Why Do You Need a High-Skilled Surgeon for Crown Hair Restoration


Why Do You Need a High-Skilled Surgeon for Crown Hair Restoration?

  • 20 March 2024
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
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Hair loss often affects men and women differently. While some people may experience a receding hairline, others may experience hair loss on the top, back of the head, or the “crown.” Just as one might anticipate, skilled surgeons must adopt a different strategy when regenerating a hairline than when replacing hair in the crown. In this post, we clarify a few misunderstandings about the crown hair restoration and explain why a highly experienced hair transplant surgeon must provide a realistic and dense-looking outcome.

When restoring follicular density, a highly trained surgeon must adopt a very different strategy for the hair on the crown than for the hair on the front temple or the sides. The crown, also known as the whirl or swirl, has hair that develops in a circular pattern compared to the rest of the scalp. Many average doctors can perform hair transplants, but only a select few exceptional surgeons have mastered the art of carefully and delicately making incisions such that the transplanted hair will look dense and realistic.

The best hair transplant surgeon must make minute incisions that replicate the natural whorl and are deliberately positioned at different angles. Only a specialist can produce masterful effects; neither a technician nor a generic cosmetic surgeon can.

Whorl Pattern in the Crown

Sure, you might get a discount, but if there’s a problem, the hair doesn’t grow, or it looks unnatural, the expense of having the earlier procedure corrected by a surgeon who can do the job effectively will be much more in the long run. Getting it done the first time correctly will save you money and make your hair look better. The top of the scalp experiences circular hair growth, known as the whorl or swirl, compared to the remainder of the scalp. Many common doctors can transplant hair. But skillfully placing incisions so that hair looks dense and natural is a skill that only a select group of exceptional doctors have mastered.

A hair transplant surgeon must make a series of small incisions that are closely spaced and replicate the natural swirl. Even if the incisions are close together, making random cuts might result in hair growth, but it might not seem natural, impose styling limitations, and alert the public that something is wrong. Furthermore, it can be difficult to implant the real follicular units into the incisions correctly. During the implantation process, the professionals must avoid unintentionally hurting the number of grafts or the tissue around them. Find a surgeon who can execute cutting-edge crown restoration procedures by doing your research.

Crown Hair Loss in Males

Male pattern baldness is when hair loss in men starts at the crown or the temples. One bald spot will develop in some males. Some people notice that their hairlines curl into an “M” shape. Until all or much of the hair is gone, the hairline may continue to recede in some males.

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Crown Hair Loss in Females

Androgenetic alopecia, a genetic disorder in which new hair shafts grow progressively thinner, is women’s most frequent cause of hair loss. Women typically observe a wider portion and a gradual loss of volume overall, frequently with a concentrated loss of volume at the crown area. The disorder can start at any point after puberty, but because of hormonal changes during and after menopause, it frequently becomes apparent.

Should You Get Crown Hair Transplant?

The crown, often known as the “vertex” or the “bald spot” in the rear of the scalp, is where male pattern hair loss frequently occurs. People frequently choose a crown hair transplant as a result. It is one of their top concerns when people come for a consultation. One can use hair transplant procedures to treat men who frequently lose hair in the crown region. Why do people inquire whether they ought to have crown hair transplants? Because before having a crown hair transplant, every patient needs to consider a few things and discuss them with their doctor.

Crown Hair Restoration Timeline

The timetable for a crown hair transplant surgery is largely the same, with a few minor modifications regardless of where the hair is implanted on the scalp. Generally, hair planted in the crown may take a bit longer to grow; on average, it takes a full year and, in rare circumstances, as long as 18 months for the hair to fully develop. The recipient area will take about a week or two to heal fairly well after a crown hair regrowth treatment. Most of the time, if not always, the transplanted hair in the crown will fall out four to six weeks later. Tiny hairs without full pigment will emerge after around 3 to 4 months, though they won’t all develop at once. These hairs will mature over the following few months, darken, and grow as they resemble regular hair. The transplanted hair will normally mature 60 to 70 percent after six months. The most transplanted hair will finally reach maturity after a year, though occasionally, as previously noted, it could take up to 18 months. Some “slow growers” might have their growth delayed.

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Why is a Highly Skilled Surgeon Required?

Highly Skilled Surgeon

The expertise, experience, and competency of each hair transplant surgeon varies. Therefore, it is crucial for anyone thinking about having a hair transplant in any part of the scalp to do their homework on all potential doctors. Location and crown hair transplant cost should be the last things considered when considering a hair transplant. Instead of taking a chance with an unproven physician just because they cost you less and are nearby, it is preferable to travel to a surgeon with an outstanding web reputation renowned for generating excellent crown hair transplant results. Contrary to other surgical procedures, hair transplant surgery requires some work on the surgeon’s behalf. The secret to a successful hair transplant is locating a qualified surgeon who can be relied upon for their skills. A skilled surgeon is necessary for an extremely sophisticated and accurate hair transplantation technique. The technique entails working with tiny hair follicles, which requires great skills and experienced handwork to create safe and effective results.


For a hair transplant to succeed, you must be in the hands of an expert surgeon, especially if the balding area is the crown. Our Advanced Hair Studio staff is committed to providing you with outcomes you can be proud of. Our hair transplant clinic is the tenet of excellent quality, and success rates form the foundation of our team. The experts on our staff are here to answer inquiries and schedule an appointment for you if you’re interested in having a crown transplant done.

Dr. Garg

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Dr. Garg

Dr B K Garg MBBS, MS, MCh is plastic, aesthetic and hair restoration surgeon of repute and brings with him enormous experience of hair restoration and aesthetic procedures. Dr Garg is alumni of PGIMER, most coveted Plastic Surgery program in India. He is considered pioneer of scarless and stitchless hair restoration in India and has to his credit thousands of successful procedures performed for clients from India and abroad including leading sportsmen, politicians, businessmen. Apart from hair restoration his interest lies in body contouring, nonsurgical facelifts, facial contouring and anti ageing. Dr Garg excels in modifying facial expressions through judicious use of toxins and fillers. He is esteemed member of peer approved organisations like ISAPS, APSI and IAAPS.

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I am honestly thankful to Advanced Hair Studios. I suffer from a hair-pulling disorder. There is this constant urge to pull off your hair follicles. It is painless when you pull but extremely painful when you see a missing patch on your scalp. But, I feel blessed with AHS hair fall treatment. I can see baby hair growing. It’s been two weeks. All I can see is low hair fall.
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