How Advanced Hair Studio has Revolutionised the Non-surgical Procedures market against Traditional options like wigs, weaving or a hair patch!

  • 15 November 2018

The hair loss problem is so frustrating for people that they want to get rid of it at once without having to undergo any type of surgeries.

However, if you want to have a temporary solution, then you can go for the traditional wigs, weaving and hair patches on your head. But, if you want a full proof and permanent solution, Advanced Hair Studio has the unique and best non-surgical procedures for you.

A wig may give you a head full of hair instantly, but it is harmful to your natural hairs. We have witnessed a lot of people going up for wigs in Gurgaon or Hyderabad but the results have been disappointing. These wigs continuously pull on your hairs, and it may cause other hair problems as well after some time. Advanced Hair Studio is the right place for you if you are looking for a treatment that works without any side effects of chemical or complications.

The Revolutionary Non-Surgical Procedure by Advanced Hair Studio

Undeniably, non-surgical procedure is a suitable option for hair replacement. Such type of hair replacement procedures do not have any side effects afterwards and has no risks involved. There are no complications in this treatment like other surgical hair treatments and procedures. Our team of experts makes it as easy as possible for the client to go through the whole procedure and make them feel comfortable.

So Convenient, it Feels Like Your Own Hair

Another complementary aspect of Advanced Hair Studio’s non-surgical hair replacement is they were designed not only to make you look good but also for your convenience as you can swim, work, shower and do any other activity with it on as if it was your real hair. It really is the most next level and advanced technology out there in terms of Non-Surgical hair replacement!

Guaranteed Results in very less Time

Hair transplant surgeries mostly take six months or longer to identify any noticeable outcomes. However, with non-surgical hair replacement treatments, you can have a full head of hair in a much lesser time as compared to the surgical treatments. You don’t have to wait for months to see the difference. Non-surgical hair replacement arrangements furthermore offer ensured results for anyone experiencing balding.

Advanced Hair Studio provides such non-surgical hair treatments that will suit your type of baldness with hundred percent success guarantee. Visit Advanced Hair Studio for best hair transplant treatment by experienced surgeons and specialists in your budget.

Disadvantages of using traditional options like wigs, weaving or a hair patch:

  • You get fuller hair instantly by using wigs, but there are many disadvantages as well. Applying hair patch in Delhi, Mumbai or any other location with glue can damage the remaining natural hair because of the constant irritation from hair patch and ultimately leads to irreversible baldness in that area.

  • These are artificial looking hair that needs periodic maintenance. The patch must be replaced every few months, and the glue will have to be replaced every few weeks. These practices in the long term prove to be costly.

  • Also, if you tend to sweat, then glue used for the hair patch in Delhi or Mumbai (wherever you took the treatment) starts running with sweating and leads to shifting or falling of hair patch which may be embarrassing.

  • Heavy rains and swimming pool needs to be avoided.

How Non-Surgical procedure by Advanced Hair Studio is your ideal solution:

  • Non-surgical treatments provide permanent hair restoration without surgery, pain or scarring.

  • You don’t need any special maintenance in terms of shampoos and medicines. Also, no special products or care required.

  • You don’t have to compromise with keeping different hairstyles as you can get your hair cut as & when you like.

  • You can use them like natural hair; hence, there will be no effect on your hair due to sweating, swimming etc.

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