What to Expect from Your Shampoo After a Hair Transplant

What to Expect from Your Shampoo After a Hair Transplant?

  • 19 March 2019
What to Expect from Your Shampoo After a Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation has proven to be an effective and popular medical procedure for people looking to restore their looks due to lost hair. The current hair transplant techniques are highly advanced and well equipped to provide the best-desired results by bringing back your lost hair, thanks to technological advancements. However, to make sure that you receive the best results, you must adhere to after care tips methodically.

Here are some of the best tips how to wash your hair using shampoo after a hair transplant:

  • Add a few drops of shampoo in a cup of warm water. Make sure that the shampoo is gentle and mild. Mix the shampoo with water using your fingertips. Do this on the first day after the transplant except your doctor has advised anything else.
  • Soak your hair with the soapy water and rub it into the transplanted hair by way of gentle pressure. Be careful so that you do not cause yourself pain or pull any transplanted hair. Fill a cup with warm water and pour it on your hair and repeat until the soap is rinsed off completely. Allow the hair to dry afterwards.
  • On the second and third day after the transplant repeat the above mentioned steps though you can now increase the extent of pressure on the scalp.
  • Wash hair in the shower on the fourth day. Use your previous methods to apply shampoo i.e. applying the shampoo directly to your hands and creating foam. Touch the palm of your hands to the hair follicles to apply the shampoo. Avoid massaging, but you can touch the hair gently with your fingertips.
  • Repeat the method for the fourth and the fifth day as well. Use a back-and-forth motion while cleaning.
  • Start washing your hair the way you used to prior to the surgery after 7 days from the transplant surgery. Spend about ten minutes to massage the transplanted hair in a circular motion and shower at least twice a day.

Shampoo and Styling

What to Expect from Your Shampoo After a Hair Transplant

During the first four weeks after your hair transplant procedure, people do not really have much hair to work with or to style. The hair is about the length of a crew cut, by the end of the second week.

After a hair transplant procedure, hold off on getting the scalp wet for about few days as suggested by the hair expert teams. Choose a very gentle product, such as baby shampoo to wash your hair after that.

Also, wait about a week before you start styling your hair again. Keep styling products such as gel mousse away from your scalp and be careful about exposing the transplanted area to heat from styling products such as hair dryer, straightener or curler etc. Avoid wearing hats for the first week or two and protect your scalp from the sun right after surgery.

After about three weeks of your surgery, you can get back into the routine of getting a haircut. And if you wish to dye your hair, you can do so again at the end of the first month.


What to Expect from Your Shampoo After a Hair Transplant

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