History of Hair Replacement for Men


History of Hair Replacement for Men

  • 12 May 2022
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We are quick to blame the environment, stress, and poor nutrition for hair loss and hair thinning, but did you know that men have been dealing with baldness since the beginning of time? Our lifestyle and other factors certainly affect our hair, but some things, like the male pattern baldness, are beyond our control.

Male baldness pattern has haunted men for centuries. It spares no one, not even the royalty! Long ago, hair transplant was not an option because the technology wasn’t advanced enough. So, men would come up with all sorts of hair replacement methods to hide their bald patches. hair transplants date back to the 1950s. Read on to learn the interesting history of hair replacement for men with us.

History of Hair Replacement

Before the 1950s, the hair replacement method that we know today wasn’t available, but that does not mean that men did not deal with baldness. Male pattern baldness is as old as history, and men back then were no less conscious. In fact, they would come up with different ways of concealing their bald patches.

In some cultures, like in Egypt, men would actively shave their hair and wear wigs as protection against the sun. In Europe, however, wigs were both a fashion choice and a means of covering bald spots. Kings, novelty, and clergy often wore elaborate wigs to signify wealth. This would also serve as a means of hiding hair thinning. Some men chose to wear taupes to cover their heads partially.

From creative wigs to medically approved hair restoration methods, dealing with hair fall has changed significantly. Here is the history of hair replacement for men:

The Beginning

1930s — The Beginning

What we know today as modern hair transplants first originated in Japan in the 1930s. During this time, the punch technique was used. The procedure was developed by the Japanese dermatologist Dr. Okuda to treat patients who lost hair due to scalp injuries. The same procedure was also used for burn victims.

This is considered a groundbreaking surgery as it laid the foundation for hair transplant treatment.

1950s — New York Begins Hair Transplants

The hair transplant method made its way to the United States in the next two decades, starting in New York. Dr. Norman Orentreich, a dermatologist from New York, was the first to perform this surgery on American soil. Unlike in Japan, where hair transplant was used for patients who had lost hair in a fire or due to injuries, this procedure was solely used to treat male pattern baldness in New York.

In addition to performing the surgery, Dr. Norman also established that hair on the sides, and the back of the male scalp does not shed easily in most cases. These hairs remained immune to balding even when they were moved and planted on other sections of the scalp. He termed this phenomenon ‘donor dominance.’

While this procedure was a success and a real hope for hair replacement for men, the consensus was that the hair transplant looked unnatural.

1980s and After — Beyond the Punch Grafts

After the 1930s, the next big revolution in the hair restoration field came in the 1980s when the large punch grafts were done away with. Instead, the strip method was being used now. In this method, the practitioner takes a scalp strip with baldness-resistant hair from the side or back of the scalp.

Then mini grafts and micro-grafts are created by trimming this large strip of hair. These new grafts help provide hair fullness and enable dermatologists to create a more defined hairline. This method was also praised for its minimum scarring technique.

In the next decade, the 1990s, further progress in hair transplant techniques was made. With the introduction of the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) technique, 1-4 hair strands or follicular units could be transplanted. Every hair strand is extracted in a way that contains follicles, nerves, and oil glands. Surgeons would transplant thousands of these hair grafts in every session, thus, reducing scarring.

Finally, in 2003, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method was performed that enabled dermatologists to extract singular hair follicles from the donor area, removing the need to extract a strip of hair. This method left no linear scar on the patient’s scalp.

Hair Replacement for Men in 2022

Hair Replacement for Men in 2022

In the last few decades, hair replacement techniques have evolved rapidly. The most common techniques still in use for hair restoration are FUT and FUE. Many argue that FUE is better as it leads to no scarring and allows dermatologists to be more precise. This is not the case. In some cases, FUT is the only option.

In addition to these two, there are other hair transplant techniques. Some are already developed, while others are still in their formative stages. Here is hair replacement for men advancements in 2022 that you must know:

1. Hair Transplant Using Beard Hair

Earlier, hair transplant techniques involved taking hair follicles from the scalp, typically the back and side of the scalp, as these areas are resistant to balding. This created problems with hair replacement for men who did not have enough donor’s hair. Now, with the advancement in techniques, beard hair can also be used for a successful hair transplant.

The donor site is not restricted to only beard or baldness-resisting parts of the scalp. Now dermatologists can use hair from any part of the body for hair extraction without compromising the site’s ability to regenerate hair. This increases the number of hair follicles that can be extracted for hair transplant. Thus, making it easier for men with advanced balding to hope for a fuller head of hair.

Robotic Hair Transplant

2. Robotic Hair Transplant

Now that the world is moving towards robotics, why should hair transplant techniques stay behind? Robots can be used more than just serving food. Yes, the use of robotics is different when it comes to performing hair replacement for men, but we cannot deny that this is where we are headed.

Robotic FUE is not a new concept, but it still requires a lot of research and development. Only recently have robots been used for harvesting hair follicles. The plan is to use robots to complete the FUE technique. Though it is still a distant dream, scientists are still working on it diligently.

3. No Downtime Hair Transplants

As dermatologists across the globe are working on improving FUE, FUT, and all other hair transplant techniques, the downtime after the procedure is also decreasing significantly. Dermatologists are at liberty to transplant a larger number of grafts per session. This ensures that everything is done in one sitting in most cases.

Not only is hair replacement for men advanced enough to offer a natural-looking hairline, but you do not need to sit for hours to complete the procedure.

Hairstyle Trends 2022

2022 is bringing back the 90s era. Whether it is clothes, hairstyles, makeup, or accessories, it seems like the time is turning back, and we are transported back to that colorful decades. The 90s were all about wearing your hair in different hairstyles.

Hairstyle trends for men in 2022 are endless. Let’s see the most liked ones:

1. Bed Hair

Yes, this is a real hairstyle. This type of hairstyle is perfect for men who believe in minimum hair products and time spent on their hair. As we all understand that product build-up is one of the main causes of damaging hair roots, this hairstyle will save you from that.

2. Overdone Barber

This hairstyle is gaining more popularity because most Hollywood celebrities are flaunting it. It refers to a heavy pomade look to create that 90s thick hair. While this hairstyle goes well with suits and formal wear, this is not good for hair. If you want to try it, go for it but don’t overdo it as the pomade can damage your hair.

3. Undercuts

This hairstyle is for men of all ages though you need voluminous hair for this one. For this hairstyle, your barber will create a short faded look on the side and make designs on it. The hair at the top will remain long. If you don’t have a lot of hair at the top of your head, consider keeping them short as well.

4. Side Fade

This is similar to an undercut hairstyle but does not require creating designs. Your hairstylist will create an ombre faded look on the sides and again, keeping the hair at the top of your head long. This is definitely a high-maintenance look but if you want to keep it simple, go for a military plus side fade look.


Hair replacement for men is not new and has been around for decades. While these hair transplants were initially performed to treat burn victims and patients who lost their hair due to disease, they soon became a viable way of treating baldness in men.

The history of Hair replacement for men is interesting, and we must credit all dermatologists, doctors, and researchers who worked hard to make hair transplants easier in 2022. Work is continuing in the field, and there are chances that soon, we will see hair cloning that will virtually solve all the hair loss woes for men and women. Till then, FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques are great solutions for treating baldness.

If you wish to have good hair in 2022, reach out to our experts at Advanced Hair Studio. Whether it is hair thinning, hair loss, or general hair care, we are here to guide you through everything.

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