How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home in Easy & Simple Steps?

  • 17 June 2020
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
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With hair salons and hair styling professionals totally shut or working in segmented mode; how to cut your own hair is a million-dollar question that everybody is asking. Our list of 5 simple steps can help you see through the crisis. These include making your hair wet, applying caution while trimming, following a particular order while cutting and blow-drying your hair after the cut.

With more than half of the world population currently under various versions of social distancing and work from home, figuring out how to cut your own hair straight, at home can be quite a challenge. And yet, you cannot visit your favorite salon and get a new haircut!

However, there is an easy solution to this - learning how to cut hair yourself with a bit of help from others. It might seem daunting at first. But if you follow our simple tips and tricks, you’ll quickly figure out how to cut your own hair short.

So just follow our step-by-step guide and learn to trim your own hair for all those Instagram-worthy pictures but before jumping to the steps lets answer some questions related to hair cutting at home which you may have.

How Can I Cut My Own Hair at Home?

In a scenario where your hair is growing at an alarming rate and all the salons are closed due to the global pandemic, why not learn how to cut your own hair at home?

Cut your Own Hair at Home

But you should also be careful and try not to hurt yourself. Or even worse, end up with a disastrous haircut and be the cause of jokes in your friend circle.

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind before cutting your hair:-

First, Figure out if you need a haircut or just a trim. This is important because you don’t want to cut your hair too short or in an awkward fashion. If your hair is not too long, you may do with just a hair trim and go for a full haircut when salons open.

Alternately, if your hair has become unmanageable and troubling you during the summer heat, you should go for a haircut yourself.

Second, You also need to consider whether you can cut your hair all by yourself or do you need help from others. This is important because having help from other family members can make the task easier. They can reach the back of your head and other nooks and crannies, which cannot be reached by you easily.

Third, Do you have the gadgets that are required for cutting your hair at home? While you do not need a host of fancy gadgets to cut your hair, you do need a pair of kitchen scissors and hair clippers for the job. A trimmer is also very useful to have at home.

Does Cutting Your Own Hair Damage It?

Cutting your own hair may not be so damaging if you are careful. Just keep in mind a few pointers and you’ll have a gorgeous hair cut in no time.


Being careful is crucial while cutting your own hair. This is because, when you cut your own hair, you cannot reach the back of your head properly. It is imperative that while cutting your own hair, you must have two pairs of mirrors: one in front of you for the front fringes and one at the back, the reflection of which can be seen on the front mirror.


Always follow a proper style while cutting your hair. Start with the border area first and then move towards the inside. This would prevent you from over-trimming your hair and ending up with bald patches.

Sensitive Areas

Try to avoid sensitive areas such as the upper fringes of the forehead as it is dangerously close to the eyelids. Similarly, try and be careful about the temple areas as your ears are close by

Should You Cut Your Hair Wet or Dry?

While trimming may be performed on dry hair, you need to wet your hair for a full-length cut. One good way is to shampoo your hair and then cut the hair while it is still wet. Wet hair is more manageable than dry hair. Cutting your hair while it is dry will result in an improper style.

Cut Your Hair Yourself in 5 Easy Steps with Our Step by Step Guide

Here’s our 5-step guide to cut your hair straight. Whether you are a man or a woman, our easy-to-follow guides will help you achieve the perfect look every time you cut your hair:-

1. Oil and shampoo your hair before you opt for a haircut. This is because you need to make your hair manageable and soft before trimming. Dry hair may result in an uneven haircut.

oil and shampoo

2. Always have a couple of mirrors placed strategically in the front and back of your face. That way, you have a perfect view of all the sides of your head.

couple of mirrors

3. Once your hair is adequately wet, you may start cutting your hair from outside in. Start clipping your hair on the sides and the back with hair clippers. Then move on to the middle area with kitchen scissors. Also, make a toothed comb your friend. This gives you better access to your hair and makes the cutting process easier. If you are comfortable using a trimmer, then go ahead and use it.

hair with clippers

4. If you have a problem reaching certain areas of your head, ask a family member to help you out with the difficult areas.

family member to help you

5. Once you achieve your desired look shake off the excess hair from your head and shoulders with a towel. Then blow-dry your hair to achieve the final look.


This blog tells you how to cut your hair short by following our easy 5-step guide on how to trim your own hair. Whether you have short hair or long tresses, our easy guide on hair cut will certainly see you through this COVID-19 crisis and help you to take care of your hair during lockdown.

Those of you who are wondering, “How to cut my own hair?” will immensely benefit from the guide. Just follow the five simple steps given above and master the art of haircuts.

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