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Ask the Hair Experts: Does Hair Loss Come with Aging?

  • 01 November 2019
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
  • 4 min. read

Growing old comes with its advantages but surely has some pitfalls as well. You need to give increased attention to your body, skin, and hair, as you age. There are some things you got away with when young, but some things will come for sure, such as hair problems. Thin hair, grey hair, excessive hair fall, see-through scalp, receding hairline are just some examples of aging hair. Clearly, it’s stressful to undergo as well as accept this progression. Let’s see what the hair experts around the world have an opinion about this.

When asked to hair experts that whether aging causes hair thinning & hair loss? Is there a connection between the two? So they said that with age, your hair does change, as does your body. Necessary steps if taken under the guidance of a hair expert from Advanced Hair Studio you can help yourself protect and maintain healthy hair and scalp even as you age.

So, let’s first understand what happens to your hair as you age, the relation of aging to hair thinning and hair loss, what can be done to maintain your hair against such age-related hair concerns, and some handy tips on hair care. Aging of hair can be observed most often as a change in hair color, texture, thickness and length.

Change in Hair color – Greying

The most common sign of aging is the greying of hair. It occurs due to the decrease in melanin production by the hair follicles. Greying refers to the natural process of the change in hair color as you age. It is permanent, progressive and not naturally reversible and sometimes can happen prematurely too.

Change in Hair color – Greying

Change in texture and tenacity

Change in texture and tenacity

Blood supply and essential oils travel through the hair follicles and they naturally coat our hair with the much-needed layer of protection, providing it the shine of health. As you age, the oil glands produce less sebum, resulting in hair that is drier and rougher in texture.

The cuticle, your hair’s outermost covering, becomes increasingly fragile and your hair loses its elasticity, making it prone to break. This also happens due to lack of hydration and nutrition. As you age, your body’s absorption capacity changes. Those with nutritional deficiencies such as calcium, iron, vitamin D, biotin deficiencies often observe dry and fragile hair.

Hair Thinning & Hair Loss

Your hair grows thinner and falls out during the Telogen phase, during the hair growth cycle. New hair then gets produced and it replaces the lost hair. Naturally, as you age, the rate at which new hair replaces the fallen hair slows down. When you age, each hair spends more time in the resting phase, which means you lose hair faster than the speed at which the growth is happening. The hair follicles also decrease in size with age. They, therefore, produce thinner hair, leading to an appearance of varying degrees of baldness. While thinning of hair is a natural sign of aging and need not necessarily indicate any major problem, it is good to be on the watch out.

Hair Thinning & Hair Loss


If you are experiencing hair issues, and are looking for effective hair treatment in Bangalore then come to Advanced Hair Studio. There are highly experienced industry experts who have been offering the best hair loss treatmentto young as well as elder clients from all around the world.

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Nail Robins
Nail Robins
I am honestly thankful to Advanced Hair Studios. I suffer from a hair-pulling disorder. There is this constant urge to pull off your hair follicles. It is painless when you pull but extremely painful when you see a missing patch on your scalp. But, I feel blessed with AHS hair fall treatment. I can see baby hair growing. It’s been two weeks. All I can see is low hair fall.
Sharid Sarwardhi
Sharid Sarwardhi
I have done my hair transplant surgery in AHS Delhi Branch on 2019 by travelling to Delhi from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The front and the back portion of my head were bald and through the hair transplant surgery, they have managed to cover the front portion of my head and the former appearance of my face returned back. The way they collected hairs from the donor portion did not affect my donor area at all. I am quite happy with my result. I have been consulting with them for a second seating so that they can cover the back portion of my head as well so that the hair density on top will increase and the bald portion of my head will reduce to a minimum level.
Prasoon Gupta
Prasoon Gupta
Hi all, I had a problem with my hair, and I visited Advanced Hair Studio, Hyderabad. Here, the experts are amazing. My low hair density problem was explained very nicely, and some solutions were suggested. The solutions were fantastic. If you have any such issues, I recommend that you come and make an appointment. There was a lot of care and attention displayed by their staff in handling my hair fall issue. Similarly, the receptionists are both friendly and courteous, and the atmosphere is clean and fresh. This clinic deserves 5 stars.

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