Top 7 Tips To Restore Hair Loss Post-Pregnancy

  • 21 August 2018


UNDERSTANDING POSTPARTUM HAIR LOSS: Pregnancy & post-pregnancy periods bring about a lot of changes in a woman’s body. Several factors impact the health of a new mother. Raising a newborn is no child’s play- it consumes the mother’s time & energy & leaves a dent on her health.

  • Postpartum or post-pregnancy hair loss occurs after 2-6 months after child birth.

  • The hair starts falling in clumps, leaving the new mother highly stressed.

  • Pregnancy & childbirth alters the levels of hormones greatly & this hampers the growth of follicles, resulting in hair loss in great proportions.

  • Deficiencies of vitamins, proteins, iron, zinc, etc. in lactating mothers are also contributory reasons.

  • The new-mother is generally sleep deprived & exhausted, this naturally impacts the cycle of hair growth.

The good news about postpartum hair loss is that it’s temporary & if taken proper care the hair will regain its lost glory.



TIP 1: BALANCED DIET & VITAMIN, PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS- As a hair loss solution incorporate fruits, vegetables, poultry in your diet to fulfill the needs of vitamins, proteins, zinc, etc.
If you are a lactating mother, you need to realize that the baby is getting all the nourishment through you.
Generally, mothers are anemic & to overcome this, iron rich products need to be consumed.
Supplements can also be taken on the advice of the doctor.

TIP 2: DESTRESS - Young mothers need to keep a tab on their stress level which is obviously high as looking after a newborn is a 24-hour job. They can try meditation, yoga in the beginning & later on go for gym or aerobic classes- the physical exercise will rejuvenate them.

TIP 3: SLEEP WELL- It’s not easy to get long hours of sound sleep at a stretch with a fiddly baby always in need of something. Mothers need to work on how to catch up with 7-8 hours sleep, the fathers can chip in for few hours. Taking a nap along with the child is another way to take care of your body’s needs.

TIP 4: TAKE CARE OF SCALP: The neglect of hair & scalp is a major reason for hair loss at this time. As a hair loss solution, women need to wash, condition, oil, etc. as they did previously. Dandruff, fungal infections will make the condition worse.

TIP 5: AVOID STYLING/HEATING GADGETS: After child birth the hair follicles are already weak, so it’s better to avoid styling your hair.

TIP 6: USE ORGANIC & NATURAL PRODUCTS: Avoidance of chemical-based hair care products is essential to save your tresses from further damage. Go for reputed organic products or follow the good old Grandma’s recipes. Pamper your scalp & hair.

TIP 7: SEEK PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE: If you have tried & still not able to overcome the problem then Consult A Trichologist, a Hair Expert to guide you.



  • We understand the needs of the postpartum hair & can guide you towards regaining the volume & health of your hair.
  • We have a detailed diet chart to guide you through total recovery.
  • Simple therapies like laser treatment can work wonders.

Motherhood is a blissful feeling, don’t let side-effects
like hair loss stress you;

Come to us at ADVANCED HAIR STUDIO & relax!

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