These Tips From Experts Can Really Help Your Hair to Grow Back

  • 18 February 2019


Hair fall up to the level of 150 strands a day is normal as the cyclic growth of follicles ensures that almost same number of new strands replace them. The real panic sets in when one encounters hair fall in greater numbers leading to thinning of hair.


There are innumerable reasons for hair loss; some are general others specific to a person. Let’s look at some of the major reasons of hair loss-

1. Nutritional Deficiencies: A diet which lacks balance impacts the hair follicles adversely, leading to hair fall. Follicles need nourishment for healthy growth.

2. Modern Lifestyle: The biggest drawback of modern age is the stress & tension. It leads to erratic sleep cycle, lack of exercise & uncontrolled stress. All these factors influence the health of hair negatively.

3. Infections/illnesses of the Scalp: Only a healthy Scalp can boast of healthy hair as the follicles are embedded into the scalp. Any illness or infection, if not taken care of on time, can lead to disastrous result.

4. Environmental Pollution: Another major cause of hair fall in modern times is the environmental pollution. Continuous exposure to it damages the hair, making it dry & frizzy, consequently resulting in hair loss.

5. Use of heating tools for styling: Hair styling through heating tools regularly saps the moisture of the strands, making them weak. Gradually it results in hair fall.

6. Chemicals present in hair care products: Most of the hair products like shampoos, conditioners, colours, etc. possess chemicals which lead to irreparable damage.

7. Some common habitual mistakes: While taking care of hair we ignore simple facts as to how to wash, dry or comb our hair. Erroneous procedures lead to weakening & hair fall.


Experts of Advanced Hair Studio have a few tips for hair regrowth to guide people suffering from hair fall.

1. Balanced Diet: Hair follicles, like all other body parts, take nourishment from the what we eat. Vitamins, iron, zinc, protein- all are accountable for a healthy growth of hair. Junk & processed food, aerated drinks, etc. should be avoided at all cost.

2. Lifestyle changes: A moderate exercise regime of 40-45 minutes should be incorporated in daily routine.

To keep stress under control meditation, yoga, gym, aerobics- any one should be adopted in your day’s routine.

A 7-8 hours of sound sleep is essential for healthy hair.

3. Clean & healthy Scalp: Scalp’s health directly impacts the growth of follicles therefore; any disease or infection should be immediately taken care of.

4. Protection from exposure & pollution: Limiting exposure to radiation & pollution is mandatory to guard the hair strands from being damaged.

5. Avoidance of usage of heating tools: Heating tools used for styling the hair is better avoided. Heat leads to drying & weakening of hair leading to loss.

6. Selecting gentle hair care products: Taking aware decisions while buying hair care product is the need of the hour. All chemical-based products harm the hair & scalp greatly, hence, should not be used.

7. Judiciously develop correct habits: Learn the right way to wash, dry & comb your hair, as it will give you best results.

Love & care for your mane as they are precious!

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