Advanced Hair Magic

Magic Hair Thickening Fibers

Magic, the hair thickening fibers, instantly rebuilds your hair with natural keratin fibers creating the appearance of thicker hair in an instant! These Hair Thickening Fibers blend in and create an electrostatic bond with your existing hair, dramatically building up hair volume and minimizing the appearance of thinning hair.

Balding patch and hair thinning issues instantly vanish

As you apply these Hair Thickening Fibers to your scalp, you will see the balding patch and thinning hair simply disappear. Once you have completed applying the Hair Thickening Fibers, simply brush through your hair and the fibers will blend with your existing hair in a completely undetectable manner. Advanced Hair Magic is a unique complex of organic keratin protein similar to your own naturally growing hair. They are precision laser-cut into micro-sized fibers and are a completely safe and natural solution for both men and women

Thickening fibers stay in place in all conditions

No matter what the weather conditions are, be it strong winds or even in the rain, the micro composition of the Hair Thickening Fibers ensures they stay bonded to your existing hair. When you do wish to remove them, simply wash them out with shampoo.

Who is suitable for hair thickening fibers?

Anyone suffering from balding or thinning hair or wanting thicker looking hair can instantly alter their appearance with Thickening Hair Fibers. The Advanced Thickening Hair Fibers is an excellent non-surgical, completely safe application to be used in conjunction with Advanced Laser Therapy or AHS-FP programs.

Magic Thickening Fibers are totally safe to use with Advanced Hair Regrowth formula: just ensure ARF has completely dried before applying the thickening fiber.

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