How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

Keeping in mind that every client’s scalp and hair loss pattern is different, the “Cost” is much more than just a number. Numerous factors are considered during a hair transplant treatment which impacts the overall cost of the procedure. This includes (but is not limited to) the number of hair transplanted and the procedure’s complexity.

The hair transplant cost in India varies, depending on your restoration goals and the needs set by you to the hair loss expert. Based on the game plan that you and your hair loss expert create, the number of grafts or hair follicles you need to achieve your expected result is also materialized. These are few factors that largely contribute to the cost of the procedure. It is best to visit Advanced Hair Studio for a consultation to get a clear picture of what a hair transplant can cost you.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Advanced Hair Studio India

Among AHS’s many impressive attributes are your natural results apart from our globally accepted safety practices, quality experience, cutting-edge technology, the hair implant’s durability and definitely the hair density. AHS calculates the hair transplant cost in India based on expert medical diagnosis, which determines the number of hair follicles also sometimes known as hair grafts, required to achieve your desired result. Our treatment is tailored to meet the needs of each client such as you.

We have been the pioneers in Hair Transplant Procedures in India for over decades now with our detailed expertise in each aspect of the process. From celebrity clients to the 1 million or so we have served so far, they all attest to our services and view towards perfecting the imperfections.

Despite your current predicament or body issues, we at Advanced Hair Studio are there to help you at every single step of the way till you feel you have achieved all your hair goals. The cost of the procedure becomes a relative consideration to the final outcome. If the outcome exceeds your expectations, all our labor becomes worthwhile.

Over the phone or via the internet, many of our clients ask about our hair transplant costs. As mentioned above, an accurate estimate is difficult because of the number of grafts/hair follicles involved, the choice of the hair loss expert you chose, the session, the density, etc.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Cost

Your level of baldness

Hair transplant surgery prices vary greatly depending on your level of baldness and the grade of your baldness. We have a detailed consultation with a hair loss expert so that we can help you determine your baldness level and take appropriate decisions.

Your Graft / Hair Follicle Requirements

Generally, the cost of implantation of a single hair follicle / graft, ranges between a wide range of rupee value in India. It depends on the type and density of your hair, the grade of your baldness and a few other variants that remain subjective to the client’s needs. The higher the level of baldness, the more hair follicles are needed to achieve the surgery’s transplantation goal. This however can end up being the primary reason for differences in cost for different people.

Hair Transplantation Techniques

Hair transplant surgery consists of certain techniques among which Folicular Unit Extraction (FUE hair transplant) and FUT are widely known. Our Strand-by-Strand Ultimate procedure uses modern technologies to extract individual hair follicles / hair grafts along with combination with either of the other procedures such as Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic Surgery, Advanced Laser Therapy, AHS Complete, Supernatural, etc to gain the final result.

The Clinic’s Location

Due to the widening gap in the standard of living around the world, the location of the AHS Clinic plays a crucial role in determining the cost of the surgery. The fact that AHS can arrange for your hair transplant surgery with the world’s top hair transplant surgeons at any of our flagship clinics located across the world is a reason that we see a fair share of medical tourism on this front as well.

Hair Transplant Surgeon

To avoid any potential hazards related to the hair transplant surgery, the AHS Clinic has certified and experienced surgeons with multiple successful surgeries. Hair restoration surgeons at the Advanced Hair Studio should have several years of experience operating on patients of various racial and ethnic backgrounds. Additionally, the have completed multiple effective hair restoration procedures. Although hair transplant cost at Advanced Hair Studio may be higher as compared to other local transplant providers but AHS offers highly knowledgeable and experienced surgeons which improves the chances of success and reduces any potential hazards to the patient.

Nursing Staff

In order to lower the hair transplant cost, cheap hair transplant clinics frequently pay very little to employ untrained professionals. In the end, this increases the likelihood of a subpar and unnatural outcome, post operative difficulties, infections, and donor harm. At the Advanced Hair Studio, we have a sizable staff of skilled professionals with years of experience. The cost of a hair transplant may be considerable if a large group of skilled technicians are used, but the quality of the regrowth of the transplanted hairs will be better and there will be no post-operative issues.

Number of sessions’

The price and number of sessions for a hair transplant are greatly influenced by the number of grafts needed to achieve optimum coverage of the bald area of the scalp. Your hair specialist will be able to estimate exactly how many grafts you need to cover your specific grade.

Comparison of Hair Transplantation Cost in India Vs Other Countries

A person’s primary consideration for receiving any product, service, or thing is the benefit one gets out of it. The cost many times happens to be just a tradeoff, making it an on-or-off choice. Are you just looking for a low-cost surgical or non-surgical procedure? Or are you looking for a hair transplant that also fulfills the aesthetic significance of your hairline’s design, hair growth on your balding areas of the scalp. In short the end results do matter. How you end up looking - it does matter.

According to the global market for hair transplantation, the expense for hair restoration procedures in the Indian market is less expensive, making it easier for one to find the most cost-effective procedure than in the overseas market.

Today, India is the most popular destination for hair transplant procedures due to our excellent results. The who’s who of the world has in some form or the other had this experience and hence it has become a matter of pride for our hair loss experts. When choosing the best hair transplant destination, the number one factor is not the cost of the procedure but rather its feasibility and its success.

Is the Hair Transplant Surgery Worth It?

We believe it is totally worth it to get a hair transplant surgery. Who in today’s times doesn’t want to look their real age? Why look 50 when you are 30? If you suffer from severe hair loss, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, or face any other body issues, we at Advanced Hair Studio are here to help you look your best.

When it comes to hair transplants, AHS has had a history and legacy of honesty; if a hair transplant isn’t right for you, AHS hair loss expert wouldn’t recommend it in the first place. We only perform hair loss surgery on suitable candidates where there will be a good chance of success.

Why Choose Advanced Hair Studio

The Advanced Hair Studio is the only hair clinic globally that offers diverse hair loss treatments all under one roof. We offer patented and unique hair restoration therapies, along with a wide assortment of products that guarantee to give you results. For each stage of hair loss, there is a solution that will return a full head of hair to you. Likewise, our procedures are planned and performed considering your expectations, age, lifestyle, face, and personality by global experts in the field.

We encourage you to visit our AHS clinics near you to meet our hair restoration experts. With a fine blueprint and roadmap meticulously designed by our hair loss expert, you will learn about the procedure’s success, its intricacies, its cost and time taken to get your end result so you can flaunt those lovely tresses!

5 Must-Ask Questions Before Deciding on a Hair Transplant Procedure

  • How many years of hair transplant surgery experience do you have?
  • How many hair transplant surgeries have you performed?
  • What kind of hair transplant surgeries do you perform?
  • How do you decide which procedure is right for me?

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