Excessive Hair Loss ? Here's How To Hold Them Back !

  • 07 September 2018

Anyone facing hair fall knows the torturous ordeal one goes through! The physical changes in the appearance creates unsurmountable psychological anxiety!

There was a time I dreaded touching my hair as more than a few strands clung to it. In the morning the pillow gave me an idea of how fast I was losing hair! Being in my twenties I kept reasoning in my mind that hair thinning/baldness is an old age problem! I lived in a denial mode for few months trying all kinds of shampoos, conditioners, serums, oils. One day I felt as if struck by lightning, when I saw a small bald patch peeping from the thin veil of hair!

From here on I realized the reality & started looking for a solution. I decided to investigate the causes & explore for solutions. There was no dearth of information on the net.


  • Hair fall is specific to every individual & the causes vary from person to person.

  • The reason of excessive hair loss could be a combination of factors.

  • General products cannot bring any specific relief.

  • To know about the root cause of your problem, a scientific test is essential.

  • Hair fall reasons are numerous - from diet to drugs, pollution to chemicals, diseases to therapies, stress to sleeping habits- extremely difficult to conclude what hit you so hard.


  • STEP 1: After my extensive research for hair loss treatment in Hyderabad, I decided to visit Advanced Hair Studio. I did so because-

    1. They have an extensive experience in hair care for more than 5 years.

    2. They are an international brand with many branches world over.

    3. Their reviews seemed to be authentic.

  • STEP 2: My first interaction with team AHS put me at ease.

  • STEP 3: An Advanced Hair Check was done on my scalp.

  • STEP 4: The hair loss expert then explained in detail the problems that have led to my hair loss.

  • STEP 5: After one week when all my investigations were complete, I visited them again.

  • STEP 6: This time I was better able to get an insight into the reasons of my hair loss as well as the appropriate method for my baldness treatment.

  • STEP 7: Intake of lots of water & healthy fluids was suggested.

  • STEP 8: Controlling my erratic sleep cycle as well as stress levels was equally explained.

  • STEP 9: As the follicles had already been damaged, although in a small area, Supernatural by AHS was suggested as my baldness treatment.


I tried to incorporate & do everything suggested by the AHS expert. Within few months the hair fall started to get arrested & it motivated me more towards maintaining as well as regaining my hair. Today, thanks to the AHS team I have not only got my hair back but also my health. I have lost weight & started looking younger than before. I’m still continuing with my follow-up sessions at AHS.

If you are facing any kind of hair scare please take my word and walk into Advanced Hair Studio for hair loss treatment in Hyderabad or any other place in India.

At AHS we believe that a satisfied, smiling customer is the best reward for us!

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