My Hair Is Getting Thin What Should I Do ?

  • 04 September 2018

Millions of people all over the world face the problem of thinning hair & seek solution. It is a sign of unhealthy hair which keeps deteriorating if timely action is not taken.

Every individual’s hair problem is associated to various personal factors; a general approach will never give any positive results.


  • STEP 1: Visit a reputed hair care studio & get a scientific check of your hair & scalp. It’s the basic requirement to know about hair thinning or hair fall reasons.

  • STEP 2: The diagnosis will give an insight into the real cause of your problem. The health of the follicles is primarily responsible for the growth of your hair, the expert will explain the findings.

  • STEP 3: The early detection of the cause will lead to a treatment which will help the hair to regain its health.

  • STEP 4: Take the opinion of the experienced expert & follow the treatment that he advises.


  • REASON 1: Deficiency of proteins, vitamins, iron, zinc, etc.- if your diet is not balanced to provide these nutrients to the hair follicles, then health of your hair will be affected.

  • REASON 2: Excessive exercise & crash dieting: if you are a health freak, don’t over do as it may take a toll on your hair. Crash dieting & sudden weight loss are one of the main hair fall reasons.

  • REASON 3: Certain medical conditions/surgery/treatment: Diseases like thyroid affect the hair growth negatively. Post-surgery complications & medications take a toll on your hair’s health.

  • REASON 4: Heredity/genetic reasons: In many people the problem of hair fall is a legacy that they have inherited.

  • REASON 5: Styling/heat treatments: Frequent use of styling & heating gadgets robs the hair roots of its moisture and leads to damaging and thinning of the hair.

  • REASON 6: Stressful lifestyle: Along with the physical health your mental health also impacts the hair.

  • REASON 7: Use of harsh, chemical-based hair care products: There are many products which are not suitable for your hair & their regular use can rob the oil & moisture of your hair making it thin, frizzy & brittle.

  • REASON 8: Exposure to sunlight/pollution: This is one of the main reasons that leads to damaging your hair.

  • REASON 9: Infections/illnesses of the scalp: The scalp is the bed of hair roots & if it’s not healthy follicles will not have healthy growth.


  • TIP 1: Balanced Diet: Your diet should fulfil all the supplementary needs of your body.

  • TIP 2: Minimalistic use of heat styling gadgets: Heat absorbs the oil & moisture of the follicles, so it is better avoided.

  • TIP 3: Clean & clear scalp: If you want to know how to reduce hair fall, best advice is to keep your scalp healthy.

  • TIP 4: Wise choice of hair care products: Stop using chemical-based product which lead to damaging & thinning your hair.

  • TIP 5: Protection from sun & pollution: Develop the habit of covering your head when outdoors.

  • TIP 6: Intake of lots of fluids: Drink lots of fluids to retain the moisture & health of your hair.

  • TIP 7: Periodical oil treatment/natural masque application: The age-old grandma’s tip works well.

  • TIP 8: De Stress & sleep well: Stress should be kept at bay. Sleeping well is mandatory for good health as well as hair.

  • TIP 9: Some general tips- Make these lifelong habit -

    1. Use broad toothed comb
    2. Use cold water while washing
    3. Use a good conditioner after shampoo
    4. Apply a suitable serum after every wash
    5. Exercise in moderation to improve blood circulation

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