5 Reasons Why Hair Styling Products Cause Your Hair Loss

  • 20 September 2021
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
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Hair loss problems alter the physical appearance of a person and also lower self-esteem causing social anxieties. People undergoing hair loss problems keep finding ways to avoid social gatherings and feel underconfident. The causes behind hair loss can be many, some of which are under our control (poor diet) while others (medical conditions and hereditary problems) are not.

Besides poor diet and medical conditions, one of the prime causes of hair loss is hair styling products. The chemicals used in hair styling products can cause damage to the hair roots and make the hair dry and prone to breakage. Hairstyling using iron curlers, blow dryers, and straightening machines use heat that causes massive damage to the hair.

It has now become possible to control hair loss and regrow hair with the help of several medical and surgical treatments such as laser hair therapy, hair transplant, and hair restoration. After performing a thorough scalp analysis, the hair experts can guide you on the appropriate hair treatment to cure hair loss of all kinds and stages.

Here is a guide to understanding the reasons behind hair loss caused by hair styling products and prevention.

What Is Hair Loss?

Losing about 100 hair a day is considered normal. If, however, you lose more hair than this, you must be experiencing hair fall problems. Hair loss can be a temporary as well as a long-term problem based on the cause behind it. Temporary hair loss problems occur by hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, post-pregnancy, or in PCOD, or as the result of medication taken for severe diseases such as cancer. Seasonal hair fall duration is also short that does no overall damage.

Long-term hair fall is usually a result of hereditary problems and needs treatment. Hair fall also occurs as a result of aging in most men after they reach their 50s.

Experts recommend undergoing a medical examination to analyze the reason behind hair loss and take the suitable treatment to cure hair problems at the earliest. There are multiple solutions available that can guarantee better results and control hair loss at an initial stage of hair loss.

Which Hair Products Make Your Hair Fall Out?

All hair products that have chemicals contribute to hair loss. Hair dyes, hair styling gels, keratin treatments, and hair sprays make the hair roots weak. Shampoos and conditioners are less likely to cause hair loss unless they have a high chemical presence.

Using hair styling products and hair dyes occasionally does not cause so much damage, but frequent usage is harmful to hair. To balance the damage caused, hair specialists recommend engaging with hair conditioning and nourishing procedures after using hair styling products. As for hairstyling with heat appliances, you must use a heat protectant to minimize as much damage as possible.

Some hair styling products can also cause allergies and excessive hair loss because of the components present. It is to identify the products you are allergic to, if any, at the earliest to ensure a healthy scalp and hair. Further, hair fall does increase in summer, and you must be extra careful during this season while using hairstyling products.

What Are the Common Causes of Hair Loss?

The causes behind hair loss vary from person to person based on their lifestyle, hairstyling practices, and family medical history. With the multiple causes behind hair loss, there are also numerous treatments to cure hair loss for every situation. Here are some of the common reasons behind hair loss problems:

  1. Poor diet: Like all other body parts, our hair needs nutrition to stay strong and healthy. Poor diet is one of the most common causes behind hair loss, especially in the young generation where people choose vegan and other diets without considering the nutritional requirement. A balanced diet rich in vitamin D, vitamin C, iron, protein, and zinc is integral for healthy hair growth. While protein is the basic building block of hair, vitamin D helps in keeping the hair follicles active and healthy. One can observe direct hair health improvement by improving diet.
  2. Absence of hair care routine: In addition to internal nutrition, there is also a need for external nourishment and moisturization to keep the hair in its best shape. Using hair masks once a week, massaging the scalp with coconut oil and essential oils, and conditioning the hair is required. Moisturizing the hair enhances the appearance of the hair and strengthens the hair roots reducing hair loss. Additionally, employing natural remedies such as aloe vera gel and amla gel also helps in declogging the hair follicles and promoting hair growth.
  3. No regular exercise: Exercising every day not only keeps the body in shape but enhances blood circulation and keeps the body healthy. As a result, the absence of a regular exercise routine can obstruct healthy hair growth. Besides this, exercising ensures good health, keeping all ailments away that might contribute to hair loss. All forms of exercise, be it gyming, yoga, or running, are beneficial for the body as a whole.
  4. Excessive drinking and smoking: Smoking and drinking occasionally are not fatal. However, regularly indulging in these practices can be harmful to hair and other organs. Smoking obstructs blood circulation, thereby restricting hair follicles from growing hair by receiving the necessary nutrients. Similarly, addiction to drinking can also hinder healthy hair growth and contribute to hair loss.
  5. Stress: Scientifically proven, stress is the prime cause behind hair loss problems of most people. Stress pushes numerous hair follicles to pass into the resting phase resulting in halted hair growth and hair falling out in large numbers while combing or washing them. Therefore, hair experts recommend engaging in activities such as yoga and meditation that help in destressing.
  6. Hormonal changes: Another reason behind hair loss can be hormonal changes. In women, hormonal changes occur during pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and PCOD that can cause hair loss. Hormonal changes majorly cause temporary hair loss that can be cured by taking appropriate medicines. Besides hormonal changes, medical conditions such as cancer, hypertension, and heart diseases can also lead to hair fall. The medication for such ailments has hair loss as one of its side effects.
  7. Hereditary problems: Many times the hair loss problems occur because of heredity reasons. In this form of baldness, hair fall happens in a pattern and becomes worse with time. Surgical or medical treatment must be started timely to cure pattern baldness. Hair experts study the family health history while analyzing the cause of hair fall to identify male pattern baldness and treat it.

While these are the common reasons behind hair loss in most people, you must undergo a medical diagnosis to identify your cause and follow the treatment subsequently.

5 Reasons Why Stylish Product Cause Hair Loss

Once you start styling your hair very often, the hair fall will be noticeable in no time. There are multiple reasons why stylish products cause hair loss. These include:

  1. Chemical components: Nearly all hair styling products have some form of chemical mixed in them, be it hair dyes, hair sprays, or hair gel. The chemicals can react and make the hair roots weak leading to hair fall.
  2. The use of heat: Almost all styling instruments such as hair curlers, ironing machines, and blow dryers make use of heat to style the hair. Heat can make the hair dry and more prone to breakage. Thus, experts recommend using heat protectors while styling.
  3. Pull-on the hair: Many hairstyles involve hair pulled back tightly that can be bad for the hair, making the strands break or fall out. If it happens frequently, the hair follicles can get damaged, creating a perpetual stop in the hair growth.
  4. Scalp infections: Scalp infection and irritation can occur because of the chemicals present in the hair styling products. It might also result in increased dandruff and itching that damages the hair follicles, preventing hair growth.
  5. Alcohol presence: Many hair styling products have alcohol as one of their components which dries up the scalp depriving it of the necessary nutrients. Therefore, the hair can become brittle and weak because of the stripping away of nutrients and the natural moisture from the scalp.

These are the reasons that make hairstyling products harmful for the hair and scalp. However, styling hair once in a while does not do much damage if you follow a conditioning procedure afterward. It is only regular styling that causes notable and irreparable damage to the hair.

At Advanced Hair Studio, we offer various hair retention and restoration treatments to help you cure all stages and types of hair loss in no time. Our highly skilled and experienced experts can guide you on the hair shedding cycle, seasonal hair fall in India, and products that cause hair loss. They can solve all your queries on hair problems and recommend to you the best hair care practices to maintain a smooth, lustrous full crown of hair.

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Our experts can guide you on the best hair treatment for you after performing an Advanced Hair Check. With the latest breakthrough technologies and unique products, we have solutions for all hair problems providing you the full crown head you always aspired to have. Our experts can also help you enhance the quality of your birth hair besides curing baldness and hair loss.

The client testimonials and before-after photographs speak for themselves, establishing us as the best hair restoration studio globally. Look up our website to explore the various products and services and contact our experts to say bye to all your hair troubles immediately. Once you come to our studio you won’t feel helpless about your hair loss condition anymore.

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