Hair loss and Weight Loss: Are they related?

  • 26 December 2018

If you are trying to lose your weight be sure that you are not losing anything else as hair loss can occur after weight loss. But the question is,

Can hair loss really be caused by losing extra weight or not?

It seems like an easy question but the answer is much more than a simple Yes or No. It is very important to understand the connection between hair loss and weight loss in order to shape and keep the body including your hair healthy.

Hair Loss and Weight Loss: Are they related?

Hair loss and Weight Loss are linked to each other. And losing hair due to weight loss however, doesn’t lead to baldness. It is dependent on several factors and depends on individual to individual.

Weight Loss as a Stressful Thing -

Losing weight is stressful for both the mind and body. Losing weight can cause a lot of stress as your diet may be changing along with the hormonal levels. All these factors contribute in causing your hair loss. According to clinics offering the superior hair loss solution, there are several reasons of weight loss and some are not linked to hair loss. For example, if you consume adequate nutrients in your diet and take a slower approach to reducing the weight then it will not cause hair loss. But if your following a crash diet, skipping meals or witnessing weight loss due to medical conditions then you may have to suffer from severe hair loss i.e. baldness.

Causes of Hair and Weight Loss:

Many reasons of hair loss are connected to weight loss. Here are some listed by Advanced Hair Studio :

1. Malnutrition - According to Advanced Hair Studio, when you switch to a new diet, it is extremely important to include all the essential nutrients in the diet as malnutrition causes weight loss which eventually leads to hair loss.

2. Physical and Emotional Stress - When you put yourself under stress, your hair starts to fall out. The major cause of extreme stress on the body are crash diets. Dieting and exercising can be both stressful and can lead to weight loss and hair thinning. More details on Stress causing hair fall

3. Hormone Levels - Hormonal Imbalance cause both weight loss and hair loss. But consult a specialist for hair treatment if you are losing hair and weight at the same time. Your hormone levels may be acting up.

4. Diseases and Health Issues - Suffering from a medical condition can lead to weight loss and can make you lose your hair.

Consult for Hair Treatment in Time!

If you are experiencing both hair and weight loss, then its important to consult for a hair loss solution before it’s too late. The experts will examine and tell you which factor has contributed in hair loss.

No matter what is the cause of hair loss, the hair experts at Advanced Hair Studio will determine and help in treating with realistic results.

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