Daily Hair Care Routine: To Prevent Long Term Hair Loss

  • 19 March 2019

In order to have healthy hair in the long run, you need to follow a well formed daily hair care routine. Let’s find out about what you need to do to keep your hair healthy, shiny and strong.

Wash Your Hair the Right Way

How you wash your hair plays a very important step to maintaining beautiful and healthy hair. Most people don’t know that we should wash twice in the shower, as that is the right way to do it.

The first round gets rid of all the dirt and gunk in your hair, when you wash your hair twice and the second round actually cleans it. Use a conditioner in the end, along the ends of your hair to restore moisture.

Hair experts at Advanced Hair Studio recommend using hair products that contain natural ingredients such as argan oil and coconut as these ingredients are naturally healthy for your hair. Advanced Hair Studio is known for providing the best hair fall treatments to people from all around the world. Whether you are looking for a reliable hair treatments or solution for hair regrowth, Advanced Hair Studio has it all.

How to Care

If you want your hair to look its soft and smooth best¸ then conditioning your hair is essential. Use a conditioner that is mixed with an essential oil – like jojoba oil, coconut oil or argan oil – that will nourish and hydrate your hair from within.

Do not apply conditioner on your scalp and roots of your hair to prevent it from strengthening and making your hair look flat and greasy. As an alternative, apply it from the nape of your neck and pull it down till the ends of your hair.

Oil Massage

Oil Massage is the first thing that you need to add to your normal hair care routine, irrespective of your hair type. You can use almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. to massage your hair and scalp. This will encourage blood circulation and also add the required moisture to your hair. Massage your hair with oil and then leave it for overnight or at least one hour before washing it off with a gentle shampoo. Your hair will look shiny and feel soft instantly.

You can add a few drops of rosemary essential oil or tea tree oil to oil massage if you are facing dandruff problems and then massage it in your scalp.

Special Hair Products and Treatments

Just a simple hair care routine of shampoo, conditioner, oil massage and leave-in conditioner is not going to be enough if you want to keep your hair in the best possible condition. You need to give it special attention every so often to keep it from getting dry, especially if you heat, style or color your hair frequently.

If you heat and style your hair on a regular basis, the heat of the flat iron, blow dryer or curling wand is going to make your hair dry. Your hair will start becoming frizzy and lose moisture easily. Try to minimize the use of hot tools on your hair. Also, in order to limit the damage of the heat on your hair always use a heat protecting lotion or spray before using these tools which will act as a physical barrier.

No matter how much you love coloring your hair, but regular use of these harsh chemicals can damage the hair. Make sure to give your hair enough time to recover from one coloring treatment before going for another one. Do not try to go for bold shades or change your hair color entirely too often as it involves a lot of processing of hair that damages the hair.

You can add hair treatments such as hair spa to your hair care routine. You can use homemade hair masks with ingredients easily available in the kitchen which will take care of hair naturally.

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