Eat Right for a Hairy Delight !

  • 17 December 2014
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Winter is the time when the quality of the food consumed is especially important in case of hair nutrition, because your hair is extremely damaged by the weather conditions. So, how can you enrich your menu to make hair look smooth, lustrous and healthy? Just use one of our hair-care advises below.

First of all, pay attention to having more of such essential minerals and vitamins, as:

* Iron and zinc: There’s quite a lot of this minerals in red meat, soybeans or lentils. Note, that it’s better to pair these products with food, rich with vitamin C, so iron and zinc get better absorption.

* Vitamin D: Unfortunately, there’s not so much food which contains this vitamin. So, the best way to get your daily dose of vitamin D is to catch a little bit of sun or, if the season isn’t right, ask your pharmacist for the vitamin D supplements.

* Omega – Fatty Acids: For giving your healthy hydrated look, eat fatty fish, like salmon, which is rich with Omega-3.

* Protein: Protein plays such an important role in our hair health, that it deserves a closer look.

Protein is known as one of the most necessary nutrient for human body. It affects not only on muscles and fat-burning metabolism, but also, and it’s a common known fact, it is essential for our hair to be healthy and beautiful.

* The highest in protein food is claimed to be turkey and chicken breasts. Moreover they are easy to cook and they provide 30 g of protein per 100 gr.
* Fish, such as tuna and salmon, is also very rich in protein. You get 26 gr of protein per 100 gr of fish. So, if you like this kind of food, try to eat it as often, as it’s possible.
* Average richness of protein for low-fat milk products is 25 gr of protein per 100 gr. They are good for our health because they contain lots of calcium as well.
* Beans are quite rich in proteins, they provide 17 gr per 100 gr or it’s 1gr of protein per 10.4 calories.
* Tofu provides 7 gr of protein per 100 gr and it’s a great idea for people, who are vegetarian.
* Also, don’t forget about the eggs, which are definitely one of the best products for our hair and they give us 6 gr of protein per 100 gr.
* Seeds and nuts provide 33 gr of proteins per 100 gr in average, but be careful, ’cause they are extremely high in calories.

So, as you see, there are lots of different ways to improve your daily meals with food that is not just tasty, but also good for your hair.

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