• 28 December 2018


Advanced Hair Studio, a pioneer hair restoration and retention company of international repute for more than 45 years, has been providing solutions to all kinds of hair problems. We have been successful in establishing ourselves in the industry because of our dedicated and outstanding services which combines breakthrough technologies with advanced treatments and procedures.


Hair extension is a procedure in which synthetic or natural hair is attached to the normal hair. It’s a rage among girls these days as-

  • It gives a wonderful opportunity to have tresses which they can flaunt and that too without much hassles!
  • It gives the desired length and volume to the hair, enhancing one’s looks.
  • The length or condition of recipient’s hair is not a concern.
  • The time duration of the procedure is short and the result is visible instantly.
  • Compared to other procedures the charges are less.
  • Styling and colouring is not a problem.
  • It gives a guaranteed result.


We have introduced one of the most sophisticated hair extension procedure which is aptly called ‘Flashpoints’. Compared to other extensions available in the market, Flashpoints has many plus points.

  • Flashpoints are made up of finest Remi human hair.
  • It doesn’t use glue, wax or weaving and hence, is gentler on the hair.
  • Flashpoints uses a link that is attached to a lock of hair.
  • It is reusable time and again.
  • It blends-in so naturally that it’s seamless and undetectable.
  • It gives an unmatched result within hours.
  • It can be styled or permed to one’s wishes.
  • It is available in a wide range of thickness and length.
  • It offers a wide range of readymade colours.


Flashpoints integrates so well with the natural hair that it’s hard to make out any difference. They should be looked after in the same manner as we take care of our long hair. AHS stylists give specific guidelines based on individual needs to be followed in order to maintain the exceptional look of the extensions. Apart from these a few general tips and guidelines should also be followed.

1. Regular washing and conditioning- Shampooing regularly helps to keep the scalp clean and healthy. Before this, hair should be detangled using detangling brush. The extensions cannot derive the natural oils from the scalp therefore a good conditioner should be used after every wash to add the moisture. Dryness will lead to tangling of strands.

2. Using natural bristle brush- Hair should be combed gently using natural bristle brush. Harsh combing will damage the extensions.

3. Taking care while sleeping, exercising- It’s advisable to plait or tie the hair while exercising or sleeping. One thing should be kept in mind that it should be done loosely otherwise the flashpoints may get damaged.

4. Colouring should be done by professional- If in need of colouring, should visit AHS and get it done by the trained stylist only otherwise flashpoints will be ruined.

Thus, by keeping these few things in consideration, the flashpoints will give the best results making you proud of your tresses.


Whether your hair is thin or short or curly- it doesn’t matter, whether it’s dull, lifeless or limp- it doesn’t matter, come and try Flashpoints at AHS. The length, volume and lustre that it will give to your hair, will make you fall in love with FLASHPOINTS!

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