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Combination of Hair Loss Treatments for Hair Restoration

Hair Loss is a turning point in many men and women’s life, but generally not in a good way. It not only impacts the physical appearance but can also shake a person’s confidence. People are often wary of opting for any hair treatment as they feel it will give an artificial look and they might be subject to personal or social mockery. Traditionally, the only option available was wigs which were not customized as per an individual’s requirement and would often give away the secret.

IIrrespective of the stage of hair loss, AHS helps people in not only retaining their appearance but retaining it for as long as they wish. The latest technology not only promises hair restoration but also improves the quality of hair results than one’s original hair one was born with. With our advanced techniques, a combination of multiple hair loss treatments is put together to ensure success. It prevents any further hair loss and restores hair enhancing the personality of any man or woman.

The newly-launched concept by Advanced Hair Studio, ‘AHS Complete’, is committed to giving you Hair for Life, regardless of your stage or condition of hair loss. Performed by the world’s top practitioners in hair restoration and hair replacement, “AHS Complete” restores your appearance while respecting your age, face, personality, profession and expectations. This revolutionary concept utilises the world’s most advanced medical technologies and innovations to give you better hair than you were born with. With multiple clinics offering the services related to hair treatment, it becomes all the more necessary to validate the claims being made, look out for the one offering authentic services and opt for the best with a history of genuine results. There are plenty of practitioners and products out there promising hair restoration, not many are able to deliver the claims.

However, the hair restoration process performed at Advanced Hair Studio is exemplary and exceptional owing to the stringent international standards and latest qualitative techniques that are followed. Our experts possess extensive knowledge of hair restoration and aesthetic procedures to give you the best each time.

AHS Complete is the utmost hair restoration solution for people with advanced hair loss conditions. It gives these candidates a full head of hair with their desired density and volume while restoring their naturally-growing hairline. Enter our hair loss clinic and find assured answers to stop hair loss, restore your hair and give yourself a full, healthy looking head of hair with greater confidence.

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  • Next-generation procedure designed to fulfill all of your hair restoration objectives.
  • Customised for every individual while bearing in mind their age, face, personality, profession, and expectations.
  • Caters to individuals with any type or stage of hair loss.
  • Exclusively performed at the best OT facility by Advanced Hair Studio.
  • Comes with a 100% guarantee from the leading international hair replacement company.

What is stopping you from getting your hair restored?

Advanced Hair Studio incorporates the latest hair restoration techniques in its treatments, enabling our hair loss experts to deliver you the best results and a great experience. AHS Complete is no smoke and is mirroring the world of genuine hair treatment program for advanced stages of hair loss. Our experts will personally explain in detail as to how AHS can help in restoring the hair, keeping in view an individual’s requirement basis for their appearance or expectations. All hair with their desired density and volume while restoring their naturally-growing hairline. Enter our hair loss clinic and find assured you need to do is shed any inhibitions and take that initial step forward to enjoy the benefits offered by AHS using innovative and modern technology for hair restoration.

So, what is stopping you from getting your hair restored?

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How much does it cost for hair transplant in India?

It is difficult to obtain an exact price for a full hair transplant procedure as there are a number of things that can dictate the price of a hair transplant in any country across the globe. While the price of the procedure may vary from person to person, there are various factors that are responsible for determining the cost of a hair transplant such as the method of hair transplant cost, the density required for transplant: the technique used, qualifications and experience of the hair experts, the doctors, the technical team and surgeons, infrastructure, quality & standard of equipment, after care, client servicing, etc. Visit our hair clinic to get a consultation and learn more about the possible cost of your hair transplant.

Do hair transplants last forever?

Here we want to clear your doubts as this is one of the most common questions that our clients ask. Yes, hair transplants are a permanent solution to hair loss. The reason a hair transplant is permanent has to do with where the hair is collected as the hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head, an area that hardly ever experiences hair loss, even with increasing age. Thus, the hair taken from this area will continue to grow into old age. This is the best solution for your hair loss and to achieve a fuller head of hair.

Which is the best hair transplant in India?

There are various hair loss solutions available in India today. The most reliable, permanent and safe; is the Hair Transplant procedure performed by the highly experienced team of hair experts, doctors and technically equipped surgeons here at Advanced Hair Studio. However, the best hair loss treatment for you can only be determined after a detailed consultation with an expert where all the causes of your hair loss are identified with the correct way to treat the problem effectively. Here at Advanced Hair Studio, our hair experts will fully analyze your hair loss condition and then will recommend the hair restoration solution which is most suitable for you.

Is India good for hair transplant?

The last 10 years have been extremely exciting for the hair transplant industry in India. 10 years back, there were only a few independent doctors or general surgeons, who used to perform some hair transplant procedures at irregular intervals. Now India has become one of the top destinations when it comes to hair transplant procedures. Thousands of clients both local and foreign undertake the procedure for successful and long-lasting results. Advanced Hair Studio is a popular name in hair transplants and other hair loss solutions, thanks to our global exposure and experience for the past 4 decades. Our hair restoration procedures and other specialized techniques have offered excellent results.

Does female and male head hair grow at the same rate?

Men’s and women’s hair grows at equal rates on average around half an inch per month. Of course, there are some slight differences from individual to individual, but this isn’t important in determining any greater growth rate in men or women. It is, however, believed that men’s hair grows faster. Usually, men’s hairstyles are considerably shorter than those of women. Differences in length of men and women’s hair are simply cultural, affected by hair care and cutting, not growth rate.

What is the Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men in India?

There are various hair treatments available for men in India today but if you are looking for the best hair treatments than provides Strand-by-Strand treatment by Advanced Hair Studio is the right choice for men who are experiencing hair loss issues. Strand by Strand is a unique procedure that is performed by top surgeons in the world. It takes just one day to complete and you can go home immediately the same evening and resume your normal daily activities the next day. That means you only need to travel to our studios for one day to get this procedure done. It will give you a hundred percent natural growing, non-maintenance hair that you can style as per your choice.