Hair Regrowth for Men - The Safest Hair Replacement Option for Men

  • 26 December 2018

Hair is the physical aspect which enhances our overall personality and any problem associated with tresses gives us sleepless nights. In modern times, hair loss and baldness are plaguing the old and the young, the male and the female, alike.

Hair loss and thinning, baldness effects more than fifty percent men all over the world. The causes for this condition are numerous and varies from person to person.


On the one hand, genes can be the reason of hair loss & baldness in some men but for the most part, there are varied reasons which affects the health of hair and hair regrowth in men.

Here we will discuss a few of the most common factors responsible for hair loss in male population.

1. Nutritional Deficiencies - Hair follicles are like any other body part and needs proper nutrition for healthy growth. An unbalanced diet causes vitamin, iron, zinc and protein deficiency, resulting in hair loss.

2. Medical Conditions - Thyroid, Diabetes and hormonal imbalances are some conditions which impact hair health greatly.

3. Terminal Illnesses - Illnesses like Cancer & its subsequent treatments take a heavy toll on hair leading to severe hair loss.

4. Infections of the Scalp - Scalp is the bed on which hair follicles thrive hence, any infection or accumulation of dirt hampers its growth. If left unattended, it might even lead to miniaturization of the follicles.

5. Faulty Lifestyle - The biggest contributor in hair loss in modern age is the faulty lifestyle. An erratic sleep cycle, for example, triggers hair loss

6. Stress - Stress & tension impacts all aspects of one’s health & hair is no exception.

7. Environmental Pollution - Another factor which has led to hair loss is the ‘demon’ of environmental pollution. Exposure to sun and pollution leaves the hair dehydrated & frizzy, eventually damaging it.

8. Use of Chemicals - Most of the hair products like colour, shampoo, conditioner, etc. have harsh chemicals and their continuous use results in hair loss.

9. Excessive Exercise & Crash Dieting - On one hand, a moderate exercise regime makes the hair healthy but on the other, if a rigorous exercise combined with crash dieting is followed, then it leads to excessive hair loss.

10. Use of Steroids - Men, who are specially fitness freaks, take steroids without knowing its side effects.


It is true that the problems of hair are specific to each person but it’s also a researched and concluded fact that the above given factors are most common ones which lead to hair loss in men. Where on one hand, heredity baldness cannot be worked on, on the other hand, all the above factors can be dealt with and help in arresting hair fall.


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