Procedures for Frequent Travelers

Any procedure for which can be convenient for whom who dont want to travel regularly to Ahmedabad studio?

For a long period convenience within the confines of your home have been a top requirement that our clients across the world have been seeking from us. This is the reason our Home Program has become one of the most successful programs to combat hair thinning, across the length and breath of the nation. Read more about it here.

Will we have to come to studio to take treatment?

Each program that is designed at Advanced Hair Studio’s is done to achieve very specific objectives for each of our patrons. If the need is felt to get committed to the program there a possible answers that our male and female patrons can undertake in the confines out their home as well as visit our standalone studio’s we have created to service each of their needs. The choice is yours. We can customise any of the programs to the specific needs of our patrons and have been doing so since past so many decades that now we are getting better and better at it.

I am not willing to travel. Can you please give shampoo and oil for hair loss?

Human history has had a long episode of trials and errors when one considers hair. The most common thought one has is to use products and shampoos to find the solution of balding. The truth be told. Since past many decades research work is proving strongly towards the facts as to why products such as shampoos and oils available at the mom-pop shops in our neighbourhoods have limited levels of gaining satisfaction to the levels that we expect as individuals. Since we need to gauge what is the level of damage for every individual we choose to provide solutions which will render the right answers. One such program that can be taken up is the Home Program from Advanced Hair Studio to support the expectations to the above query. Learn more

Travel time is utmost important Do I have to travel for the procedure.

Your stage and condition of your hair loss will ultimately decide what kind of program you should be undertaking. What matters post his is the fact what are the exact expectations you have pertaining to your hair. All these and many more factors will decide what kind of program should be taken up. The great part of Advanced Hair Studio’s various programs is the fact that there are a long list of possibilities as to how to undertake the program. There are solutions where no need of visits are needed and there are other possibilities where the program can be managed in half a days’ time also. Choose wisely.

Would we have to travel to Bandra get treatment?

Yes and No. Both possibilities are there. Over the many years of operating in this field our team of hair loss experts across the world have been able to create special programs where it is possible for our patrons to wanting to either come to our offices which are specially designed with the best infrastructure to fulfil their needs and in the same time also designed programs to be managed from the comfort of their homes. To know more about the same it is ideal to visit our hair loss centres and have a detailed understanding taken for all the possible combinations.

Has clients from other cities of Gujarat need to travel to Ahmedabad every time?

That is a very interesting and right query. The fact that the organisation has dealt with denizens and patrons from across different walks of life the programs are created in such a manner to serve their specifics needs. Considering this fact it has been taken into account to create programs where the choice of visits is in the hands of the patron looking to get their hair back. One such interesting solution is the Home Program.