6 Tips to Nourish Hair During Winters and Help Your Hair Growth


6 Tips to Nourish Hair During Winters and Help Your Hair Growth

  • 04 March 2021
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
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Hair can suffer gravely during the winter seasons if not provided with ample care. The harsh weather and cold air can dehydrate the hair resulting in roughness and breakage. Just like your skin, your hair needs special care too during the winter season.

Following a proper hair care routine can not only protect your hair from damage but also make them look as flawless as ever all year round. Read with Advanced Hair Studio about some of the best ways to protect your hair and keep them nourished during winters.

How Can I Keep My Hair Healthy in Winter?

There are a plethora of natural hair care tips to keep your hair healthy in winters some of which have been mentioned below:

  1. Reduce the use of shampoo: You must put down the shampoo as much as possible. It helps in keeping the scalp clean but an excessive application can strip your hair of the natural oils making them rough. To keep your hair moisturized, you must apply shampoo only once or twice a week.
  2. Cut down on warm water pleasure: Everybody likes a warm water shower in the cold weather but this can be seriously damaging to your hair. Make sure to use only lukewarm water on your hair as warm water can again strip your hair off the moisture.
  3. Moisturize your hair: It will be a great idea to moisturize your hair once a week during winters. However much you try, it is natural for your hair to become dry during winters and hence, you must moisturize them with hair oil.
  4. Avoid hair styling: Avoid using heat in your hair as much as possible. Any heat styling causes damage to your hair and can dry them further. Avoid styling your hair as much as you can, especially during winters.
  5. Wear a hat: To protect your hair from cold dry air and harsh weather, you must wear a hat. The direct contact of these elements with your hair can damage your hair excessively. You can also consider wearing a beanie, a satin-lined cap or a hooded jacket.
  6. Get a humidifier: Dry hair leads to damaged hair. Heaters and radiators dry out the air along with your hair. To avoid this, you can get a humidifier for your room to prevent the air from getting too dry while you sleep. A small humidifier can also be bought for your desk or car if required.
  7. Regular haircuts: Make sure you get a haircut done in a stipulated time. Getting regular trims keeps your hair healthy and rules out the possibility of split ends. For short hair, a haircut every 4-8 weeks is a must while for long hair it must be done every 2-3 months for ensuring healthy hair.
  8. Healthy diet: What you eat contributes majorly to your hair health. Omega-3 and vitamin C are extremely essential nutrients for hair. Include citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, avocado, nuts and salmon in your diet to have nourished hair.
  9. Drink ample water: To keep your hair hydrated you must start by keeping yourself hydrated. Lack of hydration slows down hair growth and also becomes an obstacle in having healthy hair. Hence, drink at least three liters of water a day.
  10. Avoid leaving home with wet hair: Going out with damp or wet hair causes breakage. Your hair can become weaker if you go out with wet hair causing further damage. Make sure your hair is decently dry before you leave the house.

What Should We Apply on Hair in Winter?

Moisturizing the hair is integral for having healthy beautiful hair. This process becomes more important during winters with the scalp and hair becoming more dry than usual. Here are some hair care tips to be followed at home:

  1. Nourish the scalp: Having a healthy scalp gives way to healthy hair. Like you apply night cream to keep your skin healthy, similarly, apply oil to your hair at night. Using any oil rich in Omega-3 fatty acids can nourish your scalp and hair overnight and fulfill their nutrition requirement as well giving you flawless hair.
  2. Moisturize your hair: Use a leave-in conditioner on your hair in winter to replenish moisture. Additionally, this can also help in combating the damage caused due to heat styling. The usage of a leave-in conditioner keeps your hair hydrated aiding in their growth as well as maintenance.
  3. Use a hair mask: The application of a hair mask weekly can do wonders for your hair health. Just like you ensure healthy skin with face masks, keep your hair nourished with a hair mask. It can help in moisturizing your hair and controlling the damage done to them. You can have the added advantage of having hydrated, smooth and shining hair.

Which Oil Is Best for Hair in Winter?

Which Oil Is Best for Hair in Winter?

There are multiple options for hair oils that you can choose from according to your preference. Among these are:

  1. Coconut oil: It is an excellent moisturizing agent also used in several shampoos. You can fix the dandruff problems as well as dryness issues by applying this hair oil.
  2. Almond oil: Rich in vitamin E, it can aid you in controlling hair fall, moisturizing the scalp, solving dandruff issues and giving you smooth and shiny hair.
  3. Bhringraj oil: This oil is the best solution for treating hair fall and hair breakage along with dandruff issues. It nourishes your scalp and helps in keeping away hair damage.
  4. Olive oil: This is one of the best natural nourishing agents which help in keeping away dry scalp. Its excellent moisturizing properties also help in controlling frizz.
  5. Herbal oil: Herbal oil infused with natural herbs including rosemary extracts, neem, tea tree oil and snowflake tree extracts can prove to be an excellent nourishing agent for the hair.

Does Hair Get Thinner in Winter?

Yes, hair gets thinner in winter. Research tells us that we grow more hair in summer to protect our head from the harmful UV rays. These hair start shedding in the late fall and early winter months.

Further, this shedding becomes more prominent and noticeable as people grow older. It is a fact that by the age of 50, around 50% of women experience some degree of hair fall. This can also occur due to other reasons such as pre and perimenopause conditions, surgery or illness, but becomes more evident during winters.

However, there is no reason to worry even if you are shedding a lot of hair during winters since this hair will grow back again. Hair follicles follow a cycle of which this shedding is only a part to grow back hair again. All you are supposed to do is follow a hair care routine for hair growth and keep your hair moisturized.

Does Cold Weather Make Hair Grow Faster?

No, hair does not grow faster in winter. Hair in some areas may grow faster in winter, but mostly the rate of growth is constant all year round. Head hair, having a consistent baseline grow at an approximate speed of 1.25 centimeter per month all over the head.

Therefore, if you are aiming at fast and healthy hair growth you must stop believing in myths and rather get your hair trimmed at regular intervals to promote hair growth.


Including certain hair care products in the daily routine will surely nourish your hair and ensure hair growth even during the winter season. Taking care of dry hair is more difficult than normal hair.

We, at Advanced Hair Studio, guide you about the hair care routine for men as well as the hair care routine for women. Additionally, we help you by providing the best hair care products for keeping your hair nourished.

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Nail Robins
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Sharid Sarwardhi
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Prasoon Gupta
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