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Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is known as the ‘Gateway to the south’. It’s culturally rich, industrially progressive, educationally renowned & above all, represents a perfect fusion of tradition & modernity socially. Being a coastal area, the citizens of Chennai face sweltry days almost throughout the year, resulting in numerous hair & scalp problems. From thinning to balding, from breakage to excessive fall, the denizens are approaching AHS for hair loss treatment in Chennai.

International reputation paired with ethical & transparent working has established Advanced Hair Studio’s supremacy as the best hair fall treatment & transplant clinic in Chennai. Our Strand-by-Strand Ultimate, a new & an advanced way of hair transplant in Chennai has won a lot of patrons as it is superior & more sophisticated than other available options in the market. Satisfied clients testimonials are our trophies.


As hair loss has spread its tentacles on all age groups, the search for effective hair loss treatment in Chennai has led the people to take our varied treatment options. All our hair replacement treatments in Chennai have created a niche for themselves. There is a constant demand of non-surgical hair replacement, in addition, the surgical techniques are equally popular.

The cutting-edge technology of Advanced Laser Therapy has provided mental peace to people suffering from hair thinning & initial balding & looking for hair replacement in Chennai. Its latest laser beam technology has gained popularity because of its ease & assured results.

Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic is an ingenious hair loss treatment in Chennai which gives miraculous results irrespective of the condition of the problem. It’s way ahead of hair weaving, hair patch & wig; a genius stroke of most natural looking hair

The avant-garde procedure of hair extension by AHS- Flashpoints has been fulfilling the dreams of all women to have voluminous, lustrous tresses. The ease of styling & colouring them is an added advantage.

Complete by AHS is another innovational, non-surgical hair replacement which gives wonderful results, irrespective of the reasons of hair fall.

Home program by AHS is the most loved by those who are looking for hair loss treatment in Chennai but abhor venturing out regularly. This gives them an unbeatable advantage of hair regrowth from the comfort of their home surroundings.

Strand-by-Strand Ultimate, the innovational, surgical replacement procedure of hair is a miraculous treatment offered by AHS. People suffering from thinning & balding, seeking hair fall treatment in Chennai, get back their hair and social life through this next-generation transplant.

Supernatural by AHS is another leading-edge procedure of hair replacement in Chennai, for procuring head full of hair.


Advanced Hair Studio has gained a distinct reputation for providing best hair fall treatment in Chennai at most competitive prices. All hair loss treatment in Chennai are guaranteed to give 100% result & satisfaction. Great value for money is what has made us so popular in Chennai !

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