Hair Clinic in India during Pandemic | Exclusive for Titan

Hair Transformation on the Horizon: Advanced Hair Studio in India

Coming out of the pandemic and bringing back focus on everything we love. The year 2020 has taught many among us that the Time is Now as the Life is Now! With the time at hand like never before more and more of us are fulfilling many of our goals. Getting better at what we do! Looking better for the new year to come! And of course learning new things about ourselves.

This past year has helped many of us fulfil our long lasting wishes and dreams. To help you fulfil one of these dreams is the effort from Advanced Hair Studio hair loss solutions experts in India to bring back your hair like you always had it or even better. The choice is yours. Our experts are here to make it a reality.

Let’s use this time to rebuild our understanding for the coming future. Change as is said is the only constant. This change has hence give us a chance to stop, take a moment and reinvent everything. Trends are getting visible that more and more men and women are making themselves well aware of what they want for themselves. How they want to look? How they want to feel about themselves? There is finally time for “Me” with everyone.

To help you understand the intricacies of hair loss and answer many of your questions our team of experts will hold a Virtual presentation on 4th Feb 2021. This will be your way of finding support in fulfilling the many objectives of the health and wellness movement being undertaken at each of our levels every passing day specially during pandemic. The topics covered in this workshop will be:

  • Importance of Hair
  • Covid affecting hair loss
  • Myths to hair loss
  • Tips to Hair Care
  • Diet Tips to Hair Care
  • Importance of early detection test
  • Question and Answer by Doctor
  • Offer for Titan Employees

After the workshop, in case you have more questions and are seeking inputs to solve your hair loss queries we invite you to book yourself a full, individual consultation, either physically or virtually at any of our offices across India and UAE. What you can expect in this personalised session whether virtual or physical is a personalised hair check and finally be able to create a roadmap to the final destination of maintaining your head full of hair. Or even recreate it to achieve your expectations of having hair in every single square centimetre of your scalp.

The wait is over. Book yourself a slot for a virtual camp on 4th Feb or free online/studio consultation at our studio by filling the form below.


  • Free consultation for all employees with prior booking till 04th April 2021

Terms and Conditions

Prior booking is mandatory for online / studio consultation quoting ‘ Titan Offer ‘.

This offer can be availed at any of our studio in India.

Company has right to discontinue offer at any time.

In case of any dispute / differences, decision of Advanced Hair Studio shall be final and binding.

Offer valid for two month starting from 04th February, 2021.

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