Are any ayurvedic remedies available for hair loss and regrowth?


Are any ayurvedic remedies available for hair loss and regrowth?

  • 20 August 2021
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The concept of Ayurveda has at its center the three doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which should be in balance. Hair fall occurs when these three doshas that form the innate Prakriti are not in balance. To reverse the hair loss, one must create a balance and devote themselves to the rule of consistency. Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall follows a complete package of diet, exercise, and natural remedies to cure hair loss.

As per ayurvedic beliefs, poor diet, excessive stress, anxiety, and poor lifestyle are responsible for the imbalance of doshas in the body. Following Ayurvedic herbal treatment such as Shirodhara (a massage technique in which herbal oils are poured from the forehead to the scalp from an oscillating container hung above), Shiro Abhyanga (a process of massaging the head, neck, upper back, and shoulders), Shiro Lepa (applying ayurvedic paste to the scalp and covering it with banana leaves), Nasya (the practice of lubricating the nasal passages with herbal ayurvedic oils), massaging with ayurvedic herbal oils and hair cleansing with ayurvedic herbs can help in regrowing hair and stop hair fall.

Read with us to know more about Ayurvedic remedies and cures for treating hair fall.

What Does Ayurveda Say About Hair Loss?

Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss consists of balancing the three doshas to ensure healthy hair. It is believed that when Vata dosha strikes the body it dehydrates the scalp tissues and the hair follicles lack protection from UV rays. This, in turn, leads to hair breakage and split ends. The hair follicle gradually becomes weak and dormant causing excessive hair fall.

Further, when the Pitta level elevates in the body, the hair follicles receive excessive heat from the inside of the body that causes inflammation in them thereby weakening the roots. The inflamed follicles do not provide adequate nourishment to the hair causing hair fall and premature greying.

Lastly, when the Kapha level rises it causes excessive secretion of sebum that clogs the hair follicle receptors obstructing the nutrients from the blood. This not only prevents hair growth but also causes greasy scalp and dandruff.

To prevent the rise of any such doshas, the Ayurvedic practices of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and employing herbal oils and herbs in the hair care routine are recommended.

Does Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss Work?

Does Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss Work?

Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss is effective since it caters to the basic nutrition requirement of the hair follicles and keeps them active. Along with this, it also focuses on a stress-free lifestyle to promote healthy hair growth and avoid useless shedding. Some of the treatments prescribed by Ayurveda include:

  • Regular hair cleansing with ayurvedic herbs: If hair is not washed and cleaned every day the hair follicles might become clogged thereby obstructing hair growth and causing irritation. It is recommended to wash hair every day with ayurvedic herbal shampoos that are mild instead of using chemical shampoos.
  • Nutritious and dosha-balancing diet: According to Ayurveda, a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals is important for good hair health. Some of the important foods are cucumbers, pumpkin, leafy vegetables, yogurt, peppermint, and coriander. Additionally, one must pay attention to protein, zinc, and iron content in their diet.
  • Ayurvedic medicines: Certain ayurvedic medicines can also aid in promoting hair growth. These medicines include Narasimha Rasayanam, Thikthakam kashayam, Thikthakam ghritham, and Chravana prasam.
  • Stress-free lifestyle: Lastly, Ayurveda focuses on following a stress-free lifestyle that involves exercising regularly and sleeping sufficiently. It is believed that the more relaxed the body would be, the better it would be for hair health. To promote stress-free living, engaging in exercises such as yoga and meditation can be worthwhile.

However, ayurvedic herbs and cures might not work in all cases. It is always important to identify the cause behind hair fall problems by undergoing a professional diagnosis. In certain cases where the cause of hair fall is genetics, a proper surgical treatment might be required. Ayurvedic remedies for hair growth give the desired results only in specific cases where the problem is at an initial stage. Therefore, it is always recommended to visit a hair specialist before starting any treatment.

However, employing some natural ayurvedic remedies in the regular hair care routine can be helpful since there are no side effects of these herbs or oils.

Is Ginger and Aloe Vera Best for Hair Growth?

Along with the medical and surgical treatments, some natural remedies can work wonders for hair growth. One such remedy is using ginger and aloe vera. All you have to do is add 1/2cup of aloe vera juice to ¼ cup of ginger juice in a blender and blend them till you get a smooth paste. Massage this paste on your scalp for 20 minutes before washing your hair to get exceptional results.

Aloe vera helps in unclogging the hair follicles thereby promoting hair growth directly. Along with this, it also helps in nourishing the hair and ameliorating the hair quality. While ginger on the other hand has long been used for medicinal purposes. Ginger helps in slowing hair loss with its excellent medicinal properties. Therefore, ginger and aloe vera together can help in reducing hair fall and promote new hair growth.

Can Bhringraj Regrow Hair?

Bhringraj oil cools down the head and helps in reducing stress and nervousness. Additionally, it also consists of vitamins and minerals that help in reducing hair breakage. Not just this, but Bhringraj oil also increases the blood circulation of the scalp and the roots which activate the hair follicles.

With the anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties of the oil, it helps in presenting dandruff as well. Even though dandruff is not directly related to hair loss, itching caused because of dandruff can damage the hair follicles greatly. Bhringraj oil penetrates the scalp and moisturizes it. Further, the oil also helps in preventing follicle infections which might contribute to hair fall.

Therefore, the multiple benefits of Bhringraj oil make it one of the best natural remedies for hair growth.

Natural remedies and ayurvedic herbs and oil can help in controlling hair fall and promoting new hair growth. However, these can be effective only at the early stages of hair loss and in specific kinds of hair problems. If you do not see any significant results after employing these remedies for 2-3 months, you must consult a hair specialist.

There are ayurvedic treatments for male pattern baldness, treatment of alopecia, and cure for baldness, but they do not guarantee 100% results and therefore, you cannot depend completely on them.

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Nail Robins
I am honestly thankful to Advanced Hair Studios. I suffer from a hair-pulling disorder. There is this constant urge to pull off your hair follicles. It is painless when you pull but extremely painful when you see a missing patch on your scalp. But, I feel blessed with AHS hair fall treatment. I can see baby hair growing. It’s been two weeks. All I can see is low hair fall.
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Sharid Sarwardhi
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Prasoon Gupta
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