• 10 October 2018

Whatever be the age, gender, size, shape- people all over the world are unnerved & wearisome as soon as substantial hair loss becomes obvious. The exigent need to look for a quick solution which leads them to experimenting with no concrete result.

Understanding hair loss: The misperception created by advertisements lures hair loss victims to try all sorts of hair products available in the market. The fact remains that hair thinning & baldness occur due to a specific reason and therefore varies from person to person. As the root cause is specific to each individual hence, the key to its solution has to be discerned. This can be achieved only by seeking professional help. The exigent need to find a good hair clinic and it can be an onerous task for already troubled people. Advanced Hair Studio with its distinguished & exemplary services over many years in the field of hair replacement and hair regrowth is the best option for professional help in India. Our Advanced Hair Check determines the scientific cause of hair thinning which in turn helps extend guidance for the remedy.

Various hair growth treatments: Causes for hair loss varies from environmental conditions to medical reasons, erratic lifestyle to genetic disposition but whatever may be the consequential impact one must understand that it’s not irreversible. There are numerous options of hair regrowth which give outstanding result.

1: NATURAL WAYS: If the thinning of hair is initial then taking a balanced diet, moderate exercise, stress management, sound sleep, etc. can regain your lost glory without much difficulty.

2: ADVANCED LASER THERAPY: This unconventional, exceptionally successful therapy by AHS is a combination of refined laser beam technology along with effective scalp & follicle treatment. This gives a desirable result in people suffering from initial stage of hair thinning. It arrests hair fall as well as stimulates the deep-rooted follicles leading to a head full of hair.

3: STRAND-BY-STRAND ULTIMATE: This is a highly sophisticated, next generation, revolutionary hair treatment of AHS which is way ahead of traditional/common hair transplant methods. With most advanced technology & technique, performed by most reputed doctors using latest instruments, it has seen exemplary success. A well-trained team extends support even after the procedure is done.

4: SUPERNATURAL BY AHS: AHS has introduced this super-duper, magnificent, cutting-edge technology to the Indian subcontinent. It has proven to be a blessing to hair loss victims by giving them back their hair along with it their confidence.

5: AHS COMPLETE: As is obvious from the name, this newly launched treatment is a first-rate procedure performed by top-notch practitioners of the world. AHS renders customized service taking into account the gender, age, personality, etc. A hundred percent success rate is guaranteed irrespective of the stage or type of hair loss.


Lack of awareness amongst common people has given birth to myth that hair loss is irreversible- in fact, modern science combined with innovative technology has come up with exceptionally successful options of hair regrowth. Advanced Hair Studio with its vast experience & ground-breaking procedures has reached pinnacle of success in India. It guarantees best services at the most competitive rate while meeting international quality standards.

AHS is synonymous to success & happiness for people undergoing hair loss - a head full of hair & a heart full of gratitude!

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