How to Start a Career in the Growing Hair Restoration Sector


How to Start a Career in the Growing Hair Restoration Sector

  • 30 December 2022
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Numerous professionals can find employment in the large and diverse field of hair restoration. With its wide scope and spectacular growth over the years, the hair restoration industry has a lot to offer young aspirants who want to build a strong career in a diverse yet unified people-centric work environment.

What’s more interesting to notice is how the nature of this market has transitioned from being considered a luxury element to being considered a necessity for those who perpetually lose hair and want to transform their appearance with a full head of hair. The industry has gained popularity among those who struggle with hair loss and want to alter their appearance. To provide value to this clientele, you could find hair transplant technicians, surgeons, and restoration specialists working together on the same objective in this field. Therefore, with practical hair transplant surgery training on FUE and FUT, you could open a new career path if you prefer the hair restoration industry.

Why make a Career in the Hair Restoration Industry?

A career in the hair industry has never been more advantageous. Thanks to certain contributing factors such as more awareness of the grooming & aesthetic side of well-being, increased spending capacity of people over the last two decades, and social media influence, individuals tend not to compromise on their personality traits. This surge in demand also requires people who hail from hospitality, health & wellness, and other service industries where clients come first and their satisfaction become the utmost priority for a brand. Therefore, the industry also hosts immense opportunities for all these professionals in different areas.

There are seemingly three sectors that resemble each other but are vividly different than each other at the same time. These industries are Healthcare, Fitness, and Health & Wellness. While the prior two segments focus more on the preliminary healthcare and physical fitness services, Health & Wellness brings the aesthetic side of one’s overall well-being. It talks about how you appear in your day-to-day lifestyle. What extra care do you need to take to cope with the prevailing trends?

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry majorly focuses on the hardcore medicinal side of things. The industry providing products and services related to health and medical care comes under the healthcare industry.

Health and Wellness Industry

The health and wellness industry focuses on physical and mental well-being. It covers sectors like healthy being, nutrition, beauty, personal care, etc. Hair restoration is a big part of this booming industry as people are concerned about their health and appearance. Corona taught us the importance of a healthy lifestyle and habits, and the trend is here to stay. It is another reason this sector is booming and has numerous opportunities in the future.

Aesthetic Enhancement

This sector is about changing looks and appearances more temporarily. Just like a hairstylist would give someone a new look or use enhancers such as botox or plastic surgery. Hair Restoration is a big part of the health and wellness industry and has a growing scope for opportunities soon. But you must possess the knowledge, understanding, and abilities to land a job in this industry. You’re lucky because we have provided you with all the details you need to get going.

Understand Hair Loss First

It’s one thing to experience hair loss but quite another to comprehend how and why it occurs. Before starting any career in the hair loss industry, you should educate yourself on the causes, the many forms of hair loss, and the various treatments and restoration techniques. Online trichology and hair loss courses can aid your overall learning.

By focusing on a certain aspect of hair loss prevention or restoration, you can carve out a niche and begin setting yourself apart from possible rivals.

Understand the Hair Restoration Industry and the Skills Required.

Knowing what kinds of jobs are available in a given industry is the first step towards finding employment there.

Hair transplant doctors, restoration specialists, and advisors for hair replacement work in the hair restoration sector. Engineers for hair restoration equipment and salespeople for hair products are two more typical jobs. Expect more employment to open up as the sector develops further.

Choose the position you desire after learning about the common positions available in the hair restoration industry. Some jobs don’t need specialist training, but others do. For instance, one must complete most of the training for other surgeons to become the best hair transplant surgeon. It entails earning a degree after four years and enrolling in medical school for another four years. After that, you must finish three years of training under a licensed hair restoration treatment surgeon.

Skills you need to know to Succeed in the Hair Industry

It would help if you had the appropriate abilities and the professional knowledge needed for the position. You must have exceptional interpersonal skills to succeed in any hair restoration position. You’ll interact with various people daily, so you must communicate effectively and build strong bonds with them.

If you are dealing with prospects, who are experiencing hair loss firsthand, you must be able to demonstrate empathy.

Some of them will be so terrified of losing their hair and even more terrified of having surgery that they will worry themselves sick about it. You must demonstrate your capacity to calm them down and comprehend and share their emotions. You require great selling and communication abilities if you plan to sell hair loss treatment supplies if you want to succeed in the position. You must effectively and persuasively explain your products to prospective buyers. You must also have great negotiating abilities to close a sale without reducing your margins.

For technicians in hair restoration, technical aptitude is essential. During surgery, one of your main responsibilities will be setting up the hair restoration equipment. To easily keep up with the most recent technological advancements in the hair care industry, you also need a technology talent.

Job Opportunities

How to Start a Career in the Growing Hair Restoration Sector

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Are you seeking a profitable and exciting job in the hair industry? If so, think about going into a hair transplant procedure! Hair transplant treatments have improved realism and naturalness thanks to technologically advanced techniques like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). According to one report, the hair transplant work market will grow to almost $25 billion by 2024.

It offers varied opportunities to aspirants, both into sales as well as client service. You will also witness a balanced combination of professionals from different walks of life as this industry professionals. So, if you hail from either hospitality, aviation, or even come from any client service centric culture, then hair restoration industry is waiting for you. There are players in the industry that have changed the dynamics over the years in terms of how it earlier used to function and was more medical centric than of carrying hospitality traits which is a recent addition and need of a different approach towards the target market.

Education Requirements

Most aspiring hair restoration surgeons will begin working as apprentices and complete a three-year residency program with an experienced hair transplant surgeon. After completing a four-year cosmetology program, you’ll enroll in medical school and continue your education there for an additional four years. You’ll need to finish a comparable educational path to other surgeons’ to take advantage of this rich opportunity.

Although you can enter this area with an associate’s degree in hair restoration, a bachelor’s degree will put you ahead of the competition. In either case, surgical operations call for medical school training.


The term “scalp specialist” also applies to trichologists. You will conduct cutting-edge analysis on the composition and operation of human hair, the scalp, and the illnesses that may impact them in this position.

Customers will approach you to discuss issues with their scalps, including everything from dandruff and itching to hair loss and excessive oiliness. You’ll then do a thorough examination of their hair and scalp and suggest a suitable course of treatment, which may include the following:

  1. Specialized shampoos, conditioners, ointments, or lotions
  2. Treatments for recoloring the scalp
  3. A head massage
  4. Electrotherapy
  5. Ultraviolet Treatment
  6. Dietary Supplements

Additionally, you’ll assist in treating and repairing scalp trauma in your clients. These problems frequently result from the incorrect use of styling tools or hair coloring products.

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Education Requirements

You must first choose the trichologist job route you want to take. It will guide your academic path. You must enroll and successfully finish the requisite coursework in a certified cosmetology program if you want to work as a stylist in a salon. Most states demand associate’s degrees in one of the following professions if you wish to work at a hair restoration clinic and specialize in treating hair loss:

  • Restoration of hair
  • Cosmetology
  • Clinical Transcription

Finally, the educational requirements are slightly different if you want to become an internationally recognized clinical trichologist. You will have the capacity to dispense hair loss medication while working at a hospital or hair restoration clinic.

You will typically initially obtain a medical degree in dermatology if you choose this hair career. Then, you can earn a higher level of trichology certification.

After four years of academic work, you will complete three years of clinical residency as part of your dermatology graduate education.


Did you know there are so many career options in the hair industry? The Industry is massive and has growing work opportunities. Your specialized knowledge has a wide range of applications and is highly sought after whether you want to work in a neighborhood salon, on exotic locations and movie sets, or concentrate on cutting-edge scalp treatments.

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