Will these procedures affect my brain?

Definitely not. Mostly, each of the procedures require the working to be done with the skin. Not the scalp, not the scull bone and definitely not ones brain. So yes, they do not affect your brain. On the contrary one might start feeling happy about ones hair, affecting the mind with happy-thoughts. Also it is vital to understand that all the procedures have been tried and tested in controlled environments for number of years.

Can excessive gym and exercise result in balding?

During exercising or using a gym one is actually getting the body to function on its optimum level to keep the various functions of the body in appropriate rhythm. The cycles that the body undertakes are supported by doing regular exercising. Hence it is equally right to understand that the right amount of exercising will actually allow better blood flow and hence a better follicle. A healthy follicle hence can support healthier hair. However, it boils down to supporting the body with the right amount and type of nutrients so the functions of the body are appropriately managed. Else it can and does affect the growth of one’s hair. Also, those individuals who are suffering hair loss from reasons other than food would still face the problem inspite of their regular exercising schedule. To understand you can always connect with our experts and find the right solution for your concerns.

Could my protein shake causing hair loss?

Hair loss in essence in majority of the case is caused for a vast number of reasons and is not that simple to presume its core issue. Having said that it is surely been seen by hair loss experts that certain chemicals do fasten the process of balding. If the case is such then the specialised Advanced Hair check can be performed to see the extent of thinning and understand what could be done to get one out of the problem of balding.

Can I use any products like shampoos, oil etc., to stop the hair fall or for re growth?

The important answer to understand is to use the right hair products that are right for you. Formula and combination of the nutrients your hair needs. However it is also vital to abstain from harmful chemicals.

Which is the best Shampoo and Oil for my Hair. Will it help in solving my hairloss?

Any product that is used will have a variable difference for each of the users depending upon their hair type. With regards to the second part of the question, it matters a lot to understand that products are designed not for solving the problem of hairloss but to solve some supporting concern that leads to hairloss. These could be reasons such as a heavily oily scalp which may lead to concerns pertaining to scalp cleansing and maintaining a healthy skin to support hair follicles natural working.

What causes breakage of hair. Is it a sign of anything related to hairloss?

Most of the people who suffer from hair breakage would in some manner be having poor nutritional cycle with regards to food intake as well as it is highly possible that some form of poor hygiene is also to be accounted for. Usage of wrong products on the scalp which might be having chemicals which your scalp is not supportive to. Also the wrong combing and styling tools may also be causing this issue. In essence yes, breakage may often than not be caused due to an underlying issue. The details of the same can be understood with a personalized meeting with the experts and having a professional hair check done.

Will hard water cause hair loss, what to do?

The total number of people suffering from hairloss due to water though marginal it is true that hard water does cause damage and may aggravate the condition of hair loss. Using soft water helps to slow down the process. However the primary reasons for hair loss have still to be identified to understand whether water or something else is causing the primary damage. Talk to an expert now to know more.

Is colouring hair a reason for hair loss?

The colour of hair is attained when the body is able to have appropriate levels of certain pigment cells that allow the melanin to garner that colour in our hair. Over a period of time due to various factors this pigment cells reduce in our body resulting in the hair not getting its colour and getting the signs of greying visible. This can be both a condition resulting due to aging as well as certain medical conditions.

Can wearing a turban cause hair loss?

This condition that one undergoes through is something which is in technical terms referred to as “traction alopecia”. This condition is seen by all humans how have a tendency of strapping their hair very tight such as braiding, wearing turbans, pulling of one’s hair, etc. the problem is seen when the follicles get affected due to the constant pull and hence can result into permanent damage. There are certain cases that come to us with similar concerns and after performing the appropriate checks our team of hair loss experts would suggest the right course of action to get the desired results with support of a symptomatic solution.

Does the increasing pollution in the city linked to baldness?

Various number of researches and whitepapers published across the world by institutes of reports including Advanced Hair Studio experts have seen that the increased levels of environmental pollution can and are causing a lot of skin and hair problems for both the genders. The various toxins and chemicals that we find that constitute in the city’s daily life, which are found in polluted air or polluted water, are known to damage the Keratin fibres which are basically the protein molecules that form the hair structure. As a result, hair follicles which are also referred to as hair roots become very weak and fall. Hence in the longer duration the hair growth begins to slow down drastically due to damaged hair follicles. At Advanced Hair Studio we have had a large number of patrons getting affected by similar issues and that is where our team of experts try to understand the various issues and concerns faced by our patrons during a professionally managed detailed hair consultation to help identify the same and find possible answers to the same.

What is the cause that currently more and more youngsters are facing these problems?

Our experience shows that this is true. With every passing decade the average age of patrons visiting us is only reducing. Interactions with our clients have helped us understand that the concerns were possibly more evident in the later part of their lives a few decades back, while in the current condition it is showing up in patrons in their early twenties. This is dependent on a host of combinations such as family predisposition to conditions of hair loss, health factors as well as medical factors in some cases. On the other side of the spectrum usage of aggressive chemicals and medications of certain kind on the body to possibly the stress of prolong duration on the body. Having said that hair loss centre in Mumbai is equipped to support any individual at any stage of hair loss irrespective of their age as well as gender. You can always visit our center to know more and help yourself move forward.

Can the procedure affect their sexual life ?

The procedures have been designed over a long detailed process requirements and have also successfully fulfilled not only the stringent quality requirements of various authorities but also the hard expectations of a large section of the general public. Each procedure and solution provided by Advanced Hair Studio has been undertaken in the guidance of equally qualified set of experts who have taken due diligence to all possible health as well as hygiene queries of each of our patrons.

Why do we see a lot of hair loss in Punjab?

The problem of hair is not something which is location specific in general. There can be cases where certain kind of exposure to the various chemicals that are naturally present in the surroundings do play a role in the extenuation of various problems pertaining to hair. Also, over the past many years and decades that we have operated in this field we have found our patrons asking similar questions which is quite a natural understanding one might have as looking at so many people suffering the problem around us one may feel so.

What are the side effects of SBS C & ALT?

Each of the programs that are offered at Advanced hair are chosen individually by experts in the field for each of the client. There is a strong process to maintain utmost quality standards to make sure the results do not render any side-effects. Detailed information of this can be obtained for each of the programs with the team at our studios across the country.

Is regrowth possible by applying products ?

The fact that our body is designed to have limited level of exposure to the external products and is unable to absorb a lot of ingredients it becomes that very difficult to expect only products to be able to achieve desired results. Having said that it is however possible to get some level of support from them depending on the kind of program one has opted for and the kind of expectations one has raised through them.

Should i be colouring my hair ?

The hair as the external part is a dead tissue as a matter of fact. However, it is very much possible to continue applying hair colour to the hair with a seasoned professional team as the wrong chemicals could in a way get certain kinds of concerns faced by different people. Colouring as an activity by itself should not be of a major problem, what matters is how the act was performed and whether it was performed by someone knowing what they were doing.

When should I get worried about hair loss ?

The right question to rather ask would be whether one can cancel out the possibility of reaching hair loss. If hair loss has already happened it means the follicles are dead and hence nothing much could be done about it. The solutions hence can be to fight the balding through concepts or procedures that can work in such a condition. The worrying part should actually be as soon as one sees reduced volume or excessive thinning of any nature on the top area of one scalp.

What causes dandruff and how to combat it?

Dandruff can be caused by a number of things. The overgrowth of a yeast may also cause dandruff. Frequent shampooing removes flakes, reduces oiliness, and prevents dead skin cell buildup. However these products are only there to support not heal. To know more talk to an expert.

Hard water causes hair loss, what to do?

"Hard" water is typically defined as water that has a high mineral content. This might make your hair drier and more brittle, which can lead to hair loss. Some necessary steps you can take:

  • Soften your Water
  • Get a shower filter
  • Try adding some alum to water

Reason behind hair loss?

There are a host of reasons leading to hair loss. Read the following sections to know more about the same.

Can genetic hair loss be cured? Does the treatment work then?

A considerable percentage of people who come to Advance Hair Studio to fight the problem of hair loss fall in the category of genetic predisposition to hair loss. Apart from genetics a lot of other issues can also lead to hair loss. Understanding each of them is vital. And the good news is that our results speak volumes of the possibilities. Look at the results to understand what is possible.

Can Alopecia areata case have solution to the same?

It is possible to answer the concern of hairloss with a wide variety of solutions. Hence yes there are solutions for such concerns as well.

Will straight ironing cause hair loss?

Many among us often straighten our hair. And we always have a query if it will cause hair to fall out? Since the external part of the hair is a dead tissue it will never directly cause hair loss. However, if the chemicals used get absorbed by the body it may escalate the condition of hair thinning or hair loss which is being caused by other possible reasons.

What can be the primary possible reasons of hair loss?

The significant causes that lead to hair loss are aspects such as DHT build-up over the age of an individual, stress of certain nature, possible hormonal imbalances that can be termed as the primary reasons as many people coming to our hair loss centre in Hyderabad suffer from said concerns.

Are there any other possible reasons?

Apart from the primary reasons our hair loss centre in Hyderabad gets concerns of various nature that have resulted in worsened hair loss have been possible blocked pores as well as poor circulation in the scalp, poor diet and lack of digestive efficiency of the body

Can I use any other products to maintain my hair or should I use only specialized products?

The important answer to understand is to use the right hair products that are right for you. Formula and combination of the nutrients your hair needs. However it is also vital to abstain from harmful chemicals.

Does regular trimming of hair prevent hair loss?

Regular trimming cannot prevent hair loss. To get the answer of such question and related myths about hair loss, you need to visit us at one of our studios, so that our experts can check the condition of your hair loss, know the severity of your hair loss and suggest the suitable treatments/procedures or suggest possible combination of different treatments/procedures.

Are there any known side effects to the procedures?

Ideally not. The procedures per say do not bring with them any possible side-effects. Having said that it is vital to keep the basics right. The general guidelines followed by any individual do account to be taken note off and cared for.

I have a lot of thinning. Should I be worried ?

When the initial signs of thinning come across it is difficult to ascertain the extent of damaged. However, it is known fact that by the time men and women notice the fact that the scalp has started to get visible it is majorly due to the thinning having been present for a longer duration. If the thinning is not controlled it does render the said area to undergo loss resulting in the area being without any evident amount of qualitative strong and sturdy hair.

Does lack of sleep result in hair issues ?

Anything in excess and everything in limitation results into possible concerns. This is what many among us have noticed as well. Hence yes sleep deprivation also termed as insomnia is basically that act where the body goes through insufficient amounts of sleep. It has in many cases shown to have negative consequences on the body, which can lead directly and indirectly to conditions of hair loss and thinning hair. There are pre-existing conditions also which might be adding to the concerns together.

Is a stressful life going to get me bald ?

Similar as is the example of lack of sleep resulting in higher levels of stress which do also show various levels of a cause leading to hair loss. The hair, since it grows at quite a fast pace in our body it is also prone to possible concerns arising out of other concerns faced by the body. A stressful life can be something that one comes across in a manner of ebbs and tides, hence if one is able to translate these vagaries in a well-controlled manner there are good chances to find the right answers. With regards to baldness already being caused by such concerns we can take it forward by understanding the stage and accordingly find the appropriate solution for the balding issue faced.

Will medicines give results?

The first thing we try is to have adhoc medications. World's experience confirms that medications can do something but not all the times. Also it depends on the condition of your hair loss, but in most cases they do not give the desired results and may harm the body instead. You can also try our Laser Therapy in early stages and any of the replacement treatments if required. You can read more here.

Can we get natural hair growing on our entire scalp no matter what stage we are in?

Each program is designed to achieve different objectives. Hence the results of these corresponding programs are also accordingly achieved. Since the age / gender / hairloss condition, etc, for every individual is different it is vital to understand the total area of damage to identify if ones own hair can be maintained and results achieved over the full scalp. What also needs to be understood is the fact that the some concepts can definitely achieve the desired results for most of the individuals. Consider looking at Supernatural as well as Complete by Advanced Hair as some of the possible answers. To know more have a detailed discussions with our experts on 18001031191

After undergoing the procedure, can I go to work?

Yes, these hair loss procedures are designed and perfected over the years to allow you exactly what you wish to do. So you can continue your life like always. Also it is vital to acknowledge that some initial Dos & Dont's might be needed to be followed depending on the procedure you have opted for.

When can I get results ?

To get the appropriate level of your results it is vital to first understand what is the concern and what is the stage at which one is stationed. To get a detailed understanding a hair check is required to be done by a well trained ahir expert.

Can we have solutions to grow hair naturally ?

Everything honestly can depend on one simple fact. If the follicle is alive it is very much possible to have the natural regrowing hair coming back to us. However if the follicle is going dead the revival becomes difficult with every passing day.

Do I have to take care of a lot of after care ?

The program decides what kind of after care is needed. Most of the time the level of after care effort needed is fairly limited to a short duration. It also depends if you have any specific requirements then the timelines can be suggested on a case-to-case basis after understanding in details the expectations on the same line. The programs have been designed in a manner to support any kind of requirements that come along the course of the procedure chosen. Hence it can be said that your normal life can keep continuing without much of the things to be taken note off unless any specific guidelines have been laid to achieve your specific objectives.

Will any procedure give me any side effect ?

The programs that might be suggested to you would have seen a large number of patrons undertaken them and the fact that the requisite trails are first taken and have approval from a host of institutions plays a very base to render no side effects.

Why was i never able to see this coming ?

The process of hair fall and hair loss though on similar path are very different. differentiation between hair fall and hair loss is often very difficult to ascertain on a daily basis leading to such confusion. The advanced hair check can help identify the issue to a larger extent.