Male Vs Female Pattern Hair Loss And How To cure It


Male Vs Female Pattern Hair Loss And How To cure It

  • 18 October 2021
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
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Hair loss problems affect men more than women because of their increased sensitivity to DHT, the hormone responsible for hair loss. It usually occurs in men due to hereditary reasons and requires surgical or medical treatment at the earliest. Women can also suffer from female pattern baldness, but the impact is witnessed in varied ways in men and women.

The reasons behind hair loss can vary from individual to individual. The most common causes behind hair loss are changes in lifestyle, nutritional deficiency, uncontrolled alcohol consumption, severe medical ailments, and excessive hairstyling. Catering to specific cases, several hair loss treatments like natural remedies, medicinal treatments, surgical treatments, and cosmetic surgeries are available as a cure.

Since the causes behind male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss vary immensely, they require different treatment and care. One can choose from multiple treatments to get the desired hair based on individual requirements, the duration, the cost, and the procedure. Read with us to better understand pattern baldness in men and women and seek guidance on the best treatments and cures.

What is Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Pattern baldness, as the name indicates, is hair loss that takes place in a fixed pattern and intensifies with time. It is easily identifiable because of the set pattern in which it occurs and requires immediate medical treatment.

Male pattern baldness starts from the top of the head and goes back, creating a receding hairline. It leaves behind an M-shaped hairline and worsens with time. On the other hand, female pattern baldness does not lead to any noticeable receding hairline but causes hair thinning throughout the scalp. The beginning of female pattern hair loss can be noticed in the widening of the partition and eventually with overall hair loss.

Even though several women experience pattern baldness, they are less likely to go bald compared to men. The causes of hair loss in both men and women also vary. While most men experience hair loss due to heredity factors, hair loss in women occurs due to hormonal changes caused during pregnancy or PCOS, hypertension, and thyroid.

The treatment for pattern baldness also varies as per the cause behind it. Medical procedures and natural remedies can come in handy at an initial stage of hair loss, while a hair transplant can help cure later stages of pattern baldness. In a hair transplant surgery, hair follicles are transplanted from one part of the head with sufficient hair to other bald spots to recommence the hair growth cycle at those patches.

Who loses more hair male or female?

Hair fall in men is more common than in women all across the globe. Since men have a higher testosterone level, they also have higher levels of DHT, leading to hair loss. However, even though the hair loss rate in women is lower, many women suffer from hair thinning and widening hair partitions. While hereditary factors are responsible for hair loss in men, hormonal changes lead to hair loss in women.

There are several treatments to cure hair loss in both men and women. One can pick up the best treatment by undergoing a thorough scalp diagnosis and identifying the reason for hair loss. Hair experts recommend getting a thorough examination done and starting the hair fall treatment at the earliest to cure hair loss in men and women.

What are the Difference Between Male Pattern And Female Pattern of Hair Loss?

How Much Does Laser Hair Treatment Cost in India?

When we look at Male Vs Female Pattern Hair Loss, their causes and treatments vary significantly. The differences in male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss are:

Male pattern baldness:

  1. The hair loss starts at the top of the head and leads to a receding hairline that eventually creates an M-shaped hairline.
  2. It affects the hair strands present in the temples and the middle of the scalp majorly.

Female pattern baldness:

  1. There is usually no receding hairline in female pattern baldness, and hence there are low chances of forehead widening.
  2. It affects the hair strands in the middle of the scalp majorly.

Further, the cause behind pattern baldness also varies in the two types. Since the cause of hair loss in women occurs due to hormonal changes during pregnancy or diseases, it is curable in time. Hair thinning in women takes place throughout the scalp and is less evident.

On the other hand, pattern baldness in men is usually hereditary and starts at an early age. They can be identified clearly because of the receding hairline. Male pattern baldness requires medical or surgical treatment since it does not get cured on its own without professional help.

Which Is the Best Treatment for Both Type Of Hair Loss?

There are several ways for curing pattern baldness, like employing natural remedies and following medical or surgical treatments. It is necessary to consult a hair specialist and discuss the expectations of the hair procedure and the medical history to pick the best treatment for hair loss. Treatments like laser therapy and natural remedies work best at the starting stage but they fail to give the desired results in later phases.

Further, the cost of hair loss treatments can also vary immensely based on the duration they serve. While laser therapy or hair wigs provide only a temporary hair solution, hair transplant offers a permanent cure by transplanting hair follicles. Several hair treatments can also interfere with other medical procedures or family medical history and must be reconsidered.

Some of the best Treatment for Male & Female Pattern Hair Loss generally helpful in most cases are:

  • Laser therapy: Laser therapy uses light energy to stimulate the hair follicles helping in enhancing blood circulation and hair growth. It is an excellent procedure for people in the early stages of hair thinning or baldness. Laser therapy is a pain-free procedure that provides results instantly. One can also take multiple seatings for this procedure to get the desired results.
  • Hair wigs: One of the best ways to hide bald spots is by using hair patches and hair wigs. Hair wigs can be customized as per the hair density and hair color of the individual clients to get the most natural appearance and the desired hairstyle. You can also change hair wigs with time to try out new hairstyles. The usage of wigs provides a full crown of hair without undergoing any surgery or medical procedure.
  • Natural remedies: Just like laser hair therapy, natural remedies effectively cure hair fall at initial stages. The advantage that these remedies have over other treatments is they do not leave behind any side effects. The best natural remedies are using amla juice, aloe vera gel, coffee beans, tea leaves, coconut milk, coconut oil, essential oils, and rice water.
  • Hair Transplant: Under this procedure, hair follicles are translated from one part of the head with sufficient hair (donor site) to other bald parts (recipient site) to recommence the hair growth cycle. It provides a permanent solution to hair loss with no post-surgery maintenance cost. Since hair transplant is a surgical procedure, it guarantees excellent results even at later stages of hair loss.
  • Cosmetic surgeries: Lastly, cosmetic surgeries provide the desired appearance of a full crown without any surgery. They are best for people desiring long, lustrous hair reluctant to undergo surgical procedures. The results of cosmetic surgeries are extraordinary and can be altered with time as well.

These are some of the best treatments for pattern baldness that work for most people. To choose the best from these and explore various other treatment options, you must contact a hair specialist. Considering your budget, expectation, medical history, and current hair condition, experts will guide you on the best hair treatment possible.

The sooner you consult a hair specialist, the better chances there are for getting the desired hair look. There will be multiple treatment options available, each guaranteeing top-notch results.

At Advanced Hair Studio, we house a team of skilled and experienced hair professionals to provide our clients with the best hair loss solutions. With our range of unique procedures and breakthrough technology, we offer solutions for all kinds and stages of hair problems.

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Our experts can also guide you on the best natural remedies to follow based on your hair condition and educate you on the best hair practices for maintaining hair health. We have the means to not only get you your desired full crown hair but enhance the quality of your birth hair to get your desired hair type and length. .

We understand the trauma that hair loss problems can cause, and hence we are here to stand with you in your journey to getting your desired hair. Even hair problems as immense as male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss have multiple cures only if you get the appropriate treatment timely.

Book an appointment with AHS today to get the top quality services from the Best Clinic in India For Hair Loss. Once you come to our studio, you will no longer feel helpless about your hair loss problems.

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Nail Robins
I am honestly thankful to Advanced Hair Studios. I suffer from a hair-pulling disorder. There is this constant urge to pull off your hair follicles. It is painless when you pull but extremely painful when you see a missing patch on your scalp. But, I feel blessed with AHS hair fall treatment. I can see baby hair growing. It’s been two weeks. All I can see is low hair fall.
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Sharid Sarwardhi
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