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The follicles or roots of the hair are deeply placed in one’s scalp. These roots take nourishment from the blood vessels at the base and their cells keep on dividing in order to continue growth which results in hair. As new cells form, the old ones are pushed out & hence one is able to see the growth of the hair shaft. The hair growth has 3 cycles -

  • Anagen - the growth phase.

  • Catagen - the transitional phase.

  • Telogen - the final or falling phase.

Hair has a cyclical growth & after reaching the final phase, the follicles once again enter the Anagen phase & come to life.


Hair fall or hair loss is a problem which affects many people of all age groups. To know how to prevent hair fall it’s essential to understand why it falls. The reasons are numerous & vary from person to person. Some of them are-

  • Imbalanced diet/nutritional deficiencies

  • Certain diseases/illnesses

  • Strong medicines/therapies

  • Heredity/genetic

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Stress/sleep deprivation

  • Scalp infections/dandruff

  • Chemicals in hair care products

  • Excess styling/heating

  • Environmental pollution/sunlight exposure


  • STEP 1:To know how to prevent hair loss, first the scientific and professional hair check needs to be done.

  • STEP 2: The diagnosis will be analyzed by the hair expert to ascertain the level of damage caused to the hair and the follicles

  • STEP 3: If the problem is initial, then the expert’s advice along with a the appropriate initial program selection should do the trick.

  • STEP 4: In case the follicles are damaged & have reached a dormant stage and you are worried as to how to regrow hair, then specific therapies/treatments will be suggested to be opted from and whould need to be taken forward.


After understanding the physiology & anatomy of hair, it’s clear that the health of hair is proportionate to a person’s general health. There are certain known reasons for hair loss & if those reasons are effectively dealt with, then it can be prevented & regrowth takes place.

  • SOLUTION 1: Balanced Diet -Including lots of fresh vegetables, fruits & dairy products will help in fighting the deficiencies.

  • SOLUTION 2: Keep Scalp Healthy - The scalp needs to be clean & healthy for the hair follicles optimum growth.

  • SOLUTION 3: Sleep well - 7-8 hours of sound sleep is essential.

  • SOLUTION 4: Keep Stress at bay -Learn effective methods to tackle your stress.

  • SOLUTION 5: Take lots of fluids - Keeping yourself hydrated will supply enough moisture to the follicles.

  • SOLUTION 6: Protect from pollution & sun - Pollution & sun exposure damages the hair & makes it weak, cover your head while going out.

  • SOLUTION 7: Use gentle hair care products - You are spoilt for choice but be very judicious & informed while buying hair care products as using strong chemicals can damage your hair greatly.


  • If your diagnosis shows that your hair can not regrow only by taking proper care, you need to take help from the experts.

  • Damage to follicles due to illnesses or strong medications or therapies like chemotherapy, cannot regrow on their own.

  • Many hair problems will need a combination of solutions to bring them back to expected levels of result, which only an experienced hand can provide.


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