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  • 10 January 2018
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Hair loss can cause serious troubles for a lot of people. Hair makes a person look great while its absence or even just a thought of losing it, is intimidating. It has been observed that shedding of hair leads to a drop in self-confidence too. Although, in the initial stages of hair loss, it can be addressed & can effectively be resolved through simple regimes and remedies. However, there are certain conditions where hair loss has completely taken over.


1) Stressing Out: Our sedentary lifestyle, long working hours has led us to a state of physical & emotional stress which adversely affects the hair quality and thus leads to hair loss.

How to Prevent

Actively involve yourself in physical activities such as jogging, running, yoga or exercise. Meditation is also undoubtedly a great idea. Keeping yourself engaged in these activities reduces stress, improves health & of course, prevents hair loss.

2) Overconsumption of Vitamin A: Consuming Vitamin A supplements beyond normal limits can be a reason to trigger hair loss. The intake of Vitamin A under normal conditions should not be more than 5000 IU on a daily basis.

How to Prevent

Check your dietary supplements for its composition carefully & make sure you don’t go beyond the limit. Once Vitamin A gets to the normal level, the hair loss is reduced.

3) Good Diet: Lack of protein & essential vitamins in your diet can also be a major reason leading to hair loss. It is important to include good sources of protein and fats in your diet such as egg, poultry, lean meat, etc.

How to Prevent

A balanced diet having a mix of greens, good sources of protein, foods rich in omega – 3 & omega – 6 fatty acids & dairy products are good for you and your hair.

4) Vitamin B deficiency: Unhealthy dietary habits results in the lack of vital nutrients inside the body. Vitamin B is considered important for the growth and health of hair. The lack of it can lead to hair loss.

How to Prevent

Include Vitamin B in your diet regime. Consumption of eggs, dairy products, fish, meat provides the body with needed vitamin B which further aids preventing hair loss & boosting the growth of hair.

5) Fungal Infection: Ringworm, is quite common & can lead to hair loss in patches.

How to Prevent

Keeping your scalp clean & washing them regularly with a mild shampoo can help hair stay protected with moisture locked in the tresses.

6) Ultimate Cure: During the initial stages of hair loss, we recommend one to improve their fooding habits & include vital nutrients as part of their diet regime. However, even after making these changes, if the condition remains the same, feel free to reach out to Advanced Hair Studio for a hair checkup. Our team of experts with a thorough consultation process digs deeper, finds out the problem areas & the reasons contributing to it. Be it any stage of hair loss, we are there to help you and your hair nurture.

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