Hair Weaving

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Hair weaving nowadays is not an option. Wigs and hair weaving with a method done in India creates lot of problem to clients’ lifestyle and most importantly wigs and hair weaving look fake and unnatural and it’s easy for people to make out that a person does not have his own hair.

Advanced Hair Studio is now far ahead of India in terms of technology, methodology and product range when it comes to cosmetic hair replacement. At Advanced Hair Studio we have been performing Strand-by-Strand® Cosmetic™ procedure for last 45 years. Having our 2 major research and development departments and 3 state of the art labs in Australia, UK and America we upgrade our technology and products range regularly.

Strand-by-Strand® Cosmetic™ is considered to be world’s most advanced and sophisticated non-clinical hair replacement procedure which gives a full head of hair with thickness, volume and density even to people in advanced hair loss condition even if the bald area is big!

As a matter fact Strand-by-Strand® Cosmetic™ has given thousands of people better hair type and density then they were born with. And now they are able to do much more with their hair in terms of styling. And that’s why we say that this procedure gives you “Hair To Play With”.

Wigs and weaving is like listening to music on Gramophone. Strand-by-Strand® Cosmetic™ is what you call an ultimate sure shot option in hair restoration without hampering one’s life style. Jacques Kallis (South African Cricket Legend) who’s undergone the same procedure is one of the best examples to see what we do in terms of results.

Even Martin Crowe, Doug Bollinger, Darren Gough from cricket, Austin Healey from rugby, Ian Ryan from football and many others celebrities have undergone the same procedure and they are more than satisfied not only with the results but most importantly this has given that tremendous confidence to do better in their respective fields. It has changed more then million people’s not just looks but life.