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  • 01 November 2018

Hair loss or baldness is a serious issue for both men and women with millions of people suffering from some or the other type of hair issues at any age. After using different products and treatments, they are not able to get rid of these hair problems which not only aggravate the condition but also infuse low confidence and poor self-image in people.

Hence, it is better to be alarmed and take proper action to avoid the anxieties that come with balding and hair problems. Also, as hair solutions are pervasive these days, it’s important to look for a reliable and permanent solution to remove this problem once and for all. This is the reason why sufferers cannot help but find the right solution like Strand-by-Strand - Ultimate hair replacement procedure of Advanced Hair Studio, which is one of the best methods recommended by many hair experts to gain back your hair.

Strand-by-Strand - Ultimate hair replacement procedure - a permanent solution

Advanced Hair Studio’s hair replacement procedure - Strand-by-Strand - Ultimate is made for all age groups to get back their beaming tresses. It is one of the most important transplant procedures, as it gives the individuals’ hair the proper orientation and is impossible to differentiate from a person’s natural hair growth on the remaining part of the scalp, unlike the other hair transplant methods.

Now enjoy the confidence and fun of having the hair you always dreamt of. Replace your hair the way you lost it, strand by strand with no pain and no scarring involved. Strand-by-Strand Ultimate hair replacement procedure guarantees the restoration of your appearance and gives you a full head of hair, regardless of your appearance and stage of hair loss.

How Strand-by-Strand Ultimate can renew your appearance forever:

  • World’s most innovative hair transplantation techniques and instruments are used to ensure the highest accuracy.

  • The procedure is performed by the world’s renowned specialists and doctors, who have years of experience and specialise in hair transplant surgeries and hair replacement procedures.

  • Well-trained and highly experienced hair experts and a professional team grant assistance for your convenience, even after the hair replacement procedure.

  • Pain Management - There is absolute management for no pain with this procedure. This procedure does have a faster healing time and less post-procedure discomfort compared to other hair transplant procedures.

  • Scarring - There is no linear scar left behind since Strand-by-Strand Ultimate hair replacement procedure involves removing hairs individually from the scalp. However, even if there are some tiny marks left, they tend to heal by themselves typically within three to seven days.


Put a stop to your worries and book your consultation with our hair experts. During your consultation, our specialists will ask you about your expectations, analyse your current hair and scalp condition, and review different treatments and solutions to give you a clear understanding of the final result.

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