Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, has become one of the flourishing cities of the country. From being dormant and labelled as a ‘pensioner’s paradise’, it has embraced modernity with open arms.

Various hair problems have long stressed the residents of Pune. The initiation of Advanced Hair Studio has quenched their thirst for excellent hair treatment in Pune. We have created a niche for ourselves in hair loss treatment in Pune. Those suffering acutely from thinning or balding can seek hair transplants in Pune at AHS as we offer the latest technology & procedures, giving us a cutting-edge over others.


Life may not be perfect, but your hair can be with the hair treatment in Pune offered by Advanced Hair Studio. Hair loss affects our physical appearance and can damage our mental well-being. People are quite conscious about their looks and appearances these days, and when problems like hair loss or female or male pattern baldness come, they want to try the most trusted solutions such as hair transplants, hair weaving, etc., looking for the best hair treatment in Pune.

Advanced Hair Studio has been in the healthcare and wellness industry for more than 50 years now and has millions of satisfied clients worldwide. Most clients experiencing hair loss want to restore a more youthful appearance to gain their high confidence. The boost in confidence can change you as it automatically affects your happiness and self-esteem.

In no time, AHS has acquired the reputation of providing the best hair loss treatment in Pune.

Strand-by-Strand Ultimate and Supernatural by AHS and AHS Complete have established us as Pune’s best Alopecia areata treatment provider.

What makes us the best in the industry


  • Only internationally recognised and medically certified hair transplant surgeons perform the procedures in the state-of-the-art AHS hair transplant clinic in Pune.
  • Approximately 3,000 to 5,000 hairs can be inserted in one sitting at our hair transplant centre.
  • Hair transplant surgical implants have a higher survival rate.
  • Enhanced efficiency and precision; enable faster and more comfortable follicular extraction.
  • The hair transplant in Pune at AHS results in faster donor area healing due to faster recovery.
  • The marks left by extraction are barely noticeable.
  • The placement of strands per sq cm is crucial to achieving high densities.
  • The hair implants generate hair after three months at a rate of about 0.50 inches per month.
  • Hair roots transplanted/restored from the donor area behave in the same manner as those from the recipient area, which makes them appear natural.
  • It is possible to maintain the transplanted hair once it begins to grow.
  • Hair Transplant Procedure at AHS helps you grow hair effortlessly and with minimal scarring since it requires no additional medicines.

Benefits of Hair Transplant in Pune

As we reveal the numerous and profound benefits awaiting you through a transforming hair transplant experience at Advanced Hair Studio, Pune, we invite you to embark on a journey of restoration and transformation. Together, our dedication to quality and achieving your goals create a symphony of advantages that go far beyond simple hair restoration:

  • Natural-Looking Results
  • Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing your natural and repaired hair blending perfectly. Our cutting-edge methods are expertly applied to ensure that each strand is placed with artistic accuracy. The outcome is a flawlessly natural appearance that reflects your true self. A harmonious, natural aesthetic that enhances physical beauty and revivifies inner confidence is the perfect replacement for wigs.

  • Permanent Solution for Hair Loss
  • At Pune’s Advanced Hair Studio, a hair transplant in Pune solves the search for a long-lasting hair regrowth treatment. The permanent durability of our solutions sets us apart. As the transplanted hair grows in and forms roots, it becomes a permanent part of your identity and resists ageing with tenacity. Enjoy a future in which the spectre of hair loss is permanently consigned to the past as you embrace the freedom of being freed from the cycle of temporary remedies.

  • Boost in Self-Confidence and Improved Appearance
  • Enter a space where confidence abounds and attractiveness is revitalised. Your hair’s resurgence is a catalyst for an inner transformation rather than only improving your appearance on the outside. Watch your self-esteem soar as you boldly manage life’s endeavours, free from hair loss issues like androgenetic alopecia. Your ability to embrace life with renewed vigour is enhanced by your appearance, which opens doors to new prospects and rekindles passion.

  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Our methods stand out for their little disruption to your routine. Quick recovery times allow you to resume your normal activities without waiting long. This ease results in an uninterrupted flow of life’s moments, ensuring that your road toward hair restoration easily blends with your lifestyle rather than disrupting it.

  • Cost-Effective in the Long Run
  • Your makeover at Advanced Hair Studio in Pune is a team effort rather than a one-off operation. Our seasoned professionals serve as your unshakable partners, offering direction and support through every stage. We make sure you are well-equipped with knowledge, confidence, and a partner who walks with you, hand in hand, from thorough pre-operative consultations through attentive post-transplant care.

    At Advanced Hair Studio in Pune, each advantage of a hair transplant in Pune is a note in a symphony of total transformation. It’s not just about getting your hair back; it’s also about embracing a future characterised by sure steps, timeless beauty, and an improved standard of living. Allow our expertise in hair restoration to illuminate your road to a brighter, more confident future as you stand at the brink of endless possibilities.

What are the techniques performed in Hair Transplant in Pune?

Explore the cutting-edge method of Strand by Strand Ultimate at Advanced Hair Studio, Pune, and personify the art and science of hair transplantation procedure on a fascinating journey. The complex procedures we use are a graceful reflection of our everlasting dedication to quality and guarantee a symphony of natural aesthetics and long-lasting results: The Strand by Strand Ultimate includes multiple techniques which also include:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Experience the pinnacle of follicular regeneration with FUE hair transplant, a complex dance of precision in which specific hair follicles are painstakingly plucked from the donor area, frequently in the back of the head. The targeted areas are then artistically transplanted with these follicular units, merging beautifully with the existing hair patch. Due to the elegance of FUE hair transplant, there will be little scarring and a quick recovery, enabling you to resume your regular daily with assurance.

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • Explore the timeless artistry of FUT, which entails removing a small strip of tissue containing hair follicles from the donor area. The follicles are then divided into smaller pieces and placed into the recipient locations, carefully considering the receding hairline shape and achieving the ideal hair density. FUT has a long history of successfully recreating a natural hairline, making it a preferred option for restoration enthusiasts.

    Your hair restoration experience with Advanced Hair Studio will be a transformative symphony of art and science thanks to these hair treatments in Pune, carried out by our skilled practitioners with an unrelenting commitment to perfection. You set out to regain your hair and confident individuality with each painstakingly done method. Here, where expertise and creativity converge and every strand shapes the future of hair restoration, the orchestra of rejuvenation gets started.

Hair Transplant Aftercare in Pune

After your Advanced Hair Studio, Pune, hair transplant was successful! Let me now walk you through the process of reaching post-transplant perfection.

Recovery Process and Post-Operative Care

Adhering to our post-operative recommendations after hair transplant surgeries is essential. Avoid heavy activity, keep the treated area dry and clean, and take prescription medications as directed. This will guarantee follicle survival and good healing.

Potential Side Effects

Even though it’s rare, you can feel brief shock loss, redness, or small oedema after the transplant. These are typical reactions that normally go away within a few weeks. We are on your side to help you at every step.

Timeline for Hair Growth

In this process of transformation, patience is essential. The transplanted hair will eventually fall out in the first several weeks, allowing new hair to develop. You’ll start to see tiny hair sprout during the third month, and there will be noticeable growth by the sixth month. Normally, the effects are complete and luxuriant after 12 to 18 months.

Keep in mind that you are not travelling the road to renewal alone. Call our committed aftercare staff today with questions or concerns; we stand by.


Hair replacement can be done either cosmetically, clinically or surgically. In the cosmetic procedure, the results are achieved, such as achieving the objectives of undetectability and giving the natural feel of hair growing out of areas of the scalp with various cutting-edge techniques. No scarring or pain one has to go through using our advanced cosmetic procedures.

In innovative, modern surgical procedures, the follicles are transplanted & stimulated to bring back natural growth in the affected area.


Our Advanced Hair Studio hair transplant clinic in Pune has the most aesthetic environment and is maintained under ultra-hygienic conditions to offer our clients maximum care before and after. Experts at Advanced Hair Studio use the most advanced, next-generation tools and techniques to maximise surgical and non-surgical hair replacement success in Pune. The objective is to produce a hundred per cent satisfactory results. The latest equipment used by our hair experts can give incredibly high and natural density as per the expectation of the individual in consideration.

How to Choose the Right Hair Transplant Clinic in Pune

When selecting a hair transplant clinic in Pune for your hair restoration quest, much thought is essential. At Advanced Hair Studio in Pune, we recognise the importance of this option and provide you with a thorough guide to help you decide:

Factors to Take into Account When Choosing a Hair Transplant Centre

  • Experience
  • A solid track record is the foundation for trust. The Pune-based Advanced Hair Studio is a renowned forerunner with years of experience in hair restoration. Our wealth of experience is proof of our constant dedication to providing revolutionary outcomes that revive confidence and restore hair.

  • Reputation
  • Our booming clientele speaks for itself when they express their satisfaction with us. Explore a goldmine of endorsements and success tales, each detailing a different path to achieving remarkable outcomes and unmatched client pleasure. Let their words encourage you to connect with Advanced Hair Studio in Pune for hair restoration.

  • Facilities
  • Enter a world where modern technology combines with comfort and convenience. Our cutting-edge facilities are outfitted with cutting-edge technology to deliver a seamless and comfortable experience. Immerse yourself in a culture that values innovation, and ensure that every step of your road to restoring your hair is marked by perfection.

  • Expert Team
  • Our successful hair transplant clinic in Pune has a committed group of specialists working for it. At Advanced Hair Studio in Pune, we have highly qualified surgeons, knowledgeable technicians, and sympathetic advisors on our staff. Each team member is motivated by a common goal: to help you through a life-changing hair restoration journey while ensuring outstanding outcomes and a caring, compassionate experience.

  • Customised Approach
  • Because each person’s needs for hair restoration differ, Advanced Hair Studio, Pune, takes great satisfaction in providing a customised approach. Our sessions aim to understand your aspirations and create a customised approach that aligns with your objectives rather than just addressing hair loss. Experience a unique journey where each step focuses on your happiness and desired results.

  • Continued Support
  • Our dedication at Advanced Hair Studio, Pune, goes beyond the procedure. We offer thorough aftercare and assistance as your partner throughout the full hair restoration process. As you see the transformation, our committed team is at your side to answer any questions and provide post-operative support. Choose us for outstanding outcomes and unwavering assistance that guarantees confidence will soar along with your hair.

    Your decision counts in a world where every strand has meaning. Give the future of your hair to professionals who care about your self-esteem and well-being. Choose Advanced Hair Studio in Pune, where we are steadfast in our dedication to the health and enjoyment of your hair. We’re proud to be a part of your journey towards restored self-assurance as you set out on your route to a fuller, more vivid head of hair.


As far as the best hair transplant in Pune cost is concerned, it depends on various factors and varies from clinic to clinic. However, the hair transplant cost in Pune at Advanced Hair Studio can be confirmed after our hair care experts’ proper consultation and assessment of your unique hair loss problem. The hair transplant in Pune by Advanced Hair Studio is considered the most reliable. We like to ensure that our clients get the best deal per the client’s condition of male or female pattern baldness, the appropriate technique used for the hair replacement procedure and the needed number of hair follicles or follicles for the hair transplant in Pune.

The exceptional success experienced in Pune has confirmed our faith in ethical practices, modern hair loss treatment techniques and value for money. These are the factors that distinguish us from other existing players that have been in the market before the advent of AHS in Pune. We offer individual packages for all hair treatments in Pune to suit everyone’s pocket without compromising quality. The lofty testimonials of satisfied clients motivate us to strive for more!

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1. Which is the best hair transplant clinic in Pune?

Go on an extraordinary hair restoration experience at Advanced Hair Studio in Pune. We are the clear choice for discriminating people thanks to our reputation for cutting-edge methods and unmatched results. Our team of expert hair transplant surgeons is committed to providing natural results, a noticeable increase in confidence, and a makeover that will change your life.

2. Which is the best hair transplant in Pune? Options are?

The Advanced Hair Studio in Pune is the pinnacle of hair restoration quality. We offer various unmatched options in addition to cutting-edge baldness treatments like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Our highly qualified personnel carry out these procedures precisely, ensuring long-lasting and remarkably realistic results.

3. What is the cost of a hair transplant in Pune?

Advanced Hair Studio in Pune offers customised hair transplant pricing in Pune for your specific requirements and preferences. Our dedication to providing excellent value is demonstrated by our affordable pricing, which guarantees that your investment in hair restoration unlocks the door to restoring self-confidence, self-esteem, and a youthful appearance.

4. Who is the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai or Pune?

Visit Advanced Hair Studio in Mumbai and Pune to meet the wonderful team of hair transplant surgeons and benefit from the greatest level of knowledge. These amazing specialists combine years of experience with a consistent commitment to producing excellent results. Whether you’re in Mumbai or Pune, our specialists will ensure your journey to recovering your hair is full of fun and brilliance.

5. Can we get long hair after our hair transplant?

Absolutely! If you want long, thick hair, you may rely on Advanced Hair Studio, a global leader in hair restoration. Thanks to our cutting-edge treatments, you can get the most realistic-looking hair restoration with the length you’ve always wanted, enhancing your overall appearance and self-confidence.

6. Who is the best hair doctor in Pune?

With Pune’s Advanced Hair Studio, you can advance your path towards hair restoration. As you go through this unmatched experience, a group of skilled hair doctors will be there to help. Our experts are dedicated to assisting you in achieving the best rejuvenation so that you can completely modify your hair and self-esteem. They achieve this by putting their in-depth expertise and compassionate nature to use.

7. Which is the best hair transplant clinic in India?

With the help of Further Hair Studio, the undeniable market leader in India, you can continue your search for the best hair restoration. We have established ourselves as the finest option for hair restoration because of our history of numerous success stories and ground-breaking results. By choosing Advanced Hair Studio, you give yourself the power to start along a path that leads to increased authenticity, reignited confidence, and the best version of yourself.

8. Do all hair loss doctors perform hair transplant procedures?

Hair transplants in Pune are a specialist field, not a generalist field, considering the factual information coming under the aesthetical procedure. Only some doctors are, hence, male or female hair transplant specialists. Due to the increasing hair loss problems, today, numerous hair clinics are running, but a majority of them need help to dedicate the time and resources that are fundamentally required to scrutinise and perform the hair transplant procedure successfully. Thus, you should be very selective in selecting the surgeon if you are looking for the best hair loss treatment in Pune. The surgeon you choose must have experience and specialise in performing hair transplants in Pune and other hair restoration procedures.

9. How soon can a client return to their routine after a hair transplant procedure?

To protect your new hair follicles or hair follicles as well as your general health, it’s important to take proper aftercare, including ensuring you don’t return to normal activities such as going to the gym or exercising too soon. While the recovery time after a hair transplant procedure varies from client to client, it also depends on the type of procedure that you have gone through. When you undergo hair loss treatment in Pune, our team recommends avoiding exhausting exercise until at least seven to ten days after your hair transplant surgery. But you should always seek advice from your AHS support team, including the hair experts, doctors and hair transplant surgeons, and discuss what recovery steps are right for you.

10. Who provides the best hair loss treatment in Pune?

Many hair transplant clinics in Pune provide various hair ration procedures, including hair transplants. However, Advanced Hair Studio is the most appropriate place to get the best hair loss treatment in Pune. Our hair experts and hair transplant surgeons have years of detailed and refined experience since they have provided many of these procedures to people worldwide with a hundred per cent success rate. Also, they will first fully analyse your hair loss condition and only then recommend the most suitable hair replacement system.

11. How dangerous is a hair transplant?

Rest assured. By choosing the right hair transplant in Pune, such as Advanced Hair Studio, everyone can ensure that the procedure is not categorised as a possible dangerous hair regrowth treatment. This is an age-old myth that some people still believe hair transplant is dangerous. This is not true, as hair transplant is one of the safest surgical aesthetic procedures performed today. The only thing you need to take care of is to choose an experienced team of hair experts, doctors and hair transplant surgeons for the procedure.

When performed by a qualified and experienced team of hair experts, including the surgeon, your Hair transplant surgery is easily safe. Advanced Hair Studio’s clients have successfully undergone hair transplants without problems or concerns. Our team of hair experts and hair transplant surgeons also takes extra care during the procedure and stress on aftercare. So you don’t have to worry. Rather, enjoy the feeling of having your hair back. Welcome to the goodness that is hair!