find the right solution for you. Not only that we have our own method of managing the fashion expression of our patrons as we have developed our own inhouse team to help you sport any kind of hair look you have in mind. Come and see for yourself. Our experts are waiting by to serve your needs.

What’s the difference in a hair check here & coming to studio?

Hair loss being a complex personal concern, it is ideal to talk about it in detail and understand the options available. Foremost it is highly vital to choose the right option to have a fitment to the end objective. Our experts under this and hence the role of a detailed Advanced Hair Check at the studio goes a long way. Our team of experts are trained to invest as much time to help you identify and understand, in detail what can be the ideal solution for you.

What kind of procedures does Advanced Hair have?

Over the past many decades as an organization dealing in international clientele the team of hair experts has been able to devise a multitude of permutations and combinations to support different expectations. The array of services conceptualized and created for our hair loss clients have been designed to have the right kind of well researched products, medications, technology and skill set brought under one roof to support any kind of hair loss issues and help individuals regain their lost hair.

We have seen many companies where it really was waste of time & money.

Through life history of humankind no other concern has been talked this frequently as hair and its health. Over the years and the decades and centuries that humankind has gone through solutions for hair have been found and re-found but to less avail. Clients coming to us have most highly; tried or tested all the possible answers that they would have thought would work. Considering this fact as an organization we have developed our own way of functioning and finding solutions for your concerns as per your requirements. Stringent processes have been created and have been in place to get the best solutions to clients as your self since past 50+ years across the world. To know more of how we do this feel free to connect with us and get more knowhow of how we keep achieving this.

Can I get the solution locally or would I have to travel for the best hair treatment, to Delhi?

In case we missed out to inform you, Advanced Hair Studio, Ludhiana has been operating in Punjab to give hair loss solutions for the past many years. All you need to do is book a visit to our Punjab office and get all your answers locally. No more would you need to travel to Delhi or Gurgaon to get the best solutions for your hair loss problems.

Where can I find the best hair loss treatment for men in Chandigarh, Punjab?

For the past many years our endeavour has been to keep satisfying as many men and women suffering from acute to drastic hair loss issues in the state of Punjab, who regularly visit our hair loss clinic in Ludhiana. There a large number of procedures available under one single roof for all types of hair loss concerns that a man or a woman might be facing. Do visit our centre to know more or talk to us today!

What is the cost of Hair Transplant?

One of the highest interest-bearing question that we come across quite frequently. The fact of the matter remains that hair transplant is not the only solution to one’s condition. It is wrongly believed among the masses that hair transplant can work for everyone and it is a generic procedure. As you would have seen in your own experiences undertaking any procedure on your body that the base cost can remain the same but the end cost is always variable to each individual requirement. To understand what is our individual requirement one needs to be aware of what one’s problem is. Only after this clarity is it possible to know the solution that one should undertake and hence come to the actual cost of one’s procedure. In case you want to have further reading on the aspect kindly go through this detailed article on cost of hair transplant, we have shared to answer this question.

How do I get Consultation booking done?

The simplest thing to do in case you are looking to book yourself a consultation is to get an appointment booked for yourself so that the hair loss experts at our hair clinics across India are able to cater to your detailed needs. To book your visit to our hair loss clinics fill this Confidential Consultation Questionnaire. In case physical visit is not possible for you a virtual consultation can also be undertaken. In case you wish to visit physically at our hair loss clinic to get your hair check done you may look at our hair loss clinic locations here.