Female Hair Transplant: Can Women Opt for Surgical Hair Restoration?


Female Hair Transplant: Can Women Opt for Surgical Hair Restoration?

  • 05 March 2022
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A female hair transplant may be the best option if a patient’s psychological well-being has been adversely affected by hair loss. It is possible to recover hair on bald spots via hair transplantation surgery. If performed by a board-certified hair transplant surgeon, a hair transplant is the safest alternative for hair thinning in women. Almost 80% of women who have experienced hair loss have stated that it has made them less cheerful.

What is Female Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a delicate procedure that should only be handled by a team of highly trained medical professionals. Another significant consideration is the creation and implementation of a treatment that is tailored to the individual. Performing hair transplants in a sterile medical facility also reduces the risks associated with the process. To ensure a long-term, healthy outcome, hair transplantation must be performed by a board-certified surgeon and a team of experts

The following are also included in a hair transplant for women procedure. Several considerations must be considered while determining whether or not to undergo a hair transplantation procedure.

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Difference between Hair Loss in Women and Men

Androgenic alopecia is a disorder that affects both men and women and is one of the most prevalent causes of hair loss.

Androgenic alopecia is thought to be caused by high amounts of androgens. Male hormone androgens, notably dihydrotestosterone (DHT), play a role in developing androgenic alopecia (DHT). These hormones are found in both men and women, and they are responsible for regulating hair growth and other bodily functions.

Follicles in the scalp produce hair follicles. Hair stops growing after a few years and goes through a “resting” phase before falling out. Androgens can abbreviate the hair development cycle, causing hair to fall out earlier and new hair growth to be delayed.

Alopecia due to androgenetic alopecia is also known to diminish follicles with time. These follicles may produce new hair thinner than usual, resulting in the appearance of thinner hair on the head.

To a considerable extent, androgenic alopecia is linked to age. Although androgenic alopecia can affect both men and women, the illness has typically different effects on the sexes.


The total baldness of certain males is caused by androgenic alopecia. Androgenic alopecia in men typically results in “male pattern hair loss,” characterised by a receding hairline and an “M-shaped” hair regression. After 50, most men begin to experience severe hair loss due to this condition.


Female pattern hair loss is a term used to describe the same condition in women. However, it appears differently in women than men. Regarding female pattern baldness, hair loss is much more dispersed than men’s. The look of thinning hair rather than baldness is more common.

Many women notice a widening of their hair part as they become older because of thinning hair. Only a tiny percentage of women with female pattern hair loss are entirely bald.

Women can suffer from androgenic alopecia in their early adulthood, but the condition is more visible after menopause (when hormones levels have shifted due to reduced estrogen production).

Male and female hair loss patterns are distinct, and, as a result, the sexes may be able to deal with and treat hair loss in various ways. Female hair loss may be more distressing to women than male hair loss because it is less well-recognized in the general population.

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Good Candidate for Hair Transplant in Women

Good Candidate for Hair Transplant in Women

As women become older, they become more concerned about their hair thinning. Young women are also becoming more aware of the problem. Many people find that using essential oils or Rogaine is ineffective. If you have hair loss, you’ll want to consider surgical hair restoration, which can help you regrow your hair. But hold on! The question is whether women can handle it.

It is explained in this post who is a good candidate for a female hair transplant.

  • Restoring Women’s Hair After Hair Loss: Many women are affected by hair loss as well as men. It begins when women suffer from self-esteem and aesthetic issues due to thinning hair or baldness. Thanks to recent advancements in hair restoration technology, it’s now possible to grow new hair with the help of hair treatment for women at Advanced Hair Studio.
  • Women’s Hair Replacement Options: About 90% of males with bald areas can have hair transplants, but the number for women is substantially lower. Hair loss can be prevented, and different treatment methods can spark hair growth. It is possible to recover hair spontaneously in a hair transplant using two methods.
  • Patient Eligibility for Hair Transplantation: For this operation to be successful, a person must be willing to remove hair from the donor area to implant them in the recipient area. The scalp’s sides and back are the most common donor locations. You may be an excellent candidate for a hair transplant if you have thick or healthy hair in the donor area.
  • Is it Safe for Women to Get Surgical Hair Replacement: Yes, surgical hair restoration can be performed on women without risk. If a woman meets the following criteria, she may be an excellent candidate for a hair transplant:
  • Suffers from hair loss as a result of injury or burns
  • Does not have hair because of various cosmetic treatments

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Hair Transplant Option for Women

Hair transplant surgery can suit countless individuals, thanks to improved hair procedures like follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit removal (FUE).

Even though most patients are male, it can also cure female hair loss. There are many hair treatments for women so let’s take a moment to look at some basics.

Women’s FUT and FUE

FUT or FUE can restore hair growth in women whose scalps have extensive patches of baldness. These are the best hair transplant procedures. Many patients have benefited from hair transplant operations.

When performing a follicular unit transplant (FUT), a strip of the hair is harvested from a specific scalp area. In India, female hair transplant cost is also determined by the hair transplant technique, which is usually FUT or FUE.

The most appropriate hair transplant technique will be determined by the nature and extent of the hair loss and the health of the patient’s hair in the donor area.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant for a Woman Set You Back Financially?

For women in India, hair transplantation is a fraction of what it would be in other advanced countries. Advanced Hair Studio provides up-to-date hair transplant procedures at affordable prices. You can rest assured that the hair studio will provide the most affordable pricing for your hair transplantation.

Hair Transplants Have Many Benefits

  • Natural hair growth
  • Downtime is minimised
  • It’s a quick and painless procedure


Developing a solid relationship with your specialist should be your top priority. Because attempting to move forward on your own may trigger new problems. Female hair transplants are distinct from men’s hair transplants. Seek the assistance of an expert if you wish to avoid undesirable outcomes.

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Dr B K Garg MBBS, MS, MCh is plastic, aesthetic and hair restoration surgeon of repute and brings with him enormous experience of hair restoration and aesthetic procedures. Dr Garg is alumni of PGIMER, most coveted Plastic Surgery program in India. He is considered pioneer of scarless and stitchless hair restoration in India and has to his credit thousands of successful procedures performed for clients from India and abroad including leading sportsmen, politicians, businessmen. Apart from hair restoration his interest lies in body contouring, nonsurgical facelifts, facial contouring and anti ageing. Dr Garg excels in modifying facial expressions through judicious use of toxins and fillers. He is esteemed member of peer approved organisations like ISAPS, APSI and IAAPS.

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Nail Robins
I am honestly thankful to Advanced Hair Studios. I suffer from a hair-pulling disorder. There is this constant urge to pull off your hair follicles. It is painless when you pull but extremely painful when you see a missing patch on your scalp. But, I feel blessed with AHS hair fall treatment. I can see baby hair growing. It’s been two weeks. All I can see is low hair fall.
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