• 28 December 2018

Hair is the most important factor that helps in enhancing one’s personality and therefore, when we start losing or thinning hair, we begin to look for options to overcome these deficiencies. For females, having a head full of healthy, lustrous mane has always been fashionable and desirable. In modern times, science & research has made sure that there is no dearth of viable options. Not only are varied options available, but also they cater to all kinds of hair, all age groups and to suit all pockets!

One of the easiest ways of overcoming thin, short, dull, lacklustre hair, is Hair Extensions. This is a cosmetic procedure in which artificial or natural hair strands are attached to the natural hair.

The popularity of extensions is unmatched as-

  • It requires no surgery and hence, is safe.
  • The quality or quantity of recipient’s hair is not a botheration.
  • It is a process that consumes very less time as compared to other procedures.
  • If done properly, it gives best of result.
  • It is easy on the pocket.
  • No fear of the strands falling out and creating embarrassment.

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While going for hair extension one should-

  • Judiciously select a hair studio which has best professional acumen.
  • Select Remi human hair for best results.
  • Match the colour and texture with natural hair.
  • Select the length to suit your personality.

The most crucial aspect of extension is the blending-in. Extensions can be done by various methods but the use of glues, wax or weaving is outdated and doesn’t give the desired finish or flow. Such extensions are detectable and do not blend with the natural hair, thus killing the purpose of the entire exercise.

The latest and most rewarding procedure is to link the extensions to the strands of natural hair. If done by a good professional, it blends-in seamlessly and therefore, is completely undetectable.

An extension of well blended human hair has many benefits-

  • It instantly adds to the length of the hair and gives it an admirable volume.
  • A variety of hairstyles can be done- from office look to glamorous party look!
  • Can explore all kinds of coloring options.
  • Enhances one’s personality and eventually self-confidence.

Caring for your extensions-

Though they are easy to care, almost like natural hair, still there are a few hair care tips one should follow –

  • Wash it regularly.
  • As the extensions cannot derive natural oils from the scalp hence, a high-quality conditioner should be used after every wash.
  • Use natural bristle brush and do not hard comb.
  • Use fingers to entangle it.
  • Plait them loosely while sleeping and exercising.


If you plan to get rid of your thin hair- go for hair extension, take the leap without hesitation. There is a lot of choice in the length, thickness, colour, texture, etc. If you are undecided as to what will suit your personality, take professional help. Select a hair clinic which deals in high quality services and has extensive experience in the field. Once done, you can flaunt your new look with style and confidence!

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