The True Cost of Hair Transplants: Time, Money and Side Effects


The True Cost of Hair Transplants: Time, Money and Side Effects

  • 29 March 2022
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
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Many people suffer from hair loss due to aging, stress, pollution, or other factors. One effective way to regain lost hair is through quality hair transplant treatment. But how much will one have to spend to get a quality hair transplant treatment done in India?!

There is no clear-cut answer because treatment and recovery come at a specific price. And both depend on multiple factors, which determine the total Hair Transplant Cost in India.

Hair transplant treatment is done to add more hair to the bald area on your scalp. This treatment is often suggested for balding or thinning hair. For the treatment, a few hair strands are taken from the thickened part of the scalp or other body parts. The collected hair strands are further grafted to the balding or thinning scalp section. The effects of hair transplants are amazing, but you have to consider the hair transplant cost per your budget.

Hair transplant specialists use mini and micro grafts to minimize the transplanted hair’s appearance on the scalp. Since this procedure is time-consuming, it comes with a price. But before you start looking for the hair transplant cost in India, let’s find out the types of hair transplant treatment and how they work.

Types of Hair Transplants

There are two types of hair transplants. One is the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), and another is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Each hair transplantation technique shows the same result, but the procedure has a few differences.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is the latest development in hair transplant surgery which involves the removal of singular follicular units or individual hair follicles. For this method, the surgeon uses small “micro punches” for removing hair follicles from the scalp with little scarring. Furthermore, the removed hair follicles are further transplanted to the balding area.

One benefit of FUE is that it does not show a large scar on the scalp. Instead, it has several tiny scars that are less visible after complete healing. So, it is good for those with light hair, as they cannot completely cover an old “strip technique” hair transplantation scar.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT hair transplant technique consists of harvesting a healthy hair strip from the donor area on a scalp. The donor hair strip moves to the thinning section of the scalp and is attached carefully.

The benefit of FUT hair transplant treatment is that it has a higher survival rate compared to transplanted hair via the FUE method. But the downside of the FUT method is that it creates a larger scar on the head that’s visible with shaved haircuts or some shorts. It is important to note that the hair transplantation’s success rate depends on the dermatologist or surgeon performing the surgery.

Sadly, the FUE technique takes longer than FUT. And, FUE is considered more suitable for smaller areas of hair treatment. Nonetheless, these hair transplant treatments offer similar natural-looking results in the crown area and hairline.

How do Hair Transplants Work ?

How do Hair Transplants Work ?

Both FUE and FUT hair transplantation surgeries are usually done in the outpatient setup. You often get local anesthesia for scalp numbing, but you will remain wide awake throughout the surgery. According to hair transplantation experts, this procedure may take four to eight hours.

But a few transplants may require a few sessions over a few days. No matter what type of treatment technique you choose, the procedure involves the removal of healthy hair and then transplanting those onto the affected area. The surgeon will also guide you on ways to care for the surgical site for faster recovery at home.

How Much Do Hair Transplants Cost in Advanced Hair Transplant?

Wondering about the best hair transplant cost in India? This medical procedure depends on how much you would like to pay for your hair transplant surgery. The cost of the treatment depends on various factors like the local market, FUT or FUE, the complexity of the case, the surgeon’s fee, and whether you have to travel somewhere for the surgery.

Since the hair transplant treatment is considered cosmetic, your insurance company may not help you with that. But if the hair loss is due to an injury or illness, you can get insurance coverage. If you have a limited budget for your hair transplantation, consult the hair transplant treatment clinic for details.

Recovery Time and Post-Surgical Care

Besides the financial costs, you also need to bear the physical costs of hair transplant surgery. If you have been bandaged, you need to be careful while removing your dressing at home because the bandage may stick to your wounds and hair.

You are also likely to experience swelling in the transplanted areas. A surgeon may even prescribe you some steroids to reduce its effect.

After two to three days of the surgical procedure, you can gently wash your hair. But you have to be cautioned about wearing pullover t-shirts for a few weeks.

A doctor may even suggest you begin with a topical minoxidil routine after the surgery. You need to follow the instructions closely, as a topical product may irritate the site of the surgery.

The recovery time may differ whether you choose FUT or FUE. Your surgical areas may heal within two to three weeks in the FUT treatment. After that, you can resume your regular activity. In the case of FUE, the surgical sites may heal within one to two weeks, and you can resume the regular activities later.

Hair Transplants: Complications and Disclaimers

Your hair transplant surgeon will discuss the possible complications during and after the procedure. Some of the complications are:

  • Infection
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Cyst development at the site
  • Patient dissatisfaction
  • Heart issues during surgery
  • Anesthesia complications

Before considering the hair transplant treatment, you need to know the following:

A hair transplant is not likely to create new hair. Instead, it moves hair strands from one part of your scalp or body to the scalp. If you have lost hair excessively, you may not restore the original hairline and the same hair thickness with hair transplantation.

If you have genetically sensitive hair to DHT, it may fall out after the hair transplant. It means that hair around the transplanted area gets thin, and the transplanted hair will remain healthy and thick.

However, the transplant can significantly improve their original hairline for most people. But you need to have realistic expectations as per the amount of hair you already have on your scalp.


Hair transplant treatment is a crucial decision that needs a lot of research and patience. Like other medical procedures, you must know the effects, limitations, and hair transplant costs before deciding to go with the treatment.

Hair transplant surgery is effective for people who want their luscious locks back. But you need to know the exact hair transplant cost in India. Also, understand that the process takes time to heal. So, you need to have some realistic expectations.

If you are ready to take action right now, consult the top hair transplant surgeons and clinics near you. Discuss your issues with them and get an idea about the best hair transplant cost per your budget.

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