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In the first week of 2021 the team members as Einfochips across the many locations got together and got all their questions pertaining to many aspects some including queries on hair loss solutions in pune, hair transplant results in bangalore, hair restoration clinic in Ahmedabad, etc answered.

A total of 110+ members were in and out of the online virtual session asking all the questions they had to the advanced hair experts from AHS’s best hair clinic in Ahmedabad. In case more queries are there feel free to getting in touch with our team and book yourself a personalized session. Be it physically at our hair loss clinic in Ahmedabad or virtually across all our hair loss clinics across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Hair Transplant?

One of the highest interest-bearing question that we come across quite frequently. The fact of the matter remains that hair transplant is not the only solution to one’s condition. It is wrongly believed among the masses that hair transplant can work for everyone and it is a generic procedure. As you would have seen in your own experiences undertaking any procedure on your body that the base cost can remain the same but the end cost is always variable to each individual requirement. To understand what is our individual requirement one needs to be aware of what one’s problem is. Only after this clarity is it possible to know the solution that one should undertake and hence come to the actual cost of one’s procedure. In case you want to have further reading on the aspect kindly go through this detailed article on cost of hair transplant, we have shared to answer this question.

Is PRP considered as a right solution for hair loss?

PRP technically is considered as a possible support solution for initial condition of hair thinning. Hair loss is a different subject all together. Also, the jury is out as to the actual efficacy of the procedure on different grades of hair loss suffers as the solution has been seen to work from some and not for the others. Also, what is important to understand is that the process has been mostly in the segment of research for a long period of time and the general feeling has been mixed to the end results gained due to a long list of reasons. This article on PRP may help you get a sound information to your query.

Can we keep using Minoxidil as at-home treatment?

Yes. This OTC drug has been seen to get fair amount of satisfaction to those in very early stages of hair thinning. Balding however is a different concern that has as yet not been addressed that well with this drug. Today the drug is openly available and marketed as well as an OTC drug, i.e. over-the-counter product. In long duration it has been openly accepted that the drug is unable to remain viable for obvious reasons of how the body behaves with external stimulus over the course of time. In case you wish to find more answers on this go through this article on how certain hair regrowth medications available OTC are expected to behave.

How do I get Consultation booking done?

The simplest thing to do in case you are looking to book yourself a consultation is to get an appointment booked for yourself so that the hair loss experts at our hair clinics across India are able to cater to your detailed needs. To book your visit to our hair loss clinics fill this Confidential Consultation Questionnaire. In case physical visit is not possible for you a virtual consultation can also be undertaken. In case you wish to visit physically at our hair loss clinic to get your hair check done you may look at our hair loss clinic locations here.


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Company has right to discontinue offer at any time without any prior intimation.

In case of any dispute / differences, decision of Advanced Hair Studio, India shall be final and binding.

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