• 28 December 2018


Hair extension is one of the most popular, hassle free, cost effective, time saving, way of hair restoration with assured results. It is a cosmetic procedure by which artificial or natural human hair is attached to normal hair.

There are various procedures to attach the extensions but the most sophisticated one is linking the strands to lock of hair. It blends-in perfectly and gives a seamless, undetectable result that goes as natural tresses.

The biggest draw of hair extensions is that there are no strings attached to it. The recipient’s hair is of no botheration for this procedure. Hair of any quality, length, thinness, etc. can be given a new lease of life.

5 Different Ways to use Hair Extensions:

A superhit with females desirous of having flowing, lust worthy tresses, hair extensions are used in different ways.

1. To add volume and length- The most obvious desire of people who opt for extensions, is that they wish to increase the length and volume of their hair instantaneously. If done with expertise, this procedure brings out the most amazing and satisfying result.

2. To camouflage a bad haircut- Sometimes a bad haircut, which has created an irreparable damage, needs to be fixed and extension does this in a perfect way. It camouflages the defects and one can breathe easy till the hair regains normalcy.

3. To have a longer, thicker braid- Braids are vogue again and all of them are long and thick. If one’s natural hair doesn’t fulfill the desire of a wonderful braid, extensions are the answer. They give luscious, thick hair which can be easily braided to perfection.

4. To add highlights and colour- The latest trend of highlighters and colours can also be achieved by using hair extensions. Pre-coloured hair extensions are also available in the market. Natural hair extensions can be coloured as normal hair only giving a lot of options.

5. To have a voluminous ponytail- High ponytail never went out of fashion but then, it cannot be achieved with thin or short hair. Extensions give a new hope to such people as they can style their pony in a perfect manner creating envy in others.


Hair extensions can be an outstanding and easy way for people seeking hair treatment, if few things are followed.

  • First of all, a reputed hair studio should be selected, ensuring a perfect blend-in of the extensions. Latest procedure and technology will help in achieving this.
  • Secondly, the quality, colour and texture of the selected hair extension should match the original hair. Natural Remi hair extensions will bring about the best results.
  • Following the hair care regime post procedure, will help in maintaining it for a long period.


In keeping with its international reputation, Advanced Hair Studio has launched one of the most exclusive and sophisticated hair extension procedure- Flashpoints. It uses the best quality Remy human hair, which paired with experience, gives an outstanding result. The perfect blending-in of these extensions ensure the most natural look. AHS has fulfilled the dream of many people looking for hair treatment in Pune/Hyderabad and in the process given them back their confidence too!

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