How to Take Care of Hair While Travelling During Summers


How to Take Care of Hair While Travelling During Summers

  • 10 May 2022
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
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Traveling is fun; it refreshes your soul and reboots your system. It is more than just an escape from the monotonous life. While you are having all the fun in the sun, your hair suffers the most while facing all the UV rays. For your mane, it is a completely different story.

Sun, exposure to high temperatures, fluctuations in weather, humidity, and many other factors harm your hair way beyond quick repairs. While your focus shouldn’t be your hair entirely, you cannot neglect travel hair care.

So what can you do for your hair while enjoying your vacation? A few simple and easy efforts can help your hair and save you from returning home with a dry, damaged, and brittle mess. Read this blog to learn some of the best hair tips you can use while traveling during summers.

How Does Travelling Affect Your Hair?

Our hair and the scalp aren’t very adaptable. They are prone to even the slightest change in weather, temperature, water, and emotional and physical state. Any discomfort or change in their current environment can put them in shock, resulting in bad hair texture, hair fall, and more.

That’s not all; traveling affects our hair in many other ways. Here are some of the factors:

1. The mode of travel

Airplanes, road trips, and train rides all have different effects on your hair, and you must be aware of this if you want to take the right measures.

Road trips result in dust, grime, wind-blown hair, and air conditioning, so flat-pillow hair is common on trains. The heat and lack of humidity affect your hair, making it dry, rough, and difficult to manage. If you face too much static in your tresses, try travel hairstyles that keep your strands covered and safe.

2. The weather of the place

The first real impact on hair is made by weather conditions in the locations you are traveling. The amount of sunlight and humidity in the air impacts your hair. The shape and appearance of your hair are heavily influenced by moisture. If you have a little knowledge about hair, you’ll know that hair is made up of hydrogen bonds, which give it shape and texture. High humidity, specifically, can both split and reform these bonds, causing the hair to take on a curvier shape.

Sun exposure can be highly damaging to hair. The sun’s rays can break some of the greater disulfide bonds in the hair, causing it to become extremely dry and cracked and causing irreversible damage.

Vulnerable hair bleaches quickly. If you have colored hair, the damage is exacerbated more than in others, with hair being likely to get damaged. In dry weather, hair looks straw-like, static, and has more split ends. Matted or ‘hat’ hair is prevalent, with the scalp feeling itchy and dry. As a travel hair tip, pack the right hair care.

3. The quality of tap water

The quality of the tap water at your destination impacts your hair. In contrast to soft water, hard water contains a high calcium and magnesium ions concentration. When combined with soap, calcium carbonate can cause deposits on the hair, resulting in dry, dull hair.

Furthermore, hard water does not foam as much (though washing of hair does not entirely rely on lathering), but soft water makes rinsing the hair clear of products easier. Mineral-laden hard water can accumulate on unsuspecting cuticles and cause them to lose their luster.

4. Diet matters

Restricting yourself while vacationing is a sin. Focusing on the diet is generally not even feasible as sometimes you struggle to find food that you enjoy! Eating a healthy diet while traveling is a major concern. The same applies to your water intake.

Most people find it difficult to stay hydrated when traveling. If you eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated most of the time, your hair will not be a cause for concern during your trip. However, this is not always possible, and as a result, your hair might suffer.

Hair Care Tips While Travelling

Hair Care Tips While Travelling

Applying conditioner, properly covering your hair, a dash of serum, and you are done with your hair. But sometimes, especially when you are traveling in summer, these things are impossible or simply insufficient. Here are 8 hair tips that will help you take care of your hair while traveling.

1. Travel hairstyles

When on vacation, everyone wants to look their best. They want the best travel hairstyles that go well with their dresses. And why not? You deserve to look cute on holiday to make the journey OOTDS. So find cute but easy and comfy travel hairstyles and keep your hair in place.

Updos are excellent choices because they eliminate the need to worry about your hair getting in your way as you traverse new and unknown streets. They also help you stay cool in hot, humid weather and aren’t easily messed up (mainly if your updo is a messy style—it would just hide your airport hair!).

2. Pack light accessories

Your hair has to deal with a lot when you travel. Adding the burden of heavy accessories would not be the best option. Look for lighter accessories made with good material. For example, pack cut satin bows and bands instead of chunky rhinestone accessories. Silk accessories are also great for hair. Packing the right hair accessories is one of the best hair tips you can learn.

3. Do not stock up on dry shampoo

Travel hair care is not a real thing. No matter how hard you try, following those million hair tips or routines is impossible. So, try to minimize activities that can damage your hair. Using dry shampoo while traveling is great, especially when it’s summer. This can greatly damage your hair, as dry shampoo leads to build-up in the scalp.

4. Moisturize your hair

Deep condition your hair with a moisturizing treatment product before taking off. A plane’s dry, recirculated air captures moisture from wherever it can and moisturize your hair. This nurtures the hair with additional vitamins and moisture.

5. Don’t let the pool water seep in

If you’re going on a beach vacation or swimming frequently, protect your hair before entering the water so it doesn’t absorb all the chlorine and salt. The handy idea is to combine a dollop of leave-in conditioner with a cup of water, pour it into a spray bottle, and spritz your hair a few times before entering the pool.

6. Don’t use complementary things

Not every hotel or guesthouse provides high-quality toiletries. As a result, people with sensitive skin or hair loss should avoid using complementary products. Instead, transport your goods in small containers. Solid shampoo bars, for example, can last for months.

7. Don’t forget to comb

Don’t be careless about brushing your hair, particularly if you have wavy hair. Wavy hair is pretty dry. Don’t leave your hair uncombed. It will only twist your locks ever more, and the hair fall will take the smile off your face. Always buy wooden combs for your tresses. Plastic combs generate electrical currents, causing hair strands to break. Electricity does not like wood.

8. Oil regularly

Oiling your hair can be beneficial to its health. It smoothes, shines, and softens your hair. It also gives the hair the necessary nourishment and nutrients. Many different oils, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and oils that contain vitamin E, can be used. You can store these oils safely in small plastic bottles in your essentials pouch.

Before you go to bed, give your hair a nice oil massage. Remember to bring a head covering. You can also bring sachets of vitamin E-enriched jojoba oil with you.

How Can Hair Experts Help You?

Seek hair tips from experts before you leave for your vacation. Summer is cruel for hair. The harsh heat and dryness in the air damages hair beyond repair. Since you will be traveling and will not have enough time to follow your routine hair care properly, reach out to an expert to understand what measures you can take to protect your hair.

Here’s how hair experts can help you with travel hair care:

  • They can guide you in understanding which products will suit you better according to the place you are visiting.
  • They can help you understand how to keep up with hydration and nutrition while vacationing.
  • They can prescribe some multivitamins to you for that added dose of nutrition.
  • They can recommend serums and leave-in hair care products you can carry with you.


Your hair should be the last thing on your mind as you travel; you should be able to make travel hairstyles and click breathtaking photos with them. These hair tips will undoubtedly give you the best travel hair care and help you enjoy your vacations.

For a detailed discussion, contact Advanced Hair Studio to fix an appointment. Our experts will guide you on how you can take care of your hair while traveling during summers while looking great!

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