How to Stop Male Pattern Baldness?


How to Stop Male Pattern Baldness?

  • 16 March 2021
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
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Male pattern baldness is a serious concerning issue for at least 50+% of the world population. Well considering 50%+ population would be the male of the human bloodline. Loss of hair can be associated with a lack of confidence and may lead to anguish in these men. In some cases, it has been found that it could lead to depression as well.

Male pattern hair loss happens due to a genetic cause, which is similar to female pattern baldness. Want to know more about it? We have compiled everything you’d need to know about it.

Can you stop male pattern baldness?

To be honest, male pattern baldness cannot be stopped but can be inhibited. There are medications, treatments and remedies that can help you to limit the said problem. What’s more, some supplements can help you avoid losing hair.

However, it must be remembered that once you start medications, you’d have to keep going. Stopping would lead to a resumption of hair loss.

Furthermore, understanding the different stages would help you find the perfect male pattern baldness treatment. Once you know the stages, you can find a way to counter the same.

What causes male pattern balding?

Male pattern baldness is caused by genetics. If you have a family history of male pattern baldness, there’s a chance that you may have it.

The cause of male pattern hair loss is linked to male sex hormones, called androgens. These hormones are responsible for hair growth and the regulation of the same. However, as men age, the hormone begins to recede, thereby leading to a reduction in hair growth.

As each hair on your head has a cycle, dropping levels of androgens in the body would mean that the hair won’t come back. Due to genetics, the hair follicles fail to grow and become thin with time. Hence, the hair begins to recede and grow thinner.

However, in some cases, male pattern baldness can happen due to some chronic illness, undiagnosed illnesses or cancer. If you experience drastic hair loss and have no history of male pattern baldness, you should get a doctor’s opinion.

Side Note: Inherited male pattern baldness does not have any side effects on your health.

Male Pattern Baldness Stages

To find the right male pattern baldness cure, you must recognize the signs and stages. Before you see visible differences in your hair, here is what you’d notice:

  • Receding hairline from your temples
  • A bald patch on your scalp
  • Partial baldness
  • Complete baldness
  • Reduction of the density of hair

The early stages of male pattern baldness include receding hair around the temple and crown of the head. As time progresses, you begin to lose hair from other areas as well. However, this does not affect your occipital or parietal areas, which are the back and side areas of the head.

Furthermore, the stages develop due to the hormone called dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for the thinning of your hair. The hormone makes your hair lighter with each advancing cycle. In other words, every time a man loses his hair, the new hair comes out thinner than before due to dihydrotestosterone.

There are around seven stages of male pattern baldness. Once it begins, you’d have to treat them to eliminate the problem.

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

  • Minoxidil: An FDA-approved drug, this is known to help you reduce the rate of male pattern baldness. Furthermore, this over-the-counter drug is also known to help some men grow new hair. However, once you stop using this, hair loss will begin again.
  • Finasteride: Finasteride is available with a prescription only. You can take this once every day. The results from this over-the-counter drug are usually seen within a year.
  • Hair Transplants: Hair transplant is one of the best ways to eliminate male pattern baldness. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and Follicular unit extraction (FUE) are two of the most popular transplantation procedures.
    • Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is the procedure of extracting hair from areas with an abundance of hair and is transplanted to the balding areas.

    • Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the process where the hair is extracted from the scalp and directly transplanted to bald parts of your scalp.

  • Laser Treatment: Laser treatment is believed to help and reduce hair loss. With the help of this treatment, the inflammation around the follicles inhibits hair growth. The efficacy of this treatment is known to work for hair thinning. New hair growth however is seen to be determined on a case to case basis.

Apart from the above-mentioned methods and treatments, here are some lifestyle changes that can help you out:

  • Quit Smoking: Smoking is directly related to hair loss. Although there are other negative effects as well, studies have shown that smoking too much can increase hair loss. If you start experiencing hair loss, then quitting could help you slow the process.
  • Scalp Massage: For all those who know that they could suffer from male pattern baldness, they should begin taking precautionary steps. Scalp massage helps in reducing inflammation around the hair follicles and keeps your hair healthy. Furthermore, as per a study among Japanese men, four minutes of scalp massage every day for twenty-four weeks has better hair and saw a reduction in hair loss.
  • A Balanced Diet: Hair loss can be linked to a lack of proper nutrients in your body. A balanced diet would help your body gain the appropriate amount of nutrients to maintain all of its bodily functions, including better hair.
  • Reduce Stress: It has long been known that stress can do much harm to your body. A stressful lifestyle would have effects on your hair, skin and nails as well. Reducing stress by listening to music, exercising regularly could help you to keep your hair.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about hair loss and how to stop it, then a medical check-up could help you. Often, hair loss is not related to male pattern baldness, it could be a sign of something else.

Can you stop balding before it happens?

Can you stop balding before it happens?

As the Male Pattern Baldness age begins between 15 to 25 years and continues to increase. One of the best ways to stop this from becoming severe is by stopping it beforehand by taking care of your health and hair by doing the following:

  • Wash your hair regularly
  • Avoid brushing wet hair
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Use essential oils to massage your hair

Some Myths about male pattern baldness

Here are some crazy male pattern baldness myths:

  • Myth: Male pattern baldness cannot be cured.
    Fact: Male pattern baldness can be treated with medication and transplant.
  • Myth: Stress causes male pattern baldness.
    Fact: Male pattern baldness is not caused by stress. It is a genetic issue. However, stress can be a factor in increasing hair loss.
  • Myth: Caps and hats cause hair loss.
    Fact: Caps and hats do not make your hairline recede.
  • Myth: Cutting your hair helps them grow back stronger.
    Fact: No, it does not. There is no truth to this myth. Shorter hair creates an illusion.


Male Pattern Baldness causes much harm to self-image and confidence, which is why you should take care of your body and health. The best way to reduce your chances of facing male pattern baldness is by understanding male pattern baldness stages and taking the necessary steps to inhibit the same.

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