A Better Way to Counter the Hereditary Hair Loss

  • 15 November 2018

The most common reason for hair loss is Hereditary-pattern baldness. Hereditary-pattern baldness is a natural condition which is caused by some combination of hormone levels, genetics and the aging process.

Researches show that under the influence of a form of the male hormone testosterone, the normal cycle of hair growth changes, resulting in thinner hair. Ultimately, hair growth in certain parts of the scalp stops completely, which causes the usual pattern of hair loss. Contrary to what many people believe that baldness is inherited from one's mother's family, the condition depends upon genes contributed by both parents.


Hereditary-pattern baldness starts with thinning of the hair and eventually leads to complete hair loss on parts of the scalp. In men, hair loss begins at the temples and crown and takes an M-shaped pattern. Whereas In women, hair loss tends to be more widespread but better hidden. In contrast to men, the hairline along the forehead and temples usually remains normal in women.


Hereditary-pattern baldness generally is diagnosed by both its pattern and a history of a similar type of hair loss found in the family members. In most of the cases, the baldness is permanent.

Some Herbal Solutions for Hereditary Hair Loss:

Vitamin B-Complex- Vitamins play an essential role in keeping your hair strong. Moreover, consuming a B-Complex will make sure that you are getting enough of them all. Vitamin B Complex provides numerous benefits to the body. Vitamin B3 increases blood flow to the scalp that leads to hair regrowth.

Aromatherapy – Using essential oils like ginger, lavender, fenugreek and rosemary for a scalp massage also helps a lot with hair loss. Add 2 drops of any essential oil and mix it in 15ml (1 tablespoon) of carrier oil, like jojoba. This solution will work wonders for your hair loss.

Increase Vitamin A- Vitamin A is crucial to healthy hair as it works with the fat synthesis. Food products like leafy greens like carrots, kale and eggs are rich in vitamin A.

Herbs – Herbs are among the most sought out solutions when looking for natural remedies for hair loss. Rosemary, Lavender, and thyme have been shown to help hair growth and prevent thinning or balding.


Let’s find out about some of the effective methods to treat hereditary hair loss problems:

  • Hair transplants – Other methods will give you a temporary solution, but if you are looking for a permanent solution, then go for a hair loss treatment in Gurgaon by Advanced Hair Studio. These treatments have been highly successful with millions of satisfied clients. Some of the most effective hair loss treatments in Gurgaon offered by Advanced Hair Studio are Advanced Hair Check, Advanced Laser Therapy, Strand-by-Strand Ultimate, AHS Supernatural etc.

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