What Causes Hair Breakage During Monsoons ? Things That Can Overcome It !

  • 07 September 2018

Do dark clouds, gusty winds, the rains splashing out their song lures you to go out and sing & dance & look for the rainbow? Washed by nostalgia of paper boats & puddle jumping?

Monsoon brings a respite from the summer heat and elates your mood & tempts you to venture out! But then the dampener is the side-effects of monsoon & rains- hair breakage & hair problems!


  • REASON 1: Monsoon is the most difficult period to maintain your hair. The high rate of humidity attracts all sorts of chemicals, dirt to the hair & scalp. This consequently leads to breakage of hair in alarming numbers.

  • REASON 2: Monsoon also sees windy days & all the environmental pollutants are carried to us, clinging to our hair & clogging our scalp. This makes our hair frizzy, brittle & tangled.

  • REASON 3: Extra humidity robs the sheen & shine of the hair as the follicles get affected. A lustreless, limp hair leaves you shattered.

  • REASON 4:Hair breakage doubles during this, naturally thinning your hair & negatively impacting your hair style.

  • REASON 5:Getting rain soaked is a temptation hard to resist but its after effects are disastrous as contaminated water can lead to fungal infections.


SOLUTION 1: If you want to know how to reduce hair fall during monsoons, you need to wash your hair regularly with a gentle shampoo. A clean scalp will ensure good health of the hair follicles.

Avoid strong, chemical-based shampoos as they will weaken the hair further.

SOLUTION 2: As chemicals & pollutants are one of the main hair fall reasons, deep conditioning is the solution for protection of strands as well as the scalp.

You can take a leaf out of your grandma’s home remedies & apply some suitable masque to your hair once a week.

SOLUTION 3: Keeping yourself hydrated is the easiest trick to keep your follicles happy. Dryness leads to weakening and breakage of hair, therefore, intake of fluids (avoid caffeine) should be increased in the rainy season.

SOLUTION 4: There is no substitute to a well-balanced diet to keep your hair healthy. Eat healthy and sleep well & see your hair regain its health.

Hair follicles need lots of vitamins, proteins, minerals to grow well, hence only a healthy body can boast of a healthy hair!

SOLUTION 5: Hot oil massage will help in rejuvenating your senses. Pick any oil that suits your hair and massage once/twice a week. You will be happy to see some lustre back in your tresses.


I would say don’t hold yourself back, do as your heart desires - dance in the rain, jump in the puddle, stroll in the drizzle, play football in the incessant rain, take a bike ride in the downpour! Enjoy the rains but make sure you avoid the first rains which carries high acids, also take care of your hair accordingly!

If you want to know how to reduce hair fall during monsoons,

visit us at AHS & enjoy the rains!

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