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Is your Post-Workout Protein Shake Causing Your Hair to Shed?

  • 29 December 2018
Is your Post-Workout Protein Shake Causing Your Hair to Shed

A lot of health and fitness addicts, are bewildered to hear rumblings of a connection between their favourite protein shakes and hair loss. Protein supplements are often made with whey, which is a food byproduct that can be culled from ordinary milk. A few manufacturers provide plant-based protein supplements too, an option that is extensively popular among vegans as well as other health-conscious customers.


Extensive research & study from time to time have tried to find out if any relationship existed between protein & hair fall. The conclusion was a little shocking as the link was affirmed by these researchers. We were always led to a conviction that supplements lead to good health, in turn helping the robust growth of hair.

There is a catch to the findings which reaffirms that too much of anything is bad. When high-level protein and exercise is paired with diet control to lose weight, it leads to disastrous results leading to heavy hair fall.

Is your Post-Workout Protein Shake Causing Your Hair to Shed


CAUSE 1: Excessive Exercise: Too much of exercise & workout leads to chronic stress which causes the condition of Telogen Effluvium(TE). TE is a condition in which the hair follicles go into a resting phase prematurely, leading to excessive hair fall.

CAUSE 2: Nutritional Deficiency:Along with exercise people follow a crash diet course to quickly lose weight. This creates a disastrous impact on the functioning of the body, lack of proper nutrients leads to the deficiency of iron, vitamins, proteins, zinc, etc. The hair roots like all other parts of the body need nutrients to stay healthy & lack of it leads to limp, lusterless, dull, damaged hair.

CAUSE 3: Sweat Build Up: Exercise & workouts lead to excessive sweat on the scalp. After every workout, it’s mandatory to thoroughly rinse the scalp with chemical free shampoo.

CAUSE 4: Use of Steroids: People at times take steroids to push their physical fitness, this has great side effects, one of them being hair loss.

Is your Post-Workout Protein Shake Causing Your Hair to Shed


REMEDY 1: Rational exercise regime of 40-45 minutes will tone up the body & enhance blood circulation which will lead to healthy hair growth.

REMEDY 2: The diet should be comparable to the needs of the body, extra nutrients would replenish the follicles, help regrow hair.

REMEDY 3: Stress management, along with proper rest & sleep, will arrest hair fall.

REMEDY 4: In coming to know how to prevent hair fall the use of good hair care products plays a vital role. The scalp should be kept clean at all times.

REMEDY 5: Cut the steroids as they lead to hair loss.

Is your Post-Workout Protein Shake Causing Your Hair to Shed


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