Showing Signs of Balding? Here's How to Reverse Hair Loss!

  • 28 December 2018

The debate about hair continues to rage on. Whether it’s using toxic products to strengthen it, wearing head wraps for protection against intense UV radiation, it has caused many to go bald. The average person sheds between 50 and 100 hair every day. However, extreme hair loss is when you exceed this limit.

Hair loss is a discussion which is as old as the invention of beauty itself. In most cases, it is caused by years of putting harmful chemicals to the natural hair which result in the slow deterioration of the hair follicles. It may be caused by the following:

  • Extreme stress
  • Illness
  • Side effects to medical treatment
  • A major life event
  • Skin disorders or hormone imbalance

How to reverse hair loss?

  1. Relax and reduce stress to help your hair grow: Stress affects your health in a number of different ways. It can zap your energy or even cause the hair to fall out. The stress-related hair loss is usually temporary and grows back over time. However, it can also speed up other forms of hair loss like male pattern baldness.
  2. Consider using new hair care products: Your shampoo, conditioner, and styling agents have harsh chemicals which can do a number on your hair. You can consider switching to softer hair care products that are designed to slow down hair thinning. DHT-blocking shampoos and conditioners containing ingredients such as ketoconazole and pyrithione zinc have shown some promising results in helping reverse hair loss by potentially disrupting the production of DHT.
  3. Explore your hair loss treatment options: If you are going through severe hair loss, it’s important to consult a hair clinic. Advanced Hair Studio has paved a way in the hearts of people offering an extensive range of unique and hair loss treatment. With over 45 years of experience, the brand offers superior and spectacular hair restoration solutions. Ranging from Advanced Laser Therapy, Strand by Strand Ultimate, Strand by Strand Cosmetic to Advanced Hair Check, it offers end to end solution for all. In most cases, hair loss can be prevented if detected early. With technological innovations throughout the world, there are products that have been developed specifically for hair loss.
  4. Talk to a hair expert and be realistic with your approach to hair loss: There’s a lot of misinformation and half-truths regarding hair loss, and there are also hair treatment programs that have been well-researched and tested in clinical settings. So, how do you find the difference? For starters, talk to the experts in the industry. Avoid people advertising secret cures, all-natural remedies, and permanent fixes. If there was a way to stop baldness from happening, we’d all know about it already.

However, for more information about best hair loss treatment in Hyderabad, Ludhiana, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi or more, contact Advanced Hair Studio for best hair loss solutions.

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